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Orange Business Services Overview June 2014


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An introduction to Orange Business Services, a global IT and communications services provider helping companies collaborate more effectively, operate more efficiently and engage better with their …

An introduction to Orange Business Services, a global IT and communications services provider helping companies collaborate more effectively, operate more efficiently and engage better with their customers.

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  • What’s at stake for you exactly and what role can we play?

    This is how we see your challenges:

    At the centre, your company, in an environment that’s constantly evolving, as we saw: your employees, your customers, and your very structure, requiring new business models and agile, secure infrastructures.
    internally, you want to enable more mobile and collaborative working methods
    externally, you aim to offer your customers a richer relationship and connect your customer and professional applications
    in an always more connected world, you need the best connectivity at the right moment
    and you want to gain flexibility thanks to cloud-based services

    None of these transformations can be considered without the assurance of your data’s and equipment’s security. And on our side, your experience as our customer is key.

    What we provide is the convergence of models and end-to-end commitment.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Orange Business Services the partner for your digital transformation June 2014
    • 2. contents a world leader employees committed to serving clients recognized innovation capabilities our ambition service quality at our core a recognized leader a responsible operator 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Orange Business Services, digitalisation partner for businesses in France and worldwide 2 /
    • 3. 3 / 360° customer service video NFC vertical solutions smart cities new workspace cloud security big data e-health 3G/4G/Fiber collaboration M2M mobile device management Orange Business Services, digitalisation partner for businesses in France and worldwide
    • 4. 1 a world leader
    • 5. about Orange Business Services  brings together all Orange Group activities dedicated to enterprises  provides communications services to businesses of all sizes in France, and to multinationals around the world 3,000+ multinational clients 20,000+ employees dedicated serving enterprises 2 millions+ professional, SME and business clients in France €6,513 bn in revenue in 2013 Orange Business Services * *business Orange Business Services, digitalisation partner for businesses in France and worldwide 5 /
    • 6. mobile ◼ 30 countries ◼ 178 million customers worldwide ◼ over 2 million 4G customers in the UK and over 1 million in France internet & fixed ◼ 58.3 million clients worldwide ◼ 6.5 million Orange TV customers ◼ 3.4 million Open clients in France business ◼ operations in more than 160 countries ◼ over 3,000 multinational clients ◼ 100,000+ Cloud Pro clients services offered by the Orange Group Orange is a European leader in mobile and ADSL internet access and a world leader in telecommunications services for businesses €41B in revenue 165,000 employees 450,000 km of underwater cable 236M customers largest seamless network for voice/data in the world, covering 220+ countries and territories a major public operator in 30 countries Orange Business Services, digitalisation partner for businesses in France and worldwide 6 /
    • 7. a global presence San Francisco Cairo London Warsaw Amman New Delhi Mauritius Beijing Tokyo Orange Labs major service centers for business clients business activities local presence in 160+ countries residential / business activities Armenia Austria Bahrain Belgium Botswana Cameroon Central African Republic Dominican Republic Egypt Equatorial Guinea France Guinea Guinea-Bissau Ivory Coast Jordan Kenya Liechtenstein Luxembourg Madagascar Mali Mauritius Moldova Morocco Niger Poland Portugal Romania Senegal Madrid Slovakia Spain Switzerland Tunisia Uganda United Kingdom Vanuatu France Orange Business Services, digitalisation partner for businesses in France and worldwide 7 /
    • 8. 8 / the largest network by coverage primary PoP secondary PoP ◼ integral connectivity managed end to end ◼ €3.24B invested in high and very high speed networks in 2013 from Seattle to Tokyo and Sydney from Los Angeles to Osaka and Auckland from Tokyo to Seattle from Osaka to Los Angeles from Auckland to Los Angeles  coverage : 220+ countries & territories  approx. 450,000 km of underwater cable  4G/LTE networks in 10 countries and 3G/3G+ networks in 17 countries in Africa and the Middle East  43.5 million fixed phone lines  very high speed fixed broadband networks (fiber optics, VDSL2) in Spain, France and Poland
    • 9. employees committed 2 to serving their clients
    • 10. 10 / employees committed to serving businesses of all sizes in France employees committed to serving clients for businesses for professionals and SMEs for large accounts ◼ 4,900 dedicated employees ◼ 13 Regional Business Divisions ◼ specialized customer service ◼ 1,800 dedicated employees ◼ 5 offices organized by business sector and client type ◼ 3,000 representatives ◼ 400 stores with a specific area for professional clients ◼ dedicated customer service
    • 11. 11 / employees committed to serving multinationals worldwide assistance available in over 160 countries and territories employees committed to serving clients 5 major service centers ◼ North America ◼ Latin America ◼ Asia-Pacific ◼ Europe ◼ emerging markets ◼ Brazil, Egypt, France, India, Mauritius ◼ 3,400 dedicated experts ◼ available to clients 24/7 ◼ 4 sales divisions
