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Connected Hospital & E-Health Promises


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Orange Business Services supports the healthcare industry e-transformation provides e-Health services across the whole patient journey. Exempes of services : Connected Hospital, Leverage Region Sans …

Orange Business Services supports the healthcare industry e-transformation provides e-Health services across the whole patient journey. Exempes of services : Connected Hospital, Leverage Region Sans Film over France, Flexible Computing Health and Almerys dematerialization services.

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  • Ranking Awards Notre strategie est la bonne (confirmation chiffres 2007) continuons et soyons les meilleurs… réussir notre développement dans: l’IP transformation les applications critiques communicantes figurer dans le «   top 5   » des SSII en France fédérer les compétences et expertises sur chacun des domaines adopter la culture et les meilleures pratiques des sociétés de services les plus performantes être rentable dans chacune de nos activités être reconnu par nos clients pour la qualité de nos prestations
  • presentation title
  • presentation title presentation title E-santé et m-santé : transformation des systèmes de santé Efficacité des systèmes de soin Accès aux soins Exemples : UK avec SMS Mobile Baby en Egypte Healthline au Bhoutan en Autriche
  • presentation title 3 types de partenaires école/université pour former la nouvelle génération et créer l’environnement (chaire santé SC Po) Leader High Tech : nouveaux services (CISCO) Spécialistes du secteur, pour des offres pointues (GE, Tribvn)
  • Our network is a strong asset differentiator our network is highly secure _ we own the wire our network is fully redundant _ we offer several routing possibilities from most countries our network is highly resilient _ it has resisted to earthquakes, cable cuts our network is homogeneous and seamless and we have a strong footprint We are investing €750m in our network enhance capacity and coverage: extend capacity in emerging countries enhance network resiliency all over the world develop a new generation converged IP network for data, voice and mobile integrate innovation in our network: implement new, high quality innovative services with its next generation network support real-time services (image and cloud) provide seamless service together with seamless network We are developing a new NNI strategy
  • presentation title Conclusion 1 : Systèmes de santé sous pression besoin d’efficacité dans les pays développés, source de croissance pour Orange Healthcare Accès aux soins dans les pays en développement : source de croissance durable pour Orange Healthcare Conclusion 2 Volonté : L’intuition initiale devient une priorité du groupe (conquetes 2015) Produits : Innovation passe par R&D mais aussi partenariats et nouveaux marchés Durée : marché en pleine croissance constante de temps identique à celle des opérateurs telecom.
  • Transcript

