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Oracle VM Intoduction. Enterprise Server Virtualization and Management
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Oracle VM Intoduction. Enterprise Server Virtualization and Management


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Oracle VM Intoduction. Enterprise Server Virtualization and Management

Oracle VM Intoduction. Enterprise Server Virtualization and Management

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  • 1. <Insert Picture Here>Oracle VM Introduction and OverviewEnterprise Server Virtualization and ManagementVadim MelnikovOracle ISV Migration Center DB Consultant
  • 2. ISV Migration Center Team• Who we Are ISV Migration Center Team is a team of senior technical consultants based in Eastern and Central Europe and represents Oracles technical investment for partners.• Mission Statement Enable partners to rapidly and successfully adopt and implement Oracle latest technology• What do we Offer Whether you are selling Oracle technology, building business solutions, including hosted Internet solutions or providing system integration and implementation services for Oracle technology, IMC Team can help you succeed.• How can we assist We offer a wide range of free services for partners such as one2one assistance, webinars, seminars and hands-on workshops. For more information, visit the IMC website. Find our technical posts and webinars content in our blog: Radulescu, ISV Migration Center Manager EE&
  • 3. Session Agenda• Introduction• Different types of virtualization• Overview of Oracle VM• Overview of OVM Templates, Physical to Virtual Conversions, VMWare/Citrix/Microsoft to OVM Conversions• Wrap-up
  • 4. <Insert Picture Here>Overview:What is VirtualizationWhy this is Important
  • 5. Defining Virtualization • Abstract underlying physical computing resources • Simplify interfaces to computing resources Make one computer look like manyBenefit: Applications •Increased agility in matching resources to the changing needs of your workload: Multiple Virtual Machines Virtualization Software Single Physical Computer
  • 6. Oracle Grid-Based ComputingCurrent Phase: The Flexible Grid The Self-Managing Grid Integrating… • Across the stack Enabling… The Flexible Grid • Automation Adding… • Self-management • Flexibility • Agility Applications The Grid …through virtualization Automation / Integration Resources that are… Middleware • Distributed • Scalable Database • Manageable OS Virtual Machines Virtualization Physical Pools Physical PoolsMid-Tier Server Clusters Oracle’s unique ability to deliverReal Application Clusters Current Phase cross-stack
  • 7. Oracle OnDemand Example – Virtualization Deployment Profile 18 months Original State Consolidation Virtualization 6 systems 4 systems 2 systems 2QC x 32 2 x 8 MT 2 x 8 DB 2DC x 16 MT 2DC x 16 DB MT and DB Prod Instance Prod Instance Prod Instance Prod Instance Prod Instance 2 x 8 MT 2 x 8 DB 2DC x 16 MT 2DC x 16 DB Dev Instance Dev Instance Dev & Test Dev & Test 2QC x 32 Instances Instances MT and DB 2 x 8 MT 2 x 8 DB Dev & Test Test Instance Test Instance Instances Original State Consolidation VirtualizationSpace 12 rack units 4 rack units 2 rack unitsPower @ Idle 1518 watts 960 watts 480 wattsPower @ 100% Load 2010 watts 1180 watts 660 wattsPerf Prod 1 2 ~2Perf Dev & Test 1 1 ~1
  • 8. Server Virtualization Technologies Hypervisor-based, e.g. • Oracle VMHost OS-based Hardware Partitioning OS Partitioning • VMware ESX Server • Citrix XenServer • Windows Hyper-V Workload Workload Apps, etc. Apps, etc. Workload Workload Guest OS Guest OS Apps, etc. Workload Workload Workload Workload Apps, etc. Guest VM Guest VM Apps, etc. Apps, etc. Apps, etc. Apps, etc. OS OS OS OS Guest OS Guest OS Partition Partition Partition Partition Host OS Guest VM Guest VM Host OS Host OS Hypervisor X86 Server Proprietary Server Proprietary Server X86/64 Bare-Metal Hardware Partition Hardware Partition Hardware Server C C C C C Mem P Mem Mem Mem Mem P P P P U I/O U I/O U I/O U I/O I/O U • Excellent isolation • Only moderate isolation • Excellent isolation• Primarily desktop • Expensive, proprietary hw • Potentially good scalability • Affordable, multi-source HW• Easy to use • Coarse grain resources • Fine-grained resources • Fine-grained resources• Very slow (2 OSes) • Mix OSes / versions • Cannot mix OS/patch levels • Mix OSes / versions
