Oras - Green building and leed faucets


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Oras - Green building and leed faucets

  1. 1. Green Building & LEED Faucets
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  3. 3. 3 Green Building & LEED FaucetsHigh technology and ecological values have always been the main success factorsof Oras products. As the world’s leading manufacturer of electronic faucets, we havesucceeded in combining technology with environmental thinking.Since 1970s we have produced faucets for green building. Today, we have completeproduct families, such as Oras Vega, that are designed to save water and energy. Notforgetting our vast collection of smart faucets.At the moment the emphasis on sustainable development in the real estate and buildingsectors is increasing. Green building refers to building which is carried out usingenvironmentally responsible processes, techniques and products. In green building thebuilding’s environmental impact is evaluated and rated throughout its life-cycle in using ofenergy, water and other resources as well as logistically and in producing of waste.Globally there are several environmental classifications for green building. One ofthe widely used environmental classifications is LEED (Leadership in Energy andEnvironmental Design).This brochure presents a selection of products that fulfill the generalrequirements for efficient use of water in green building set by LEED. Thecollection includes Oras Cubista and Oras Safira single lever faucets and kitchenfaucets. Oras Cubista and Oras Nova thermostatic shower faucets with orwithout shower sets and Oras Electra touchless smart faucets.
  4. 4. Single lever washbasin faucets - Movement of the lever is limited to position for comfortable usage - Fixed spout and special aerator - Flow is max. 5 l/min at 300 kPa - Reduces 40% from LEED baseline (8.33 l/min) Oras Cubista 2410F Oras Cubista 2412F Oras Safira 1410F Oras Safira 1412F Washbasin faucet Washbasin faucet with Washbasin faucet Washbasin faucet with Bidetta hand shower Bidetta hand shower Kitchen faucets - Swivel spout with adjustable swing angle. - Special aerator - Flow is max. 5 l/min at 300 kPa - Reduces 40% from LEED baseline (8.33 l/min) Oras Cubista 2439F Oras Cubista 2438F Oras Safira 1435F Oras Safira 1430F Kitchen faucet. Kitchen faucet. kitchen faucet. Kitchen faucet. Spout’s swing angle is Spout’s swing angle is Spout’s swing angle is Spout’s swing angle is factory preset at 120° factory preset at 120° factory preset at 100° factory preset at 100° (can be limited to 0° or (can be limited to 0° or (can be limited to 40°- (can be limited to 40°- 60°). Electronic dish- 60°). 80°). Dishwasher valve 80°). washer valve closes for cold water. automatically.4
  5. 5. 5Thermostatic shower faucets and shower setsThermostatic shower faucet with shower set or thermostatic shower faucet- With Oras Natura shower in normal position the flow is 7.5 l/min at 300 kPa- With Oras Natura Eco-button on, the flow is 5.5 l/min at 300 kPa- Reduces 40 % of flow from LEED baseline (9.46 l/min)- For projects 2470+500 in one package Oras no. 2479 and 7420+500 in one package Oras no. 7429.Oras Cubista thermostatic Oras Nova thermostaticshower faucet 2470 shower faucet 7420Oras Cubista thermostatic Oras Nova thermostaticshower faucet & Oras Natura shower faucet & Oras Naturashower set combination, shower set combination,Oras no. 2479 Oras no. 7429Touchless smart faucetsTouchless smart faucets for wash basin- Max flow is 0,56 l/cycle- Max flow time: 8 s- After flow time: 2 s- Model for battery and for wire- Reduces 40 % from LEED baseline (0.94 l/cycle) Oras Electra 6467 Autocontrol urinal flusher - Max flow is 2,4l per flush - Battery driven - Reduces 40% from LEED baseline (4l per flush)Oras Electra 6440F, Oras Electra 6441F,6V 12 V
  6. 6. Oras is much more In this catalogue, we have chosen to Oras Group has production facilities in sales and after sales services of faucets, concentrate on the faucets that deal with Finland and Poland. The main goal of Oras accessories and valves. specific tasks as regards hygiene and is to become one of the world’s leading The TÜV CERT Certification Body operation. However, Oras has much more operators in its line of business. A large of TÜV NORD Zertifizierungs- und to offer and our product range naturally and versatile collection and alternatives Umweltgutachter Gesellschaft mbH encompasses numerous designs of more for different purposes enable you to find certifies that the Quality Management conventional faucets. the right faucet for every water inlet in the System of Oras Olesno Sp. z o.o. in For a complete view on Oras products, home. Olesno Poland, conforms to the ISO order our product catalogue or apply to 9001, the Environmental Management www.oras.com. Det Norske Veritas Certification OY/AB System to the ISO 14001 standard certifies that the Quality Management and the Occupational Health and Safety Oras develops, manufactures and System of Oras Oy in Rauma Finland, System to the OHSAS 18001 standard. markets user-friendly and innovative conforms to the ISO 9001, the The certificates are valid for manufacture, faucet systems and the related valves Environmental Management System to the  storage, marketing, sales and after and modules. The design and technical ISO 14001 standard and the Occupational sales services of faucets, valves and solutions of our products are driven by Health and Safety System to the OHSAS accessories. user-friendliness. Oras is one of Europe’s 18001 standard. The certificates are valid largest manufacturers of faucets. The for development, manufacture, marketing, All Oras faucets are identified with symbols that best highlight the unique features of the product. These product symbols help you to find easily the Oras faucet that fulfills your needs and requests.User-friendliness Smart Ecology Safety Hygiene Luxury Makes your life easier More pleasure with Save water and energy Easy and safe to use Maximum hygiene Form born of functionality innovative functionality with minimum effort ORAS GROUP Isometsäntie 2, P.O. Box 40, FI-26101 RAUMA, FINLAND Tel. +358 (0)2 83 161, Fax +358 (0)2 831 6300 E-mail: info.Finland@oras.com,www.oras.com