Using Social Media for Professional Purposes


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Use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for professional development, connect with work associates and organize work-related activities.

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  • In 140 characters or less, express your opinion, chat with @friend or RT what you read and loved. #hashtag for context or emotions
  • Using Social Media for Professional Purposes

    1. 1. Using Social Media forProfessional Purposes Sherrie Lee
    2. 2. While we are waiting …Set up your social media accounts if you have not already done so. In order of importance: Twitter Facebook LinkedIn
    3. 3.
    4. 4. Quiz on TwitterHow do you find people to follow on Twitter? How do you help people find you? How do you limit your audience? What do you do on Twitter?
    5. 5. How to Tweet
    6. 6. Elements of a Tweet @ Used before username Links to Twitter profileExample:Welcome @newuser to Twitter!@newuser I agree. Twitter is bewildering!!
    7. 7. Elements of a Tweet # Mark keyword or topic Also used for humor/emotionsClick on #word to show all Tweets with #word Example: At social media workshop. #LAworkshop Twitter is cool! #newbie
    8. 8. Elements of a Tweet RT Re-posting another person’s Tweet Quick way to share Gives credit to original posterExample: RT @TODAYonline It takes a village to care for our elders, says Health Minister Gan Kim Yong
    9. 9. Follow @orangecanton
    10. 10. Who to follow
    11. 11. Follow News
    12. 12. Twitter Tasks 1) Find at least 5 people and 5 interests to follow. 2) Make sure at least 5 people are following you.3) Search for at least one professional / personal interest. 4) Tweet at least 2 original messages. 5) RT at least 3 tweets from people/news you follow.
    13. 13. Try it out!Now try tweeting about this workshopusing #LAworkshop 86
    14. 14. Tweet Away! Oliver Widder, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license:
    15. 15. Twitter for Professional Purposes Use # to read tweets about a topic #edsg #edtech #edusocmedia #education Respond to people’s posts, ask questions, state opinions, share news, RTYou don’t only have to tweet about “serious” stuff People have personalities and real lives!
    16. 16. Continue the conversations on Twitter using #LAworkshop
    17. 17. WHY FACEBOOK?People don’t check emailThey DO check FB / TwitterALL THE TIME“Friend” business associatesfor easier communication
    18. 18. Facebook Pages or Groups for … Events Teambuilding Professional Development
    19. 19. PAGES Creating one is easy Maintaining it is something elsePost, tag, comment on news and photos
    20. 20. GROUPSEasy to createYou don’t have to friend groupmembersPost reminders, useful websites,commentEasier to maintain than pages
    21. 21. FACEBOOK ≠ PRIVACY?Separate account for work-related activitiesStay active during officehoursDisconnect when you gohome
    22. 22. Profile = resumeYou don’t have to be job hunting to be on LinkedIn Connect with present and past colleagues Get introduced to someone else through those connections
    23. 23.
    24. 24. Little is private on social mediaIf you’re too private, you won’t be social Facebook: privacy settings Twitter: protect your tweets Post what you won’t regret
    25. 25.
    26. 26. Ask questions about social mediaHow do I find people to connect with?#LAworkshop 91
    27. 27. Twitter | LinkedIn | SlideShare @orangecanton