  • 9. Strategic Engagement: What is needed• Now: • Leverage Virtualization to decrease cost and improve performance for enterprise applications: • Test/Dev – automate builds and testing • Scalability On Demand • HA and Disaster Recovery • Better TCO for in-house, hosted, and SaaS models• Strategically: • Make your products “virtualization friendly” to live in a dynamic world • Use and define APIs that differentiate you • View the virtualization layer as a option on your product…how should it work?.. • To make your product more flexible, scalable, and efficient • To make your product easier to deploy, manage, and support
  • 10. Strategic Value Delivering on “Cloud Computing”• Oracle VM is the virtualization layer for implementing “private clouds” in the Oracle data center• Other “cloud” packaging / initiatives for Oracle products requiring virtualization should incorporate Oracle VM• Oracle VM is the “cloud” infrastructure and Oracle VM Templates are the way to deploy solutions to the “cloud”• Please contact Oracle as appropriate if embarking on any cloud efforts so we can align and assist
  • 11. <Insert Picture Here>Overview:Types of Virtualization Technology
  • 12. Anatomy of a Virtualization Server Emulation-based, e.g. Paravirtualization (PV)-based, e.g. •VMware ESX Server •Oracle VM •Citrix XenServer •Windows Hyper-V Device Console Workload Workload Emulation Workload OS Workload Apps, etc. Apps, etc. (for HVM) Apps, etc. Apps, etc. Mgmt & Guest OS Guest OS Control Guest VM Guest VM Domain Guest OS Guest OS Native HV Guest VM PV Guest VM Micro- kernel Emulation & Translation Software Device Drivers Hypercall API Proprietary Device Drivers (for PV) Hypervisor X86/64 Bare-Metal Server X86/64 Bare-Metal Server C C P Mem Mem P C Mem Mem C I/O I/O P P U U I/O I/O U U• Machine images run unmodified: broad • Excellent scalability, esp. I/O with PV guests compatibility • Requires PV OS kernel for best perf.• Does not leverage or require HV hardware • Requires HV hardware for unmodified images• Poor I/O scalability due to emulation architecture • Open: wide device support: uses native (e.g.• Not open: dependent on virt. vendor for drivers Linux) device drivers
  • 13. <Insert Picture Here>Oracle’s Virtualization Platform:Oracle VM
  • 14. Oracle VM Advanced Server Virtualization Solution• Next-generation architecture• Advanced Migration & HA features • No additional charge• Rapid Application Deployment• Free Download & Distribution • Zero license costs, zero key management• Affordable, full-stack enterprise-class support• Leading price/performance• Official Oracle product certification based on real-world testing (top-to-bottom stack, no finger pointing)
  • 15. Oracle VM Oracle Fusion Oracle Non-Oracle Non-Oracle Database Middleware Applications Applications Applications Oracle Oracle Oracle Oracle or Red Hat Microsoft Enterprise Linux Enterprise Linux Enterprise Linux Enterprise Linux Windows Oracle VM• Oracle tested and supported server virtualization technology• Maximizes consolidation of Linux and Windows servers• Saves on power, cooling and space
  • 16. Oracle VM Server Virtualization and Management• Oracle VM is comprised of… • Oracle VM Server • Oracle VM Manager• Oracle VM Server • Open source server software tailored by Oracle • Installs on “bare-metal” servers from a single CD • x86 and x86_64 based Intel and AMD Systems• Oracle VM Manager • Web browser-based management console (command line & API also) • Java-based management server • Database repository: XE (incl.), SE, EE, or RAC • Installs as guest VM (template available) or on “bare-metal” servers from a single CD
  • 17. Oracle VM - Guest OS Support• Support for paravirtualized (“virtualization aware”) OS kernels - Highest performance: Great for I/O scalability • Enterprise Linux 4 and 5 (from Oracle or RedHat) • Windows PV Drivers• Support for hardware virtualized (“unmodified”) OS versions (hardware support required) • RedHat Enterprise Linux 3 • Windows 2008 Server SP1, Windows 2003 Server (64bit and 32bit), Windows 2003, and Windows XP• Member: Microsoft Server Virtualization Vendor Program (SVVP)• 64-bit and 32-bit guests• Up to 64-way SMP hardware (OVM 2.1.5)• Up to 32 virtual processors per guest (OVM 2.1.5)
  • 18. Oracle VM: Concepts Overview Oracle VM Manager: •Browser-based •Java serverServer Pools: •Scalable & Available•Pool resources•Load balance•Migrate•Auto failover VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM Server Pool Browser Server Pool Oracle VM Manager Oracle VM Servers Oracle VM Servers NAS, SAN, iSCSI NAS, SAN, iSCSI XE, SE, EE or RAC DatabaseOracle VM Servers:•Host guest VMs Shared Storage Pool Options:•Enterprise Linux •NAS/NFS•Windows •SAN •iSCSI