    • 1. e-health by orange business services december 2011
    • 2. key messages
      • our ambitions
      • being recognized as a key technical partner by the healthcare ecosystem
      • reinforce our capabilities to support the healthcare industry e-transformation
      • double our revenues by 2015 with over 30% for international revenue
      • our positioning
      • partner with e-Health and medical players focusing on integration, communication and secured storage of medical data capabilities
      • Address main targets beyond the French ecosystem
        • international e-Health actors (Pharmaceutical industrials, Medical Devices Manufacturers)
        • Health regions in specific countries of Asia, Latin America, Africa and Middle East
    • 3. ambition : provide e-Health services across the whole patient journey treat and improve care quality facilitate access to healthcare inform & educate
    • 4. even e-Health & m-Health are fuzzy concepts covering many different kind of services, a first breakdown by usage is fully relevant to build the “go to market” strategies Services to Health Professionals Patient Services, Disease Management Prevention and Wellness connect infrastructures for a better coordination, collaboration, for a better quality of information streams between professionals actors enable patients to maintain an ongoing link with health professionals enabling better quality of care to a wider population, with enhanced care offers enabling a better quality of life for elderly population enable everyone to better manage health & wellness information for himself/herself and his/her family, whenever and wherever they want Professional <-> Professional Professional <-> Patient Patient centric
    • 5. as an Integrator and Telco, Orange has a clear positioning Orange Value Chain Health Applications Healthcare ecosystem Health “Computing” (hosting) Partners Orange Business Services Partners Patients Medical Devices Consulting (co innovation, security, change), Integration Our mission is to integrate end to end projects with partners, while transporting and storing safely medical data M2M, International backbones & Last mile Global Integration, Helpdesk, services to end users Specific developments (Security, portals) Collaborative tools & Unified comm (eg for telemedecine )
    • 6. Mobile baby in Egypt Pregnancy follow up Healthline in Bhutan on single number to for to contact health professionals . SMS prevention campaign in Cameroun Connected Hospital in Mauritius new healthcare processes for pharmaceuticals, healthcare professionals or patient empowerment are on the way… Connected Hospital Colombia a unified communication solution . In 2011, a presence in over 15 countries. GP’s appointment reminders via SMS in the UK Remote Management by Pros Austria - remote management for diabetes Medical Device are going Mobile Enabling chronic disease remote management. Chronic disease remote management Cataluña
    • 7. Orange , a deep legitimacy & key successes in France
      • Région Sans Film (Mutualized PACS solution)
      • first initiative in France to dematerialize and share medical imagine (PACS)
      • Flexible Computing Health
      • Orange, first key actor to be awarded as compliant to French e-health hosting regulation. References : a key regional platform and a first set of editors
      • Connected Hospital
      • cornerstone offer for Orange Healthcare in France, unified communication offer for Patients and care givers (references : Nancy, Villefranche s/Saone…
      • Movie
      • Almerys
      • dematerialization of medical financial flows, +12M beneficiaries addressed through health insurances
      • Pharmaceuticals
      • Core business projects with French Pharmaceuticals, and ambition to introduce ICT as an answer to their challenges
      • Orange Consulting
      • doubled revenue since 2009, Focus on Pharmaceuticals & Device Manufacturers, Telemedicine, Home Care & support, Security, Change Management
      *PACS: Picturing and Archiving Communication Systems
    • 8. Orange, a real capability to support a worldwide range of services thanks to various kinds of investments and strong partnership agreements.
      • Medical Devices Manufacturers
      • SORIN first worldwide initiative, implanted defibrillators telemonitoring 24x7, Best change maker in 2009,
      • Sleep Apnea telemonitoring of sleep apnea devices in Europe
      • Global Telco projects with key Pharmaceuticals : an opportunity to leverage existing approach to support industry transformation (R&D cycles, collaborative international organizations & partners, market access and distribution challenges, link to patients & physicians, compliance, counterfeited)
      • emerging Countries : connected Hospital in Colombia, Health CRM services Platform in Buthan
      • emerging Countries : m-Health initiatives
    • 9. deploying m-Health solutions in emerging countries: a first wave of projects have been launched to test the market maturity and start the learning curve. Telemedicine Pregnancy follow-up
    • 10. a wide range of partners for an end to end approach (B2B & B2C scopes)
    • 11. our action plan to reach Conquest 2015 ambitions
      • Extend our position in France replicating our successes : Connected Hospital, Leverage Region Sans Film over France , Flexible Computing Health and Almerys dematerialization services
      • Develop a joint approach with Pharmaceuticals , to support industry transformation & challenges
      • Develop e-Health projects with Medical Devices Manufacturers leveraging SORIN and Sleep Apnea projects
      • Support e-Health opportunities in specific Emerging Markets , levering our first successes in Buthan and India, Colombia, Africa and Middle East
      • Support and be part of the emergence of Telemedicine, as well as patient centric health & wellness approaches
    • 12. takeaways A strong investment in e-Health since 2007 : Marketing, R&D, Business Development An ambition to double our revenues by 2015, by supporting and co innovating with our customers, in industrialized and emerging countries A presence in over 15 countries locally, along with global projects with industrial actors
    • 13. Our “ehealth blocks” across Orange Business Services Hospitals and Health regional organizations Telemedicine (Tele expertise, Teleconsultation) Pharmas & CRO’s Device Manufacturers, Disease Management Infrastructure, TMM terminal, CRM Video Conferencing Video Conferencing Video Conferencing Mobile Services Mutualized Picturing & Archiving (Cloud) Fiber Networks for Mutualized Picturing Multimedia Conferencing Picturing blocks (Cloud) M2M Connectivity Core Business Offers Payers (Insurers, Regions) Collaborative Offers eHealth Computing, France & Europe (primarily) Almerys Consulting, Integration M2M Connectivity CRM
    • 14. a strong investment in Africa (Orange B2C – outside Orange Business Services) Orange Healthcare – Conférence de presse du 5 mai 2011 Mali & Senegal: Mobile information collect (maternity, pediatric) Egypt & Botswana : Remote dermatologie Cameroun SMS quizz related to prevention Madagascar : remote consultation (oncology) Kenya: - mobile solutions to control conterfait - Medicine stock management «Voices» in Senegal : Epidemiologic moniorting & training with Merieux Foundation
    • 15. Services for health professionals Connected Hospital : a wide range of communication services to the Hospital
      • Comfort for the patient : IP TV, Room TV, Multimedia Terminal
      • Services for the administration team : CRM services to contact the hospital, e-registration, agenda & reminders to patients, tracking of wheelchairs or trolleys
      • Medical staff teamwork : nurse call, access to Hospital Information System, reachability services within the hospital, vocal &quot;dictation&quot;, tele expertise, tele consultation, training, Home Hospitalization
      • Hospital safety : video surveillance, access control, baby tags, “Isolated worker protection”
    • 16. Paris region “Filmless Region” eHealth Cloud Computing
      • all the market leaders united : partnership with GE, EDL & ILEX
      • one SPOC for the client : Orange
      • change management : trainings , support centers, …
      • archiving , storage, medical software for diagnosis (PACS) and administrative software (RIS)
      • a modular solution
      • a centralized service platform
      • traceability and security
      • pay per use
      • link town-hospital : web portal for exam consultation
      • transport of data included in the offer
      • update and renewal of hardware and software included
      • respect the French legislation
      • very high level of service and availability
      • reversibility at the end of the contract
    • 17. thank you business changes with