Oracle VM for SPARC overview


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Oracle VM for SPARC overview

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Oracle VM for SPARC overview

  1. 1. Oracle VM Server for SPARCRoman IvanovISV Engineer
  2. 2. The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.2
  3. 3. Common IT Challenges Colliding pressures Reduce IT Costs Reduce Complexity Reduce Risk Increase Rate of Change Manage More Information Comply With New Regulations3
  4. 4. IT Operational Budgets Being Slashed Almost 90% of CIOs Expect Cuts in Their Operations Budgets Percentage of Respondents Source: Gartner March 2009 Poll4
  5. 5. A Strategic Approach to InfrastructureStandardized, Shared Server & Storage Pools • Better utilization – Save money on hardware – Eliminate silos Application Servers – Standardize operations • But need to assure… – Reliability – Performance Database Servers – Management – High-quality support • Can require complex integration and support Storage
  6. 6. Virtualization is the SOLUTION And Virtualization Budgets Are Increasing… Decrease Don’t Know 5% 10% Increase 54% No Change 31% …But point solutions don’t make integrating and managing enterprise software easier6
  7. 7. Oracle + Sun: Complete, Open, Integrated Systems • Open and standards-based • Optimized, integrated and extensible • Better performance, reliability, security • Shorter deployment times • Easier to manage and upgrade • Lower cost of ownership • Reduced change-management risk • Integrated support7
  8. 8. Oracle Virtualization Strategy Desktop to Data Center Virtualization • Virtualization offers key cost-saving benefits – Server consolidation – Lower energy, facility and labor costs • Oracle’s virtualization strategy offers much more – Most comprehensive desktop to data center product portfolio – Integrated management of the full hardware and software stack from applications to disk – Integrated support8
  9. 9. Only From Oracle: The Most Complete Virtualization Portfolio DESKTOP VIRTUALIZATION SERVER VIRTUALIZATION STORAGE VIRTUALIZATION • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure • Oracle VM Server • Sun Ray for SPARC • Exadata • Secure Global • Oracle VM Server • ASM Desktop for x86 • Storage Connect • VirtualBox • Solaris Containers • Open Storage • Dynamic Domains9
  10. 10. Oracle VM Server Virtualization Platform Choice & Flexibility Solaris Solaris Linux Windows Oracle VM Server for SPARC Oracle VM Server for x86 SPARC T-Series Hardware x86/x64 Hardware • Evolution of Sun Logical Domains • High performance hypervisor for • Integration with Oracle VM family x86/x64 architecture • Highly efficient built-in hypervisor • Supported guests: for Sun T-Series servers Linux, Windows, Solaris • Multiple, independent Solaris instances • Roadmap: Uniform, integrated virtualization management across Oracle VM Server for x86 and SPARC through Oracle VM Manager10
  11. 11. Oracle VM Server for SPARC Introduction11
  12. 12. Solaris / SPARC Server Virtualization Driving Operational Efficiency • End-to-end virtualization solutions that are Integrated and designed in, not bolted on Optimized • Choose from hard partitions, Oracle VM Server for SPARC, and Oracle Solaris Containers to best meet business needs • Built in virtualization at no extra cost – save big Best TCO Best TCO vs. competitive solutions Complete • Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center drives greater operational efficiency and lower cost • Oracle Solaris binary compatibility guarantee Investment Investment • Run Oracle Solaris 8, 9 or 10 applications as-is Protection in Oracle Solaris containers Protection12
  13. 13. The Power of SPARC Virtualization Hard Partitions SPARC Hypervisors Oracle Solaris Containers Multiple OSes Single OS M-Series T-Series All Sun Systems Dynamic Oracle VM Server for SPARC Oracle Solaris Containers Domains (previously called Sun (Zones + SRM) Logical Domains) Oracle Solaris Trusted Extensions Oracle Solaris 8 and 9 Containers13
  14. 14. Oracle Solaris Addresses IT Challenges • Scalability • Performance • Unique innovation • Business advantages – Guaranteed compatibility – Business-oriented lifecycle – Oracle application / infrastructure integration – 3rd party application portfolio – Support integration14
  15. 15. Oracle VM Server for SPARC The Virtualization Platform combining the best of Oracle Solaris and SPARC for Your Enterprise Server Workloads Isolated OS and applications in each logical (or virtual) domain Firmware-based SPARC hypervisor Hypervisor T-Series Each logical domain Server runs in dedicated CPU thread(s) Optimized for SPARC / Oracle Solaris15
  16. 16. Oracle VM Server for SPARC Components • Logical Domains Manager > Interface to control and Logical Domains Manager configure logical domains • Oracle Solaris OS Oracle Solaris OS > Domains and virtual drivers • System Firmware System Firmware > The hypervisor • Docs, Training and Support Docs, Training & Support > Resource, information and best practices16
  17. 17. Oracle VM Server for SPARC Features • Create independent logical domains quickly and easily using the built-in hypervisor • Leverage advanced Oracle Solaris technologies, such as ZFS cloning and snapshots, to speed deployment and dramatically reduce disk capacity requirements • Utilize redundant virtual networks and disks to create more highly available domains • Dynamically re-configure computing resources to meet business demands • Perform domain migration from system to system quickly with very little latency17
