Muscle Building Tips - 4 Muscle Building Myths Exposed


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Muscle Building Tips - 4 Muscle Building Myths Exposed

  1. 1. ==== ====For Great Muscle Building Tips Check This Out ====If there is one thing that is plentiful in today muscle building industry it is falseinformation. Most of the muscle building tips and techniques out there today require you touse productX and supplementY. The truth is that most of these techniques and musclebuilding tips have been made up in order to sell you products that dont work. If you look at95% of the products out there that claim to build all kinds of muscle you will notice that most ofthem are nothing more than hype backed up by a marketing campaign. Here are 5 of the most wellknown muscle building myths exposed. 1) Nutritional Supplements Build MuscleThis is completely false back before all of these supplements came out on the market andbodybuilding was just starting out, people would gain muscle through only proper nutrition,exercise and sleep. These are the only 3 ingredients that are necessary in buildingmuscle. All supplements do is work in conjunction with your exercise and nutrition to helpspeed up your muscle building capabilities. The scary part about it is that most if not allsupplements will only make about a 2 or 3% difference. Thats It.2) Genetics will keep you from Building MuscleYour genetics believe it or not have very little to do with your ability to build muscle. I am notsaying that most skinny guys wont have to work a little harder than others but the excuse of beinggenetically challenged is nothing more than a lazy mans excuse to slack off. If you were toput the effort required to build muscle with your genetics you to could build yourself a veryimpressive muscular body.3) Sculpting or Toning MusclesBelieve it or not it is absolutely impossible to tone or sculpt a muscle. You genetics are whatdecide the shape and look of your muscle. Definition of that muscle depends on the amountof body fat surrounding it. Your body is only able to build or lose muscle, and gain or losebody fat. There are no special exercises that are designed to build muscle, and there are nospecial exercises that are going to define your muscles.4) Shock your Muscles into GrowingI learned about this myth a year ago and I am completely embarrassed that I used to preach thisto others, and use it myself as well. The truth of the matter is that muscles understand only1 thing and thats movement. Muscles do not have a brain and they do not have eyes thatcan keep track of which exercises your doing and reward you because you used an exercise you
  2. 2. arent used to. Muscles will only grow if they work harder than they are used to no matterwhat exercise you are using.The key to building muscle is intensity and stress. If you subject your muscles to more stress andintensity than they are used to they will grow. This is of course assuming that you are following aproper nutrition plan as well as getting the proper amount of rest outside of the gym. The secret tospeeding up this process is to combine nutrition, sleep, and the proper exercise together in theproper amounts that will allow for maximum muscle growth in half the time.If you want to gain muscle than following these tips and avoiding these myths will help you in yourmuscle building efforts. However if you are serious about building massive muscle and want tospeed up your muscle growth speed then it is important that you get your hands on the rightmuscle building guide. To see the top rated muscle building guides of 2009 and learn how you canbuild over 30lbs of muscle in just 6 months visit Build Massive Muscle Now.comArticle Source: ====For Great Muscle Building Tips Check This Out ====