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  • Ucm functional overview

    1. 1. <Insert Picture Here>Oracle Customer Hub (UCM) Functional OverviewDan Gilboa01.2012
    2. 2. Oracle Consulting The Leading Consulting group for implementing Oracle products• Part of EMEA Consulting organization, 17,000+ consultants worldwide• Connected to thousands more through consulting professional communities• Access to world-wide consulting partners and resources• Extensive Global projects experience• Extensive local implementations and roll-outs experience• Direct link to Oracle Development and Oracle Support• Siebel and Siebel UCM Projects
    3. 3.  “#1 reason CRM projects fail: Data Quality.” “..Fortune 1000 enterprises will lose more money in operational inefficiency due to data quality issues than they will spend on data warehouse and CRM initiatives.” “…recent study cited poor data quality as the biggest inhibitor to successful CRM implementations…” “Only 30% of BI/DW implementations fully succeed. The top two reasons for failure? Budget constraints and data quality.” “Data integration and data quality are fundamental prerequisites for the successful implementation of enterprise applications, such as CRM, SCM, and ERP.” 3
    4. 4. Siebel Universal Customer MasterA comprehensive application used to create, maintain, and distribute trusted customer information that is unique, complete, accurate and synchronized across the enterprise– Know your customers better– Improve your data quality– Build and utilize your customer insight– Comply with privacy and regulatory requirements– Reduce data management costs
    5. 5. Data Quality Functionality in a Glance Feature Functionality Customer Data example Understand data NULL Profiling status, deduce patterns Spot and correct - Cleansing & data errors;Standardization transform to std DD/MM/YYYY format/phrase Matching & Identify and Merging eliminate duplicates Attach Enrichment additional attributes and categorizations
    6. 6. Data Quality Components Profiling IDQ Profiling 9.0.1Merging Standardi OCH IDQ zation 9.0.1 Oracle Data Data Quality Quality 3rd IIR-Enrichme Address Party ASM nt Validation (D&B) 9.0.1 IIR 9.0.1 Matching 6
    7. 7. Cross Referencing • Stores all customer identifiers for the operational applications connected to UCM CRM Legacy Customer ID: GH78GH ERP • Provides critical mappings usedCustomer ID: Customer ID: for dataA31-32Z 23-3445 synchronization, reporting, andCustomer ID:B37-84U analyticsWEB Custom • Supports 1-to-many cases in which multiple customer Universal ID: records exist in an application 1ASCLSCC that map to one master Partner DW customer record UID App ID 1ASCLSCC Legacy A31-32Z • Based on the Cross 1ASCLSCC Legacy B37-84U eferencing, UCM can publish 1ASCLSCC CRM GH78GH customer data to interested 1ASCLSCC ERP 23-3445 applications … … …
    8. 8. Cross Referencing – Universal Unique Identifier Call • UID is generated by UCM to Center uniquely identify a customer BI across the enterprise Loan • UCM publishes the UID to operational applications and data warehouses for data synchronization, reporting, an d analytics purposes WEB Mortgage • The UID is guaranteed to be ##JK-674-HJ # #JK-674-HJ # JK-674-HJ JK-674-HJ ##JK-674-HJ JK-674-HJ unique over the lifetime of the deploymentPartner Leasing Web Site Treasury
    9. 9. Create “Best” Customer Record – Matching • Best of breed matching technology embedded from SSA • Matching on name, address, and other attributes • configurable for other attributes Data • Configurable for real time and Load batch • Suspect duplicates quarantined for review by the Data Steward Cleanse MatchIIR
    10. 10. Match Score Calculation Name SSN City State Zipcode Dan Gilboa 203-56-9820 Hod Hasharon IL 45242 Gilbao Dan 203-56-9802 Hod Hasharon IL 45241Field Pattern Score 92 82 100 100 70 Field Weighted 92 * 8 = 736 82 * 4 = 328 100 * 2 = 200 100 * 2 = 200 70* 2 = 140 Score Weighted Actual Weighted Potential * Weighted Score 736 + 328 + 200 + 200 + 140 = 1604 800 + 400 + 200 + 200 + 200 = 1800 = 89.1 UCM Lower Threshold UCM Upper Threshold <= 80 => 97 Create New Manual Review Auto Link * Maximum score a field can achieve
    11. 11. Create “Best Version” Process: Merge and survivorship • Intelligent Merge – create best of Survivorship breed surviving record by selecting fields from the duplicate records • Intelligent Update – selectively Data Merge update fields for the master record Load based on confidence rules set for Yes the source of the data Yes Maybe Manual • Automerge duplicates with very Cleanse Match Review high match scoresIIR No No • Unmerge reverses an erroneous merge process New
    12. 12. Merging by Data Steward (Suspect Match)• For manual review case, a new record will be created with the “Suspect” (Pending Review) status• The new record and potential duplicates will be stored in “Existing Duplicates” views for data steward to review later• The Data Steward can choose to Merge the new record with any of the suspected duplicates or to reject them• Survivorship decisions can be done by pre-set rules or manually by the steward using “Guided Merge”
    13. 13. Survivorship: Consolidates multiplerecords into MasterFirst Mary First Mary Name MaryLast Smith Last Evans Last SmithAddress1 1867 Pierce Address1 1867 Pierce Address1 2333 HarrisonWhich last name does Address2Address2 #4 #4 Address2City San Francisco City San Francisco City PiedmontMary use today?State CA 94110 State CA 94110 State CA 95810Tel. 510-681-1399 Tel. 415-437-1790 Tel. 415-437-1790ID 117-78-1856 ID Which address is SSN 117-78-1856 correct? 117-78-1586Status Single Status Divorced Status DivorcedSince 1974 Since 1990 Since 1996 Is this her latest phone number?
    14. 14. Survivorship Comparison CriteriaRecent • The most recent data survives.History • The oldest data survives. • The data of source system with the highest confidence levelSource survives. • Indicates the attribute group settings that enable you to configureExternal any supported rules engine to set specific survivorship rules. • The values in Oracle Customer Hub (UCM) will always win over theMaster incoming record • The values sent by external application into Oracle Customer Hub Slave (UCM) will always win over the values in the existing best version record
    15. 15. © 2009 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential
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