CRM & Customer Relationship Lifecycle


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discover how technology can help while customer relationship lifecycle becoming more complex

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  • As multinational companies, we, by definition operate in many cultures. We have employees, customers and suppliers in many countries. We decide where we will Design Make Sell & Support our products. So, this means we must (or get to) deal with people from different cultures. And there are differences in the way people think, act, and judge their world, and to a great extent, these differences are driven by their cultural background. A simple example to illustrate my point:
  • Life was easy. Customer Relationship Management was based on essentially 2 touch points.
  • presentation title Shopping: Research, BLOGS, Web 2.0 BOTS, Contact an Agent via phone, or Chat, or E-Mail. Find a store or order on-line,
  • Ingersoll-Rand Endures Kryptonite's US$10 Million Hit OCTOBER 25, 2004, MONTVALE, NJ -- Kryptonite delivered a $10 million hit in unanticipated costs in the third quarter to the Security and Safety division of parent company Ingersoll-Rand. Despite the setback, Ingersoll-Rand enjoyed an overall 15 percent increase in third quarter revenue to $2.4 billion. Kryptonite's financial drubbing began in early September after Internet video clips demonstrated the apparent ease in cracking its tubular locks with the shells of ballpoint pens . Kryptonite launched replacement programs for consumers and retailers, and accelerated retail delivery of new product. Those moves, however, hit the security division's operating margin. " Operating margins of 16.5 percent (in the third quarter) declined compared to 2003 , reflecting approximately $10 million of estimated costs related to Kryptonite cylindrical bicycle locks," the company reported Oct. 21 in a filing with the Security and Exchange Commission. Its operating margin in 2003 for the same period was 21.2 percent. The company, founded in 1871, is organized in Bermuda with corporate offices in Montvale, New Jersey. It has about 42,000 employees worldwide and a current market capitalization of approximately $11 billion with annual sales of more than $9 billion. The company trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol IR.
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