Platform-as-a-Service Changes Everything Again! "Visual PaaS" is Here!!!


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Cloud computing is turning out to be a huge disruptive force. We know at high level that among the Cloud offerings, infrastructure is a commodity. And, when it comes to SaaS, it’s un-differentiated offering in the sense that you may end up sharing the same Application capabilities with your competitors.

Through this webcast, we hope to help understand why ‘Platform as a Service’ is that competitive leverage for your enterprise. We will also point out how “Platforms in the cloud” are changing everything in IT landscape.

Sophisticated Visual PaaS offerings provide a unified environment that empowers both "hard-core programmers" as well as "citizen developers" to develop business applications. CIOs are seeing PaaS as a viable option to embrace "citizen developers" thereby empowering business to innovate and make the transition from Information Technology to Business Technology.

Visual PaaS is going to change everything, again!

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Platform-as-a-Service Changes Everything Again! "Visual PaaS" is Here!!!

  1. Platform as a Service changeseverything, again!Visual PaaS is here!!!
  2. Pre cloud era CIOs standardized platforms around Java & .Net, combining disparate architectural elements in order to achieve the Enterprise Platforms capability
  3. Platforms on the Cloud Composite, Self-contained, Pre-integrated, Business Application Platform stacks on the cloud; provided as service
  4. Convergence of technologies Visual de velopme nt Enterprise integrationWorkflow engine analytics Integration servers Virtualization Platforms Enterprise mobility On The Cloud Rich internet apps
  5. Platforms on the cloud iPaaS aPaaS (Integration PaaS) (Application PaaS) »  Integrated  &  Co-­‐located  Suite  of   »  Development  &  Deployment  of   cloud  services  for  Integra7on  &   mul7-­‐tenant  elas7cally  scalable   governance  ini7a7ves   Business  Apps   »  Cloud  enabled  Integra7on   »  Cloud  enabled  Applica7on   Pla:orms  (CEIP)   Pla:orms  (CEAP)   »  eCommerce  B2B,  SOA,   »  Composite  Business  Applica7on   Integra7on  Middleware   Pla:orm   »  Boomi,  Cast  Iron,  Mule  iON   »  OrangeScape,  Courtesy: Gartner
  6. Classes of Abstraction Modeling Productivity P S Metadata Metadata  created  in  visual  modeling   environment  that  is  interpreted  by  the  aPaaS  at   aPaaS run7me   Framework Code  deployment  conforming  to  framework  &   let  the  pla:orm  worry  about  deploying  it  onto   aPaaS compute  nodes   Instance Deploy  applica7on  code  to  instances  of  virtual   machines   aPaaS Granularity Programming Control
  7. The Rise Of C i#zen  Develope a   use r  :  Noun     r   opera7ng   ou tside   the       IT   and   itsCitizen Developers scop go e   of   enterprise vernance   who b u s in e   creates   new s s   a p p li c a 7 o n s   f o r       ers   from consu mp7on   by   oth mposi7on.   scratch  or  by  co Cloud Delivery Models Maturation of SOAChanging Workforce Dynamics Mass Customization Simplified Development Tools
  8. The Balance conundrumCitizen Developers Professional DevelopersBusiness-­‐Domain  oriented   Technology  oriented  Power  Users  or  close  to  them   IT  Architects  &  Programmers  Part  of  Line  of  Business  (LOB)   Part  of  IT  Organiza7on   Two extremes of Platform Capability Requirements
  9. The New Normal! Visual P S™ changes the game. business •  Modeling  driven  process/app  development   Platform •  Business  driven,  IT  supported  Implementation •  Fast,  Itera7ve,  Visual,  Ci7zen  development   •  Complex  &  Core  Enterprise  Apps   •  Business  Value  Liaison  with  LOB   Platform •  Shared  Services  and  Support   Governance •  Pla:orm  Capability  Planning  &  Alignment   •  Pla:orm  Capability   Platform •  Shared  Common  infrastructure   Engineering •  Architectural  stack  and  App  Pla:orm   Technology
  10. Time to Act. How do you decide? PaaS works best for »  Not  accoun7ng  for   poten7al  Vendor  Lock-­‐in   »  Delivering  Apps  faster  than   conven7onal  approaches   »  Miscalcula7on  of  cloud   »  Developing  “petabyte”   based  Architectural  path   Apps   »  Misplaced  Cost  Savings   »  Developing  stateless   Expecta7ons   services   »  Over-­‐or-­‐under-­‐emphasis   »  Delivering  &  enabling   on  Security  &  Reliability   Departmental  &  Web  Apps   »  Delivering  transac7onal   Business  Apps  &  processes   Potential RisksCourtesy: Forrester
  11. A word on lock-in (You need flexibility…)You  don’t  know  what   3 Cloudcloud  deployment  op3on  people  want   2 virtualized private Hybridtoday,  and  will  sustain  tomorrow!   public VM  |  VM   VM  |  VM   VM  |  VM   1 Distributed Virtual   Virtual               Virtual   Cross-Cloud Deployment Capability is the key to mitigating Lock-in! Earlier Yesterday Today Tomorrow
  12. YES. Visual PaaS™ is here!Picking  the  right  pla;orm  for  the  cloud  is  the   first  step  to  Strategic  Advantage!  
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