Anabolic Cooking Review - Does Dave Ruel's Cookbook Shape Up


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Anabolic Cooking Review - Does Dave Ruel's Cookbook Shape Up

  1. 1. ==== ====For A Great Anabolic Cookbook Check This Out ====To any skinny guy or girl who has desperately tried (and often failed!) to gain weight on a musclebuilding or weight gain diet, sticking to the diet can be a heck of a lot tougher than most folkswould believe.Sure, a lot of people would tell you "so, you get to eat a lot of food all day long? Doesnt sound toohard to me!"However, the reality is that a real high-calorie muscle building diet (were talking a serious 4,000-6,000 calories per day), can make you so sick of eating you end up giving up on it...meaning youwont achieve your potential.The biggest problems with bulking diets are usually the following two:1.) Planning and prepping2.) Keeping enough varietySitting down and calculating the calorie contents of various foods is, lets face it, time that could bebetter spent having a life!;)Also, a lack of variety will absolutely KILL your appetite, and make meal times an absolute chore.How many times do you see bodybuilders eating boiled chicken and brown rice?I dont know about you but I love my food, and the kind of boring menu above would be enough toput me off chicken and rice for life.So since sticking to a high calorie bulking diet is not easy, it makes sense to make the process aseasy and enjoyable as possible.For this reason bodybuilder Dave Ruel has created the Anabolic Cookbook which aims to simplifythe whole process and provide you with hundreds of healthy muscle building recipes to make yourmeals far more interesting.The anabolic cookbook is split into different sections which include breakfast recipes, chicken andpoultry, red meat, fish, salads and soups.There are also dessert sections which help to maximize your muscle building potential withoutfilling your body with a load of processed and artificial sugars, sweeteners and cheap fats.A section I really found great was on snacks and bars. Basically, you can make your own protein
  2. 2. bars and snacks at home. Anyone whos ever bought protein bars knows that they can be darnexpensive, not to mention loaded up with sugar. Making your own bars is a great way to savemoney and reduce your sugar intake.The Anabolic Cookbook also contains done-for-you meal plans AND shopping lists which takeseven more pressure more counting the calories of various foods - just cook it and youredone.Basically, Dave does everything except eat it for you (you still have to do that!;) )I would have to say that the main downside to the Anabolic Cooking program is that there are alimited number of purely vegetarian options. However, if you are a veggie you can alwayssubstitute out the various meat, fish, eggs and dairy with soy or other choices.Watch this video which shows you how you can make your own protein bars at home ==>Anabolic Cooking ReviewArticle Source: ====For A Great Anabolic Cookbook Check This Out ====