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Julien Ducarroz, Chief Commercial Officer B2C, Orange Romania presented at the relaunch of the Orange online shop in June 2009.

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Orange Online Shop

  1. 1. Orange online shop Julien Ducarroz CCO B2C June 30, 2009
  2. 2. Orange global strategy online position Orange as a referrence digital player Orange at the crossroads of the online modes - media content & advertising - e-shop, e-care and support - portal and services
  3. 3. online sales in the global strategy increasing no. of customers who want to shop online opportunities - huge customer base - customers’ lifetime is measured in years - deep understanding of customers’ needs challenge the way we do business to be more competitive
  4. 4. Orange ambition until 2012 Orange-France Telecom Group aspirational target is to reach 20% of primary commercial acts by 2012 Romania, important contributor to achive the objective - first 6 month : +600% commercial acts vs. H1 2008 - over 500,000 unique visitors per month - over 1.1 million visits per month - Orange rank site 7
  5. 5. getting business from solving customers’ demands project: launch the new online shop with an innovative approach, the first of this kind on the local market resources: customer intelligence release a collective programmed consultancy project in 3 stages - pre-testing by specialists - June 4 - free feedback channel for customers – June 10-22 - event to award the winners and wrap up conclusions
  6. 6. facts & figures about feedback we have received - 593 articles – 83 proposed to the jury - of which 231 reports of bugs - of which 362 new ideas - 546 comments on the articles submitted - on average 2 posts per user quality of feedback - positive perception - only 80 posts rejected (offtopic)
  7. 7. examples of customer interaction online the most commented article – 23 comments “In pagina telefoanelor sesizam absenta unei sectiuni prin care sa putem vota cel mai bun telefon. La sfarsitul unei perioade de timp sa se afiseze cel mai votat telefon, care sa primeasca cea mai buna oferta de vanzare la un pret rezonabil, alaturi de o reducere [...]”
  8. 8. examples of customer interaction online the most original comment “Inainte de toate, designul este genial, firesc, suprinzator, cabalic, in acelasi timp. Designul - opera anonimului beat de metafizica abandonata a timpului in care ne balansam printre lucruri marunte […] Orange - comunicarea ca si viata nu au limite. Imi permit sa imi imaginez ca in partea de sus a site-ului ar fi mers si cateva webcam fixate unde vreti voi, poate in New York, Rio, Amazonia, Poli, Hong Kong, in aer, sub pamant, Himalaya, oriunde. Orange este oriunde. De aceea cateodata ma simt Orange si ma inchin Cuvantului.” 25 implemented during the first 5 days the most complete argument
  9. 9. thank you