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Technology trends and the skills you should learn

Technology trends and the skills you should learn



As an aspiring software developer or IT professional, what technology trends should you know about to build a flourishing career in IT? Orange and Bronze CEO, Calen Legaspi, discusses which ...

As an aspiring software developer or IT professional, what technology trends should you know about to build a flourishing career in IT? Orange and Bronze CEO, Calen Legaspi, discusses which technologies are hot and which are in danger of becoming obsolete.




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    Technology trends and the skills you should learn Technology trends and the skills you should learn Presentation Transcript

    • Technology Trends
      and the Skills You Should Learn
      Calen Martin Legaspi
      CEOOrange and Bronze Software Labs
    • Who am I?
      • CEO & Co-Founder - Orange & Bronze Software Labs
      • Technology Director - Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA)
      • Industry Representative - CHED Technical Committee for Computer Science
      • Co-Founder - Association of Filipino Java Developers (PinoyJUG)
      • Member - MuayThai Association of the Philippines,
      Wrestling Association of the Philippines
    • What is the PSIA?
      • Industry association representing Philippine software industry
      • Consists of 140 member companies generating close to $1 billion/yr in revenue
      • Activities
      • Overseas marketing
      • Capability development - especially in Industry-Academe linkage
      • Government relations
      • Information & Research
    • Target Audience
      • Primary: Aspiring Programmers
      • Secondary: Other Aspiring IT Professionals
      Business Analysts
      Systems Administrators
      Project Managers
      Applications Specialists
      Marketing / Sales
    • Cloud Computing
      • Computing as a utility
      - not installed
      • Types
      - SaaS
      - IaaS
      - PaaS
    • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
      • Fully-functioning applications
      Examples: Gmail, Google Docs, Netsuite, Salesforce, Facebook, YouTube
      • They expose Web Services or “Open APIs”
      Third-party developers can build applications that interface with these.
    • Skill: Web Services
      • Program-to-program communication over the internet
      • Function calls on remote machines using HTTP
      • Programs can be of different technologies
      • Examples:
      Facebook games/applications, workflows on top of Google Apps, extensions to Netsuite& Salesforce
      • Types
      • REST
      • SOAP
    • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)
      • Remote infrastructure
      • Servers, storage, support, virtualization...
      • Fast scaling / auto-scaling
      • Examples: Amazon Web Services, Rackspace
    • Skill: Linux Command Line Administration
      • Remote administration is more efficient on command line
      Administering through Remote Desktop is a pain
    • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
    • PaaS
    • Skills
      • Platforms
      Google App Engine, Cloud Foundry (VMWare), Microsoft Azure
      • Programming Languages
      GAE: Java & JVM languages, Python
      Cloud Foundry: Java & JVM languages, Ruby, Javascript (Node.js)
      Azure: .Net languages
    • The Internet of Things
    • January 2010, scientists create a working transistor of only six carbon atoms
    • August 2010, AT&T and Verizon announce that
      non-human subscribers exceed human subscribers
      on their networks
      • Ever smaller and cheaper
      • Self-configuring
      • Embedded
      • Connected to the internet
      • Everywhere
    • Welcome toThe Internet of Things
    • embedded in everything
    • interconnected devices, complex networks, massive data
    • Applications
    • Skills
      • Web Services
      • Other important specializations:
      • Embedded devices (esp. sensors)
      • Any CoE, ECE, EEE students out there?
      • C/C++; Linux
      • Cloud Computing & Big Data
      • Business Intelligence
    • Agile Software Development
      • Software development philosophy that is rapidly replacing traditional processes
      • What is it?
      Depends on who you talk to
      • Schools of thought:
      Scrum, Extreme Programming, Agile Unified Process, Kanban, Crystal, dX, Lean, etc.
    • Agile Software Development
      Common practices and principles
      • Focus on delivering what the customer really needs
      • High levels of code quality
      • Intense collaboration and communication
      • Minimizing waste
      • Test-Driven Development
      • Short iterations (frequent delivery)
    • Skills
      • Where to start?
      Read on “Extreme Programming”
      • Other important topics:
      • Test-Driven Development
      • Domain-Driven Development
      • Design Patterns
      • Version Control & Continuous Integration
      • Learn to work in teams
      Participate in as many projects as possible, ideally software projects, but other types of projects are good too
    • How about Mobile?
      • Rapid obsolescence of mobile platforms
      Palm, J2ME, Symbian, Blackberry...
      • Businesses value server-side more
      More investment on server-side, higher value of server-side developers
      • Convergence of client-side development on Javascript and HTML5
    • Skills
      • Develop server-side skills as well
      Multi-user, thread-safe, scalable, separation of concerns
      • Consider Javascript & HTML5 over platform-specific technology
      Check PhoneGap
    • How about Games?
      • Platform-specific / company-specific skills
      Difficult to transfer skills across companies
      • Local game dev companies tend to be small and unstable
      • Still no EA, Activision or Nintendo locally
      • Limited outsourcing activity because of fragmented platforms
    • Which operating system?
      Linux – most popular server OS
      ~70% server market share
      Easier remote administration, historically better stability, no viruses, better use of hardware resources, abundance of open source applications and tools...
      Linux Administrator: $89,000
      Windows Administrator: $81,000
    • Which programming languages should I learn?
      Salary survey from Indeed.com:
      Java: $95,000
      C++: $95,000
      C#: $92,000
      Python: $92,000
      Ruby: $90,000
      VB: $85,000
      PHP: $81,000
    • On top three...
      Java & C# offer most flexible opportunities
      • Highly transferable skills
      • Useful for both web and mobile
      • Java -> platform independence
      C/C++ work tends to be proprietary
      • Locally, most work is device drivers
      • Not suitable for web / mobile / enterprise
      • Entrepreneurial opportunities in embedded devices
      • internet of things
    • Enterprise Development
      • Enterprise (business) applications offer most job opportunities
      • Server-side: Java or C#
      • Client-side: Javascript& HTML5
      • Prefer to develop server-side skills but compliment with Javascript
      • Desktop development – don't bother
    • Enterprise Development
      • Thread-safety
      • Separation of concerns
      • Domain Driven Design
      • MVC and other enterprise patterns
    • Drag-and-Drop will make you stupid!
      • Learn to write maintainable, readable code
      • Understand the underlying principles and technology
    • What is
    • Vision
      To create a Filipino technology company admired by the world.
    • Vision
      Contribute to rebuilding the Filipino technology community.
    • SoftwareDevelopment & Design Clients
    • Training & Coaching Clients
    • Other Activities
      • Start-up incubation
      • Sponsorship of technology events and organizations
      • Industry-Academe Linkage
      Conducting teacher training
      Advising CHED, TESDA and PSITE
      • Scholarships (soon)
    • Tiger Awards 2011Kuala Lumpur
      Most productive investment in workforce - from staff training to social responsibility
    • Employment & Internship
      • Best developer training program in the country
      • Highest engineering standards
      • Excellent trainers and mentors
      • Challenging projects
      • Technopreneurshipprograms
    • jobs @ orangeandbronze.com
      ojt @ orangeandbronze.com