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Orange Business Live 2013 cloud breakout


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Cloud breakout presentation shared at Orange Business Live, Prague, June 2013.

Cloud breakout presentation shared at Orange Business Live, Prague, June 2013.

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  • 1. IT transition managementlearn about IT transition management toachieve flexible computing
  • 2. 2agendasection 1 why turn to Orange as a trusted cloud provider?section 2 how we can help you with your IT transformation?section 3 Q&A: how do you transition to cloud computing?
  • 3. reducecapex andopexinvest in a tier 4 data centerin the USA while relying onpartner DCs on othercontinentsreduce time tomarketquickly deploy newshops in China byrelying on a cloudpartner in APACquickly deploynew applicationsgloballysave time to quicklydeploy a new sourcingapplication worldwideensurebusinesscontinuitysafely ensure accessto ERP, SCM andCRM applications withreliable 24/7 servicegain IT agility and reliability to better support thebusinesscloud agility & competitiveness
  • 4. 4networked cloud infrastructure services from a singleIT and communications providerMPLS VPNQoS and performanceService Level Managementnetwork SLA infrastructure SLA OS and application SLAoperating systemsmiddlewareapplicationsglobal cloud-ready networkand servicessecure enterprisecloud infrastructurecatalogue ofsoftware andinfrastructuremanagementservices
  • 5. 5networked cloud infrastructure services from Orangeenables you to:reduce complexitycreate global efficienciesmanage core business applications in the cloudoptimize and focus internal IT resources on strategicIT transformation projectswork hand in hand with network, security and ITexperts
  • 6. 6FlexibleComputingPremiumfully managed services – OS andapplicationsphysical and virtual appliancesFlexibleComputingExpressshared multi-tenant solutionself-service portalvirtual appliances onlyPrivateCloudSolutionsdedicated infrastructureat Orange or customer DCcustom DC solutionour IaaS portfolio offers a choice of delivery modelsand management levels…
  • 7. 7Flexible Computing Expressself-managed virtual private cloud servicesecure self-service portaldesigned for MNCs that want to directlymanage their cloud infrastructure resources• reduce complexity: networked cloudinfrastructure services from a single provider• ensure performance and availability forbusiness-critical applications : security,99.95% uptime and Orange networkconnectivity• tailor resources to meet IT infrastructureneeds : granular and modular• respond to fluctuating demand and dynamicbusiness expansion : rapid scaling• improve capacity planning and budgeting ofIT spend : usage-based billingFlexible Computing consoleVirtual SecurityArchitecture
  • 8. 8Flexible Computing Premiummanaged virtual private cloud serviceapplicationoutsourcingcustomerbusinessapplicationsmanagedOSOS fromOrange catalogFlexible ComputingExpressvirtual data centervirtual and/orphysical serversOrangetier III+ DCdirect networkconnectivitymiddlewaremonitoringOrange catalogand/or customermanagedmiddlewareOrange catalogdesigned for MNCs that require cloudinfrastructure and software management fromOrange• optimize internal IT resources to focus onstrategic projects & application delivery:catalog of software & management services• rapidly deploy and flex infrastructure andmanagement needs: industrializedmanagement services• ensure end-to-end performance andavailability for business-critical applications :stringent SLAs across network,infrastructure, MW, OS and applications• built on the strengths of Flexible ComputingExpress: granular & modular, rapid scaling,usage-based billing• reduce complexity: networked cloudinfrastructure services from a single provider
  • 9. 9standardizationconsolidationvirtualizationautomation1997200520102012cloudbusinessbusinessbusinessbusiness modelmodelmodelmodelchangechangechangechangetechnologytechnologytechnologytechnologychangechangechangechange+20 000+20 000+20 000+20 000 VMsVMsVMsVMs50%50%50%50% virtualizationvirtualizationvirtualizationvirtualization rateraterateratethe Orange Group chose Flexible Computing to migrateto cloud computing
  • 10. 10IT organization acts as a brokerglobal service managementand catalogueprivate cloudvirtualprivatecloudvirtual privatenetworkwe help you manage your cloud(s) easily:private cloud, virtual private or hybrid cloudOrange converged and secured cloudcloud agility & competitivenesspubliccloudsfrompartners
  • 11. 11use case scenarios for hybrid cloud (1/2)applications integrated withscalable public cloud serviceapplications cloud servicesscalable cloud front-endapplication integrated toback-end databasecloud applicationcloud applicationburst capacity extension tohandle peak loadsapplication temporary scalingdifferent service levels, such ashigh-cost and/or high-confidentiality vs. low-costand/or low-confidentialityPrivate cloud on-premise or off-premise Public Cloud off-premiseGlobal Content Deliverydistribute systems and data tomultiple geographic locationssecurity,scalablilty,busrtcaapacitydata synchronization