  • 19. Oracle VM Manager• Browser-based Management Solution• Command Line and Web Services API• Included with Oracle VM (no additional charge)• Full VM lifecycle management: • Create • Configure • Clone • Share • Boot • Migrate
  • 20. VM Manager Command Line Interface Note: CLI is a separate download• Commands can be scripted allowing automation of administrative tasks i.e. checking status, lifecycle management, and executing bulk actions.• Guest, server and server pool lifecycle management: • Power On/Off, Clone, Save as Template, Import, Migrate, Pause, Unpause, Suspend, Resume and Delete virtual machines • Manage virtual machine resources, including ISO files, virtual machine templates and VM images • Manage Oracle VM Manager users, and Oracle VM Manager groups • Create and configure server pools • Manage the Oracle VM Agent• Checking the status of guests, server, and server pools: • Get a list of running guests in server pool • Get a list of active pool servers • Diagnose and troubleshoot issues with guests, servers, and server pools • Get configuration and status information for guests, servers and server pools• Performing bulk operations: • multiple guests, multiple servers, multiple server pools
  • 21. Guest VM High Availability Complete Solution included in base product VM VM VM VM VM X VM VM VM Cluster Browser Cluster SSL Migration HA Auto Restart m Clustered Manager m X Oracle VM Servers Oracle VM Servers NFS, SAN, iSCSI NFS, SAN, iSCSI XE, SE, EE, or RAC DatabasePlanned Events:•E.g. maintenance or upgrades Pool Masters assure Unplanned Events•Secure Live Migration Secure Migration or •E.g. Server or VM failure•Zero interruption HA restarts complete •HA Auto-restart in pool in the event of a •No manual intervention Manager outage
  • 22. Guest VM High Availability Auto Restart• Automatic restart of failed VMs across the pool • Server failure (all VMs restarted) • Individual VM failure• Reliable restart based on proven Oracle Clusterware technology • Sophisticated heartbeat and lock management • Reliable failure detection and corruption prevention• Maximize up-time without complexity of traditional HA clustering • Cost-effective solution • No guest VM agents or modifications required
  • 23. Guest VM High Availability Secure Live Migration (Uninterrupted Service)• Industry First: • Encrypted Live Migration by Default VM Secure Live Migration (SSL) VM VM • No additional hardware Oracle VM Server Pool required • Eliminates requirement for dedicated network Oracle VM Servers• Other products migrate VM data in the clear NAS, SAN, iSCSI • Requires dedicated network • Leaves sensitive data vulnerable (passwords, account numbers, etc.)• More secure, more flexible
  • 24. Anatomy of an Oracle VM Server Key Concepts: Dom0 & DomU• “Dom0” is a privileged management and control domain typically containing… dom0 domU domU • A thin control kernel based on Oracle Oracle EL-based Enterprise Linux Mgmt & Control Domain Workload Workload • Open / native Linux device drivers Apps, etc. Apps, etc. XMLrpc • Oracle VM Manager agent ssl Mgr Agent • Device emulation code to support Guest OS Guest OS non-PV guests (e.g. Windows) Device• Dom0 should not contain „user‟ Emulation HV Guest VM PV Guest VM (for HVM) applications as a best practice Hypercall API Native Device • Minimize performance & security risks Drivers (for PV) Hypervisor • Minimize code size• “DomU” is an unprivileged/user X86/64 Bare-Metal Server domain that is a guest VM on the server • Run any normal server workload • One domU is not aware of another
  • 25. <Insert Picture Here>Overview:OVM TemplatesConversions Physical to VirtualVirtual (VMWare) to Virtual (OVM)
  • 26. Example Oracle VM Template:Packaged Application with Multiple VMs E-Delivery Includes Virtual Disks: App • One for OS config Websvr • One or more for apps script VM 1 OS config OS script Appsvr DB VM 3 VM 4 App App App OS config Websvr OS OS OS script VM 2 OS config script OS Template Archive File Download