    • 12. highly skilled teams dedicated to our customers “I advise and guide my clients in their development strategy” — Delphine Carpentier account manager “I help my customers by turning a solution into a tangible benefit for their business” — Kerri Pagel client portfolio - project manager “I assist and minimize the complexity of video conferencing for my clients” — Jotish Paul Customer and Services Operations Engineer “I guarantee network technical support to European and African countries” — Miguel Alvarez network project manager “I assess new or existing platforms to ensure performance and availability to my customers” — Farzana Nuseeb customer technical support “I make things happen to deliver and implement customer orders on time” — Cindy Motou order taking specialist
    • 13. recognised innovation 3 capacity
    • 14. 14 / co-innovation we innovate to meet the specific needs of our entreprise customers through a co-innovation process recognised innovation capacity open innovation adressing customer feedback ◼ research centers in 12 countries ◼ 5,000 employees dedicated to innovation ◼ over €800 million budget ◼ 7,482 patents in our portfolio ◼ 276 patents registered in 2013 ◼ €780M invested in 2013, representing 1.9% of revenue ◼ Orange Fabs ◼ Orange Partner ◼ strategic partnerships with the global R&D ecosystem ◼ Customer Advisory Board ◼ Lab Explorers community ◼ search and online users ◼ feedback sessions with test groups ◼ feedback sessions on customers business challenges ◼ design centers ◼ client test centers dedicated to businesses an international network for research and innovation
    • 15. 15 / an international network for research and innovation more than 5,000 employees dedicated to research and innovation Orange development centre Orange Labs and tech centre Poland United Kingdom France Romania Tunisia Ivory Coast Egypt recognised innovation capacity Japan China India Jordan United States
    • 16. 4 our ambition
    • 17. we are the trusted partner for your digital transformation with full security differentiated customer experience bringing you the flexibility of cloud infrastructure leveraging applications for your business performance providing your employees with smart and mobile ways of working your business the best connectivity wherever you need it our ambition 17 /
    • 18. a solutions portfolio that meets the digitalization challenges of your business ◼ Business Everywhere ◼ Flexible Workspace ◼ Open Videopresence ◼ Office Together ◼ Business Together ◼ Business Talk your business ◼ Contact Managed Access ◼ Managed Contact Center ◼ Flexible Contact Center ◼ M2M solutions ◼ Flux Vision ◼ NFC service center ◼ vertical solutions ◼ Business VPN ◼ Business Internet ◼ Business Ethernet ◼ Business VPN Gallery ◼ Network Boost ◼ 3G, 4G, Fiber ◼ content delivery network ◼ managed LAN ◼ Flexible Computing ◼ Flexible Storage ◼ mutualized hosting ◼ Secure Gateway ◼ Flexible Identity ◼ Unified Defense ◼ Mobile SSL differentiated customer experience our ambition 18 /
    • 19. top references Orange Business Services our ambition 19 /
    • 20. service quality 5 at our core
    • 21. service quality at the core of our business  our ambition is to be a trusted partner for our clients  client satisfaction is at the core of our service model  we put ourselves in our client’s shoes to better understand their relationship with us. We study the client experience to improve our processes from end to end and to boost the value of our offers  we adapt our sales teams and resources to help our customers focus on their specific business challenges proven service quality 21 /
    • 22. 22 / more than great technology, great people dedicated teams, highly trained and fully committed ◼ a primary account manager, enabled by a broad team including a service manager ◼ solution architects working together with your main IS and telecoms team ◼ regional teams working closely with your management units ◼ service managers assigned where most needed ◼ international governance when necessary ◼ local service for your branch offices ◼ regional project team proven service quality
    • 23.  customer service and operations managed centrally and locally  international coordination  centralized processes  local autonomy  standard portfolio  local adaptation  local partnership management a global presence and local involvement… regional pre-sale and sales teams proven service quality 23 /
    • 24. 24 / …with the right skills, certifications and procedures for the task Orange is one of the top 5 partners to employ certified outsourcing professionals total ITIL compliance certifications ◼ ISAE 3402 certification serving a technical environment in line with the market’s top hosting standards ◼ ISO 9001 certification for quality management (2011) ◼ ISO 20 000 certification (ITIL) for IT service management (2011) ◼ ISO 27001 certification for information security management (2011) our teams ◼ more than 800 professionals holding ITIL Foundation certification at Orange ◼ 20 ITIL specialists and/or service managers (with ISO/IEC 20 000 Auditor certification) ◼ over 250 representatives available at Group level to help clients to optimise their infrastructure our methodology and approach ◼ consistent certificates around the world ◼ certification project managed step by step ◼ e-learning sessions on ISO 20 000 and ITIL available to all our employees proven service quality
    • 25. 6 a recognised leader
    • 26. 26 / World Communication Awards ◼ best global operator --------------------- 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2013 ◼ best cloud service 2012, 2013 ◼ best new business service --------- 2011, 2013 ◼ best SME service 2013 ◼ user’s choice 2012 a recognised leader
