Orange & FamilyWall


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FamilyWall and Partnership with Orange around Distribution & Innovation.
This Deck was presented at the Web 13.

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Orange & FamilyWall

  1. 1. Overview Dec-13 Family & Co - © 2013 - Proprietary & Confidential
  2. 2. Introduction FamilyWall is successfully deployed with tier 1 operators like Orange. FamilyWall is the leading family platform providing a private sharing space for families. FamilyWall is backed by the largest European VC firm: ID Invest. FamilyWall is easily customizable and can be integrated with Telcos’ Enablers and Services: Rich communications, Cloud, Billing, etc.
  3. 3.  ORGANIZE Families can share daily life calendars, schedules and task lists. FamilyWall is the Private Space of the Family  COMMUNICATE Family members can easily communicate with secure group messaging or visual voice mail.  REMEMBER Photos, videos, music, messages, and digital memories can be stored and confidentially shared.
  4. 4. Family messaging Private Chat with one or several family members. Audio message Post a voice message. Perfect for the youngest! Video message Share, talk, smile, laugh or just say “hello”. Check-in Tell your family where you are. Family Messaging – Easy and Secure
  5. 5. Family Organization – Integrated Calendaring Family Calendar Share multiple schedules for better family organization. Family contacts Your important Family Contacts in one place. Lists Shared Grocery List and assign Tasks. Events Invite members to attend and set reminders.
  6. 6. Photo Take or upload a set of photos from your phone. Video Capture an important family moment in motion. Best Moments Tag your favorite Family Moments. Gallery Keep, organize and share all the Best Moments. Keep the Family Best Moments Safe and Private
  7. 7. FamilyWall is available on a large number of appliances of the Family
  8. 8. Orange Partnership
  9. 9. Partnership with Orange around Distribution & Innovation  Distribution FamilyWall is distributed by Orange in France. This business relationship is providing FamilyWall with a robust business model based on revenue sharing and usage Fees  Marketing collaboration Our partnership with Orange France has given FamilyWall visibility thanks to Orange marketing means  Innovation & Co-development FamilyWall is collaborating with Orange Labs and benefits from innovation usually not accessible to small companies. Core Orange enablers are integrating to the current FamilyWall roadmap to enrich the service around communication and location
  10. 10. Marketing & Distribution through Orange  FamilyWall bundled with 3 Million Open subscribers  Co-branded offer Marketed by Orange France:  Teasing SMS for all Open subs.  Newsletters  Special events (Le salon de la famille, Hello show…)  Magalogue inclusion  International Roll Out Plan in Orange major countries (Spain, Poland, Belgium…)
  11. 11. Innovation & co-developments with Orange / Comms  VoIP Communications FamilyWall will bring VoIP communication allowing WiFi calls from iPod or Tablets covering interesting use cases – e.g. - Children using shared devices at home - Family members traveling abroad  Party Call The partnership has provided a multiple call feature allowing a whole family to simultaneously participate to a conference call for both - Smartphones with app notifications - Any phone with SMS notifications > Via Orange APIs
  12. 12. Innovation & co-developments with Orange / cont’d  Kids@Home The system can recognize when users hook to the Livebox at home. Typically, when kids come back from school, parents receive notifications  Orange Cloud interface Natural interface with the personal Orange Cloud, for sharing and more!  Connected Objects Interface with connected objects like myPlug Integration within the Orange Smart Home ecosystem > Via Orange APIs
  13. 13. Service enhancements thanks to Orange VOIP Calls Orange Families can communicate while roaming or connected to WIFI, via Libon Party Call Integrated to Ikea Platform, families can organize on- click group call. Kids@Home Integrated with the Home Livebox, Parents get notified when their kids arrive at Home. Orange Cloud Orange Families directly store the Family Photos to their personal Cloud Mum
  14. 14. Thank you Thank You!