  • 27. Getting Started: Oracle VM Templates Rapid Application Deployment E-Delivery Save days or weeks in installation Download from Oracle, ISV, and configuration time or build your own • Pre-built, pre-configured VM Siebel Siebel Customize & Save • Complete app, middleware, DB CRM CRM as Golden Images VM 1 VM 2 VM VM VM installation • Complete Siebel CRM, Database 11g, Enterprise Oracle VM Server PoolSiebel Manager, Custom… CRM File Oracle VM Servers Start-Up in Oracle VM Pool Import to Oracle VM NAS, SAN, iSCSI Manager VM
  • 28. Templates: Physical-to-Virtual / Virtual-to-Virtual Machine Conversion VM VM VM VM VM Oracle VM Manager Oracle VM Server Pool Oracle VM Servers NAS, SAN, iSCSI Physical Server: • Enterprise Linux • Windows VMware Virtual Machines (vmdk images) • Windows •Consolidate Servers • Linux •Eliminate VMware license expense
  • 29. Sample Oracle Product Certificationwith Oracle VM• All Oracle Products are supported by Oracle VM. Each Oracle product team certifies on OEL and OVM. Some examples: • Database • Oracle App Servers & Fusion Middleware • Oracle Enterprise Manager • Oracle Berkeley DB • Oracle TimesTen • Oracle E-Business Suite • Oracle PeopleSoft • Oracle Siebel • Oracle Hyperion • Oracle Retail • Oracle Financial Services Software • More information on Metalink Note 464754.1
  • 30. Tools & Technology To Help You:Free licenses and freely re-distributable• Enterprise Linux from Oracle – full- and minimized (JeOS) builds available • JeOS builds save at least 2GB of disk footprint, minimize vulnerability, and maximize reliability• Oracle VM Server Virtualization• Oracle Database Express Edition (XE) • Includes Application Express (APEX) to create specialized out-of- box applications• JeOS & Oracle VM Template Builder • A tool that allows you to customize and build Enterprise Linux JeOS based Oracle VM templates • Select the packages you wish to include and just click to build• All freely re-distributable by partners with no contract• See Template Program wiki for links to download software
  • 31. Oracle VM Performance Testing• Extensive real-world testing • Internally • 3rd party• Two levels of characterization: • LMbench: microbenchmarking • Context switching, Null calls, TCP Selects, etc • Swingbench: DB workload benchmarking Workload • Varying SGA size, # of users, # of vCPUs • Typical OLTP workloads OS• Results: Virtualization • On average three times less overhead compared server Bare Metal virtualization products from other vendors. Hardware • Virtual SMP scalability of Oracle VM is at 90+%• Open source benchmark tools • Replicate with your configuration & products
  • 32. 3rd Party Performance Validation: Kernel Level•Kernel-leveloverhead &performanceessentially thesame as bare-metal (LMbench)
  • 33. 3rd Party Performance Validation: Application / Database Level • Very good scalability when adding VMs • Lower perf. cost to consolidation Very low overheadunder load: 6.4 - 7.5%
  • 34. 10g Database Creation BenchmarkHost and Guest 10g install with db % differenceSpecifications create elapse timeVMware ESX: With 43 minutes 4 seconds 117.50%OEL5 64-bit guest = 2584 secOracle VM: With OEL5 32 minutes 33 seconds 64.50%64-bit HVM guest = 1953 secOracle VM : With OEL5 24 minutes 6 seconds 21.50%64-bit PV guest using = 1444 secthe default file basedblock deviceOracle VM: With OEL5 19 minutes 48 seconds Base64-bit PV guest using = 1188 secphysical backed blockdevice (SAN LUN) Source -
  • 35. Oracle VM: Proven DeploymentsAcross Multiple Industries "Oracle VM was a better option because VMware was cost-prohibitive for us, as was Citrix XenServer. We had already made a substantial investment in Oracle, and they offered us a much better deal than either of the others.” - Nicholas Tang, VP of technical operations, Interactive One LLC 28 October, 2008 University of Massachusetts CTO Michael Poole said that Oracle [VM] "solution best supports the universitys requirements for on-demand availability of applications and database services.” 23 September 2008
  • 36. Verify the Virtualization ProductChecklist for Product Comparison Oracle VM CompetitionOpen and Integrated enterprise softwarestack – top to bottom  ?Fully Certified for Oracle workloads inproduction  ?Oracle VM Templates enable fasterdeployment of enterprise software  ?Consolidate, lower energy and power costs  ?Free integrated, browser-based managementsoftware  ?“Live Migration” included at no additionalcharge  ?Free server virtualization software; nolicense fees  ?Affordable Support subscription; starts at $599 per year per server  ?Large scale 24x7, global support; improvedresponse times; faster time to market  ?Consolidated support contact eliminatefinger pointing  ?
