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Student อ่านเขียน

  1. 1. Student’s book Reading and Writing นางสาวเหรียม อะหมาด ครูผู้สอนโรงเรียนท่ าแพผดุงวิทย์ อาเภอท่ าแพ จังหวัดสตูล สานักงานเขตพืนที่การศึกษามัธยมศึกษา เขต 16 ้
  2. 2. The ContentsUnit 1 A look at AmericaUnit 2 Going to AmericaUnit 3 Knowing the AmericansUnit 4 The birth of the USAUnit 5 Education America
  3. 3. Unit 1 A look at America1
  4. 4. Unit 1 A look at AmericaPre – Reading ActivityDiscuss these questions 1. Do you know the picture above ? 2. Is it in The USA ? Predicting Can you guess the meaning of these words ? Let’s find the meanings.Liberty Enlightening Statue Copper figure reinforced steel facing Harboraloft torch tablet inscribed Designed memorialize alliance AmericanRevolution abiding friendship contributed Pedestal contains underpinningsborne subscription accepted Monument World Heritage dedicated MuseumImmigration structural additions extinguished Relit mark centennial engravedsonnet written tremendous 2
  5. 5. Reading The Statue of Liberty The Statue of Liberty (“Liberty Enlightening the World”) is a 225-ton, steel- reinforced copper female figure, 151 ft 1 in. (46.05 m) in height, facing the ocean from Liberty Island1 in New York Harbor. The right hand holds aloft a torch, and the left hand carries a tablet upon which is inscribed: “July IV MDCCLXXVI.” or 4 July 1776 The statue was designed by Fredéric Auguste Bartholdi of Alsace as a gift to the United States from the people of France to memorialize the alliance of the two countries in the American Revolution and their abiding friendship. The French people contributed the $250,000 cost. The 150-foot pedestal was designed by Richard M. Hunt and built The Statue of Liberty, the most famous symbolic statue by Gen. Charles P. Stone, both Americans. It contains steel of a woman, was modeled after Marie Bartholdi, the underpinnings designed by Alexander Eiffel of France to support sculptors mother. The the statue. The $270,000 cost was borne by popular subscription in Statue of Liberty is is four tremendous! Her nose this country. President Grover Cleveland accepted the statue for and a halfthree long,wide.her mouth is feet feet and Her the United States on Oct. 28, 1886. waist measures 35 feet around. The Statue of Liberty was designated a National Monument in 1924 and a World Heritage Site in 1984. On Sept. 26, 1972, President Richard M. Nixon dedicated the American Museum of Immigration, housed in structural additions to the base of the statue. In 1984 scaffolding went up for a major restoration and the torch was extinguished on July 4. It was relit with much ceremony July 4, 1986, to mark its centennial .On a tablet4
  6. 6. inside the pedestal is engraved the following sonnet, written by Emma Lazarus(1849–1887)USA : State and CapitalThe list of 50 states in The USA Do you remember all states in The USA? ( Give you 5 minutes to tell these ) 5
  7. 7. The brief history of the states in the USA .Alabama (1819)Admitted in 1819 as the 22nd state, Alabama forms a roughly rectangular shape onthe map, elongated in a north-south direction. It is bordered by Tennessee to thenorth, Georgia to the east, and Mississippi to the west. The Florida panhandle blocksAlabamas access to the Gulf of Mexico except in Alabamas southwestern corner,where Mobile Bay is located. Montgomery is the state capitalAlaskaAdmitted to the union as the 49th state in 1959, Alaska lies at the extreme northwestof the North American continent.The 50 states of the United States of Americaappear below in alphabetical order, each with the year in which they ratified thepresent U.S. Constitution.California (1850)California is bounded by the U.S. state of Oregon to the north, by the states ofNevada and Arizona to the east, by the Mexican state of Baja California to the south,and by the Pacific Ocean to the west. It was admitted as the 31st state of the Unionon Sept. 9, 1850, and by the early 1960s it was the most populous U.S. state. Thefluid nature of the states social, economic, and political life has for centuries madeCalifornia a laboratory for testing new modes of living.District of ColumbiaWashington, D.C., is the capital city of the United States, located between Virginiaand Maryland on the north bank of the Potomac River. The city is home to all threebranches of the federal government, as well as the White House, the Supreme Court 6
  8. 8. and the Capitol Building. More than 500,000 people live in Washington, D.C. (MoreDistrict of Columbia History)Florida (1845)Admitted as the 27th state in 1845, Florida is the most populous of the Southernstates. The capital is Tallahassee, located in the northwestern panhandle. Geographiclocation has been the key factor in Floridas long and colorful development, and ithelps explain the striking contemporary character of the state..Hawaii (1959)Hawaii (Hawaiian: Hawai‘i) became the 50th U.S. state on Aug. 21, 1959. Hawaii isa group of volcanic islands in the central Pacific Ocean. The islands lie 2,397 miles(3,857 km) from San Francisco, Calif., to the east and 5,293 miles (8,516 km) fromManila, in the Philippines, to the west. The capital is Honolulu, located on the islandof Oahu.New York (1788)A constituent state of the United States of America, New York is one of the 13original colonies. It is bounded to the west and north by Lake Erie, the Canadianprovince of Ontario, Lake Ontario, and the Canadian province of Quebec; to the eastby the New England states of Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut; to thesoutheast by the Atlantic Ocean and New Jersey; and to the south by Pennsylvania.The capital is Albany.North Carolina (1789) 7
  9. 9. One of the 13 original states, North Carolina lies on the Atlantic coast midwaybetween New York and Florida and is bounded to the north by Virginia, to the eastby the Atlantic Ocean, to the south by South Carolina and Georgia, and to the westby Tennessee. The terrain of North Carolina is among the wettest in the country,with vast marshlands in the coastal tidewater area and numerous lakes in thePiedmont and Appalachian regions. These three physical regions account for muchof the diversity in lifestyles and cultures within the states boundaries. The capital isRaleigh.Texas (1845)Texas became the 28th state of the Union in 1845. It occupies the south-centralsegment of the country and is the largest state in area except for Alaska. The stateextends nearly 1,000 miles (1,600 km) from north to south and about the samedistance from east to west.Wyoming (1890)Wyoming became the 44th state of the Union on July 10, 1890. It is the ninth largestU.S. state. It shares boundaries with six other Great Plains and Mountain states:Montana to the north and northwest, South Dakota and Nebraska to the east,Colorado to the south, Utah to the southwest, and Idaho to the west. Cheyenne, thecapital, is located in the southeastern corner of the state.