    • 27. AT&T Orange Business Services T-Systems Verizon Tata Communications Telefonica As of October 2013 As of March 2014 27 / a recognized leader un leader reconnu CHALLENGERS LEADERS NICHE PLAYERS VISIONARIES COMPLETENESS OF VISION ABILITY TO EXECUTE Level 3 Communications BT Global Services NTT Communications Sprint CenturyLink Vodafone Reliance Globalcom CHALLENGERS LEADERS Huawei NICHE PLAYERS VISIONARIES COMPLETENESS OF VISION ABILITY TO EXECUTE HCL Technologies BT Global Services Accenture AT&T Orange Dimension Data Wipro NEC NextiraOne Verizon HP IBM CSC Cisco Telefonica Avaya Vodafone source: Magic Quadrant for Global Network Service Providers, by Neil Rickard, Robert F. Mason (20 March 2014 ) G00258971 source: Magic Quadrant for Communications Outsourcing and Professional Services 2013 (21 October 2013) G00248352 Orange Business Services is positioned as a leader in the Communications Outsourcing and Professional Services Magic Quadrant Orange Business Services is positioned as a leader in the Network Service Providers Magic Quadrant
    • 28. a recognized leader LEADERS NTT Com T-System VISIONARIES SingTel un leader reconnu 28 / CAPABILITIES MAJOR PLAYERS CONTENDERS BT Orange Telstra AT&T Tata Communications Verizon Vodafone PacNet Reliance Orange Business Services is positionned as one of the Major Leaders in the AP next-generation telcos’ datacenters and hosted cloud services space. source: IDC MarketScape_AsiaPac next generation telcos datacenter and hosted cloud services 2013-2014 _ december 2013 Orange Business Services recognized for the 7 th time in a row for its VPN services MarketScape_AsiaPac next generation telcos datacenter and hosted cloud services 2013-2014
    • 29. “IDC believes OBS's holistic approach to delivering security services is unique: it encompasses elements of professional services, solutions and a variety of delivery models, including managed services and cloud models.” source: IDC, “Orange MEA Strategy,” April 2013 a recognized leader “proven capabilities and expertise in first-class unified communications (UC), contact center and collaboration technologies” source: Ovum, “Global Services: Contracts Tracker Overview”, David Molony (Principal Analyst), 17 February 2014 “Orange Business Services provides a solid range of structured cloud professional services to help customers define how to rationalise, to consolidate or to modernize their data centers, IT infrastructure, operations and governance […] Expanding international availability of Business VPN Galerie positions Orange as a provider of high-performance cloud services” source: Current Analysis Company Assessment of Orange Business Services – Global Enterprise October 2013 a recognised leader 29 /
    • 30. a responsible 7 operator
    • 31. CSR at Orange Business Services Corporate Social Responsibility represents a business’s ability to integrate social, economic and environmental concerns into its activities and its dialogue with stakeholders. our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility is an essential source of value for all of our stakeholders. our strategy includes concrete action plans involving all Orange entities. Orange Business Services offers specific actions for its B2B clients. a responsible operator 31 /
    • 32. 32 / environmental management system Orange Business Services has launched several initiatives to become "green inside" and to meet the needs of its stakeholders. to reduce our environmental footprint, we put in place an environmental management system focused on 5 priorities: 1. energy economies and reducing CO² emissions a responsible operator 2. reducing and managing waste 3. limiting and managing resource depletion 4. a responsible policy for sourcing and supplier relations 5. enabling the entrepreneurial ecosystem
    • 33. 33 / a green operator a responsible operator we provide recycling services for mobile devices and network equipment we provide electronic billing and online payment systems we provide: • energy audits • carbon audits • IT solution assessments Our goal: to gauge the environmental contribution of IT to your business activities
    • 34. vehicles energy natural resources we limit the amount of energy consumed by IT by storing data and sharing servers with: • Flexible Computing Express • Cloud Storage • Cloud Pro we limit our consumption of energy, raw materials and supplies by using remote management systems for our services we do our part to limit unnecessary travel: coordinating vehicles through fleet management and optimizing travel with videoconferencing services 34 / a green operator our solutions a responsible operator
    • 35. health cyber defense smart cities • developing cyber defense strategies for business • managing and protecting access, securing sensitive assets • locating weaknesses and testing the efficiency of cyber defense systems for business • monitor, respond, resolve smart and connected cities use telecommunications technologies and information systems to : • improve quality of life for residents • support the activities of businesses • boost the appeal of local communities we are a committed operator in the e-health sector: • streamlining services • developing telehealth and remote health monitoring • virtual interactions 35 / a green operator our solutions a responsible operator
    • 36. a top employer a responsible operator we support our employees in their professional development by offering the right training programs people are the core of our business quality labour relations: essential for every type of performance we take action to support workplace equality we work continually improve our inclusion processes and to promote employment for workers with disabilities we implement a proactive employment policy for young workers
    • 37. 37 / a top employer "Top Employer Europe 2014" Mobistar (Belgium), Orange (Spain, France, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Moldova, Armenia) and Orange Business Services (United Kingdom) played a part in securing this European certification "Top Employer India Africa 2014" in addition to the certifications already achieved by Orange Business Services in Africa and India. This achievement makes Orange one of the few Top Employers across 3 continents Orange Business Services was named as one of the "Best Workplaces for Commuters" in 2012 in the United States Orange Business Services was recognized as a "Great Place to Work" in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil a responsible operator
    • 38. thank you June 2014