  • 37. Sample Partner Support
  • 38. Partner Positions: Endorsements 38
  • 39. Oracle Validated Configurations forLinux and Oracle VMPre-tested, validated, and supported Oracle DB, Oracle AS Linux and Oracle VM architectures,• Software, hardware, storage, drivers, Linux OS, Oracle VM networking components Server• Best practices for Linux and VM deployment Storage• Real-world testing of complete stack Oracle Validated Configurations offer faster Oracle VM and Linux deployments while lowering costs 39
  • 40. Guidelines for Partner Assistance• For new relationships & partner assistance with OVM • Contact Oracle VM PartnerTeam: •• Partner Support Needs for Oracle VM • Contact Oracle Support ( • Always file a request with Oracle and Partner’s support to: • Build awareness • Create Demand • Help us to build a business case • Share the Service Request Numbers 40
  • 41. One Support Call for the Complete Stack Support in 27 local7,000+ support staff languages 1.25M servicein 17 global support requests filed centers electronically 450K service 400K+ knowledge requests over the solutions phone 110M+ web knowledge transfers
  • 42. Oracle VM Support• Enterprise-Quality Support • No finger pointing: One support call for the complete stack; • Faster, more efficient, expert-driven; • Certified with Oracle products.• Affordable • 24x7 support worldwide: • $599 for 2 processors per machine per year • $1199 for unlimited processors per machine per year • Includes Oracle VM Manager and all advanced features• Risk-free • Deploy with confidence and full backing from Oracle
  • 43. Free Distribution of OEL and VM• Oracle VM and OEL is free to download for partners and customers. Freely redistributable with an option for support - this can be a big benefit for you and your customers and is pretty unique in the industry.• A slimed down version of Oracle Enterprise Linux, the JEOS edition, allows partners (and customers) to create small virtual machines/templates - this is also freely redistributable.• It‟s possible to support the complete stack under an ISV application with just you and Oracle.
  • 44. Oracle Products Licensing With Oracle VM• Other products use their existing licensing model • Often physical CPU based • No new per instance charges• Soft and hard partitions • Hard partitions enable sub-server licensing • Oracle VM can be configured both ways• Significant benefits for consolidated environments
  • 45. <Insert Picture Here>Wrap-up:
  • 46. Summary: Oracle VMServer Virtualization & Management• Next-generation performance architecture• Advanced migration & HA features• Rapid application deployment• Zero license costs, zero key management• Affordable, full-stack enterprise-class support• Official application certification based on real- world testing• A key part of Oracle‟s on-going Grid vision
  • 47. Oracle: Most Complete, Open, IntegratedEnterprise Software Stack for Virtualization Oracle Customer Benefits Enterprise Management Enterprise Manager • Standard components • Validated configurations Oracle Applications Applications • Synchronized releases • Easier to manage Development • Greater security Tools and Oracle Tools • Higher reliability Middleware & Fusion Middleware • Rich partner ecosystem • Hot-pluggable • One-stop, seamless support Database Oracle • Lowers cost of ownership Database • Open and standards compliant Oracle VM and • Integrates open source Operating Enterprise System components Linux
  • 48. Resources• Oracle VM Home Page• Free Download: Oracle VM• Oracle VM Channel Team Email Alias