  • 12. 12development, testing, andpreproductionproduction(eg. Critical apps)dev/test/preprod(eg. prod for noncritical apps)deploycloud service as integrationenabler between differentcollaboration partnerscloud integrationcloud applicationcollaborationpartnersPrivate cloud on-premise or off-premise Public Cloud off-premiseuse case scenarios for hybrid cloud (2/2)cloud as cost effective storagefor applicationsapplication databackup & recoverybackup dataapplicationdisaster recovery/businesscontinuity managementsecondary siteprimary siteswitchenabling mobile usersserviceson-premisemobile enablementoff-premiseStorage/backup/DRPPaaS
  • 13. 13cloud appears simple on the surface…IaaS, PaaS, SaaS?Public, private, hybrid?Security & privacyService managementContract managementServer infrastructurePhysical and virtual designSupport servicesCloud ComputingGovernanceScalabilityLegal & ComplianceData migrationTransition & User adoptionAPIs & pluginsDisaster Recovery & ContinuityTransformation supportResponse-time SLAsProvisioning enginePay per use, Reservation
  • 14. 14 Orange presentationapplication readiness for cloudwhich cloud services are right for you?
  • 15. 15step-by-step consulting servicesmanage optimizeassess design implementprogram / project managementtransition project managementoperationstransformationprojectstransformation projectscloudstrategyassessmentcloudfeasibility analysisclouddefinition servicecloudadoption /migration high-level planningwhat is mymymymy cloudvisionvisionvisionvision and whatbenefitsbenefitsbenefitsbenefits can Iexpect?what part of mywhat part of mywhat part of mywhat part of myITITITIT is eligible for acloud model?how to maphow to maphow to maphow to mapmy existing ITenvironments tocloud solutions?how to transitionhow to transitionhow to transitionhow to transitionmy workloads intothe target model?Orange cloud consulting servicesOrange cloud consulting servicesOrange cloud consulting servicesOrange cloud consulting services1 2 3 4
  • 16. application readiness: 7 stream analysisTCO, ROICost SavingsLegal &ComplianceSecurity &PrivacyEnd-to-EndApplicationPerformanceNetwork &InfrastructureArchitectureare youcloud ready????ServiceManagement& OrganisationGovernanceTransition Plan
  • 17. 17IT organization acts as a brokerglobal service managementand catalogueprivate cloudvirtualprivatecloudvirtual privatenetworkwe help you manage your cloud(s) easily:private cloud, virtual private or hybrid cloudOrange converged and secured cloudcloud agility & competitivenesspubliccloudsfrompartners
  • 18. test cloud on IT teamuse internal IT team as first privatecloud “customer”, providingsecure alternative to public cloudre-provision legacy hardwareproject: integrate SAP in privatecloudtransform IT deliverymerger creates need to integrateand streamline ITOrange PS to ensure smoothtransition to cloud infrastructureproject: integrate VDI in privatecloudvalidate transition to aUCaaS solutionvalidate technical & operationalbusiness needs compared toexisting solutiondesign and planning proposalallow access to SAP to alluser profiles and any deviceexplore limitations of the solution(remote sites in Asia, USA …)optimize sizing of the target VDIcreation of user profiles for best end-user experiencewhy would you turn to Orange to optimize your privatecloud use?cloud agility & competitiveness
  • 19. 191234removing complexity: one contract fornetwork and clouddelivering end-to-end networked cloudinfrastructure serviceshelping you build a secure hybrid cloudto manage your cloud(s) easilyaccompanying your IT transformationjourney from assessment to optimizationkey take aways
  • 20. 20call to actionOrange Business Live 2013: solutions breakoutfully test drive of Flexible Computingthree months access to a pre-defined Virtual Data Centerconfiguration, with real-world application workloads, to accelerateyour move to the cloudvalidate the scope and business case of your project withApplication Readiness for Cloudscoping workshop (½ day), assessment workshop (2-3 days) andassessment (1-3 months) with our professional services experts tosmoothly transition to the cloud
  • 21. thank youCopyright © Orange Business Services 2013. All rights reserved. The information contained within this documentis the property of France Telecom – Orange Group and its affiliates and subsidiary companies trading as OrangeBusiness Services. Orange, the Orange logo, Orange Business Services and product and service names aretrademarks of Orange Brand Services Limited. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.This publication provides outline information only. Product information, including specifications, is subject tochange without prior notice.