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Orange Business Live 2013 M2M breakout


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M2M breakout presentation shared at Orange Business Live, Prague, June 2013. More information about M2M at

M2M breakout presentation shared at Orange Business Live, Prague, June 2013. More information about M2M at

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  • 1. machine-to-machinethe Internet of Things, new business models &innovative applications
  • 2.  M2M business trends core competencies required to successfullymanage your M2M initiative– managing the business application– managing connectivity– our end-to-end value proposition customer testimonial key takeawaysagenda
  • 3. convergence of the two worldsphysical worldbrick-and-mortar business traditional manufacturingcompanies service companies retail organizations challenged to capitalize on thepower of InternetInternet worldweb-based business born into the internet generations completely disrupted traditionalplayers and sales channel extremely flexible andknowledgeable about theircustomer base
  • 4. convergence of the two worlds deep insight into their customer base flexibility into their product andservices leverages their asset and informationto win over competitioneWorldfusion of Web & traditional business model
  • 5. 5 Orange Group restricteddata driven companyBIG DATA internet of thingssocial mediadata warehouse..big data and analyticsdriven companies show5%-6% higherproductivity rates andprofitability..MIT Study
  • 6.  “What decisions could we make if we had all theinformation we need?” “Identify the business opportunity and determinehow the model can improve performance” “Move to a data driven decision culture” IT has a crucial role to play to drive M2M– evangelize and provide thought leadership– bridge the gap between operations, service andtechnology– embed within service offer development– enable business to drive short, rapid innovationprojectIT engagement with business
  • 7. traditional m2m projects driven by processoptimization and cost reduction
  • 8. today, we are connecting people and machines
  • 9. and tomorrow we will be connecting enhanced things
  • 10. how to best managethe business application
  • 11. size & complexity requirecompetencies that are at the heartof telecom operators’ everydaybusinessmanaging scalability a successful M2M project means managing thousands ofmobile devices and subscriptions transforming your company into a mobile operator having thesize of a small national operator but with an internationalcoverageyour mobile company
  • 12. the Intelligent Apps Enabler at the core of them2m solutionManaged Connectivitycustomer’s business applicationIntelligent Apps EnablerE-healthmodulestrack & tracemodulesdatahostingdevicesmodules forother industriessecuredata storageservice desk& operations
  • 13. a platform that adapts to our customersenvironmentknowndevicesunknowndevicesM2M Intelligent Apps Enablerdifferentprogramminglanguagessupportedintegration ofnew codecs forfuture devicesweb servicescustomer’s businessapplicationlibrary of codecsfor existingdevices fromdifferentmanufacturers
  • 14. key benefits of the Intelligent Apps Enabler cloud-based model or privatededicated solution application management: allowsto effectively create newapplications or evolve them in thefuture message management: facilitates,rationalizes and secures the dataexchanges within your M2Msolution device management: easy tointegrate new devices in yourapplication without changing itsimple, secure,scalable & deviceagnostic
  • 15. Intelligent Apps Enablerdemo
  • 16. how to best managethe connectivity
  • 17. we can support you at every stage of your M2Mprojectsconnectivityhardware integrationapplicationservice & solutionproviderdeployment& run M2M SIM cards M2M adapted process M2M customer care M2M adapted tariff offer connectivity++- Web services and portal chipset selection module fabrication interface design device integration device fabrication consulting global solutiondesign vendors sourcing IS integration deployment maintenance support logistic service management continuous evolution consulting applicationdevelopment back-end supervisioninterface end-user interface customer care
  • 18. our M2M connectivity platform, enabling connectivitymanagement of your remote devicesremote SIMs fleet managementquicker incident diagnostics andresolutionimprove operational efficiency andcustomer service qualityreduce intervention costsfit all kind of customers’ contexts, deviceand applications through portal and APIsmodesSIM lifecyclemanagement, ordering,incident diagnostic,network status,consumption tracking,sessions history,alarms settings…benefitsfunctionalities
  • 19. Customer CRM back-endCustomerWirelessenabled assetInternet www linkthroughwebportalour M2M connectivity platform, enabling connectivitymanagement of your remote devicesbusiness application(Intelligent Apps Enabler)remote device/ machineInternet www link
  • 20. our M2M connectivity platformfunctionalities accessible via APIs to get automateddata entries / modifications limiting human errorsCustomer CRM back-endCustomerWirelessenabled assetWithAPI XML-based API – SIM commands order new SIMs SIM profile change SIM order status retrieve SIM activate / pre-activate / suspend / deactivatebusiness application(Intelligent Apps Enabler)remote device/ machine
  • 21. our end-to-endvalue proposition
  • 22. 0000Orange Business Services supports customers’ M2Minitiative throughout the entire lifecycle with a completeservices portfoliocapabilities and expertiseconnectivityapps developmentsystem integrationend-to-end supportm2m initiatives arecomplex endeavours thatimpact businessprocesses and…… require wide & deeptechnical expertisedevices, connectivity, appdevelopment, …no “one model fits all”flexible engagementcustomized solutionspartner solutionsbestconnectivitydevicemanagementsystemintegrationapplicationdevtdata management(hosting, cloud, …)Orangecompetenciesvalue
  • 23. the value we bring to our customers in-depth knowledge acrossthe M2M domain with 250+experts proven experiencedelivering, operating &supporting global complexsolutions innovative, future proofsolutions supported by adynamic M2M portfolio engagement & financialapproach adapted to yourbusiness model customized solution usingproven technologies &trusted partners “end-to-end ownership’’with one single provider
  • 24. connecting IT to our customers’ businesscustomers only pay forthe water usedcoffee machines are alwaysreadyskiers will not get lost and willmanage their ownperformancetracking and multimediacontent for truck and busfleet operators
  • 25. key takeawaysm2m is an important element to gatherintelligence on your products – services2Orange is your partner of choice for deliveringcustomized m2m solutions to meet yourbusiness objectives3Orange is there to support you to articulatethe potential of M2M to your business4companies are moving to a data driven culture1
  • 26. learn more at youOrange, the Orange mark and any other Orange productor service names referred to in this material are trade marksof Orange Brand Services Limited.Orange restricted.