  18. 18. Supported Systems • Sun UltraSPARC T2 Plus Systems – Sun SPARC Enterprise T5140 Server – Sun SPARC Enterprise T5240 Server – Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 Server – Sun Netra T5440 Server – Sun Blade T6340 Server Module – Sun Netra T6340 Server Module • Sun UltraSPARC T2 Systems – Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 Server – Sun SPARC Enterprise T5220 Server – Sun Netra T5220 Server – Sun Blade T6320 Server Module – Sun Netra CP3260 ATCA Blade Server18
  19. 19. Integrated Support • Sun SPARC Enterprise T-Series systems come with the right to use (RTU) for Oracle VM Server for SPARC, and the software is pre-installed. • For systems under warranty or with support, you can download the software, system firmware, and updates. • Oracle Premier Support for Systems provides fully- integrated support for Sun server hardware, firmware, OS and Oracle VM software.19
  20. 20. Oracle VM Server for SPARC Delivering Value and Customer Benefits20
  21. 21. Oracle VM Server for SPARC Benefits • Greatly increased utilization • Flexibility in provisioning and services deployments • More uniform management interfaces • Higher level of service • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)21
  22. 22. Delivering Real Savings IBM AIX Oracle Solaris WPAR & Containers & Virtualization Issue PowerVM Oracle VM Server for SPARC Virtualization acquisition cost per system $10,000* $0 CPU overhead < 10 virtual environments 10%-40% <1% Application availability Limited Broad ISV support Installation and configuration Days - Week Hours Reboot virtual environment Minutes - Hours Seconds - Minutes Built-in virtual machine snapshot and cloning No Yes P2V tool to migrate from older OS No Yes environments to virtualization on new systems * Actual cost varies by the configuration22
  23. 23. Efficient System Management Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center New Customer Deployment IBM Tivoli Ops Center Management software installation time Weeks Hours Personnel needed to implement 8-12 1-3 Personnel needed for ongoing maintenance 4-7 1-2 Cost of software licensing $$$$ $23
  24. 24. Maximize Compute Density Advanced Virtualization • Increase relative performance • 3.9x better performance improvement in same footprint • Reduce system administration overhead • 3x fewer servers to manage HP BL870C • Highest scalability and flexibility Blade • 6x better scalability compared to HP nPARs Reduce Up To Sun Blade T6340 3X Physical Servers24
  25. 25. ECO Consolidation 6:1 Consolidation* 6 V880s with T5240 with Total Savings Oracle Solaris 8 Oracle Solaris 10 Before After Total $$$ • 48 CPUs • 2 CPUs • 99% space savings • 204 Rack Units • 2 Rack Units • 92% less power • 13,200 Watts • 1,100 Watts • 92% less BTUs • 43,308 BTUs • 3,608 BTUs • 88% lower annual cost • OS support cost: Over • OS support costs: $3,780 $32,400 for Oracle Solaris 10 with Oracle Solaris 8 Containers * 6:1 ratio is based on internal M-value25
  26. 26. Consolidation Example: Oracle CRM in a Box Web App DB  Sun SPARC Enterprise Application T5440 Server Server Server  4 UltraSPARC T2 Plus CPUs  256 hardware threads (vcpus) 8 24 184 40 vcpus vcpus vcpus vcpus  Configured 128 GB memory (Max 512GB) OS  4 RU form factor Control Guest Guest Domain Domain Domain IO Domain Oracle Siebel CRM 8 software  Support up to 14,000 Oracle Siebel CRM users Server in a 4RU server!26
  27. 27. Leadership in Virtualization The Solaris 10 Operating System Our recent test of Integra on and Logical Domains provides UltraSPARC T2 and UltraSPARC DigiTar with rock-solid fault T2 Plus processor-based systems isolation and stronger partitioning of showed excellent performance and server resources. These two scalability. Customers can reap qualities power the stability we significant benefits from using need to ensure our customers LDoms on these CoolThreads receive business-critical servers, resulting in huge savings communications 24 hours a day, by reducing number of additional 365 days a year and at a systems, low power consumption competitive price. and less space. Jason Williams Sean MacNeil COO and CTO VP and General Manager DigiTar Service Management and Global Services Openwave27
  28. 28. Case Study: Primus Canada Solution Overview • Server consolidation Proof-of-concept • Founded 1997 through Sun’s Try and Buy Program • Subsidiary of Virginia-based Primus • Deployed proven LDoms layout using Telecommunications Group Solaris 10 partitioning and virtualization • 850 employees and serves more than capabilities • Products Include: Sun Fire T2000 Server, one million customers with offices Solaris 10 Operating System, Oracle VM across Canada Server for SPARC (LDoms), Sun Try and Challenge Buy Program • Achieve maximum uptime for servers Results • Build redundancy into network • Increased performance and efficiency of • servers Give IT staff freedom and flexibility to do their jobs better • Reduced physical space requirements • with virtualization and consolidation Consolidate four VoIP platforms onto virtual machines • Lowered energy consumption • Gained a highly stable environment “When we failed over from the old system to the Sun Fire T2000, the application went from 50 percent CPU utilization, down to 15 percent. We were just dumbfounded to learn that it was only using 15 percent of one core of this eight-core CPU.” — Paul Monaghan, Manager, Service Platform Engineering Team, Primus Canada28
  29. 29. Consolidation: Bottom Line Results US Air Force DigiTar PlanetOut • Reduce rack space to • 8 HP consolidated to 2 • 400:70 consolidation achieve a 13:1 Sun servers ratio consolidation ratio • 4.5x better performance • Reduced server footprint • Decreased server • 2x processing capacity by 50% deployment time by more of MySQL database • Moved to a smaller than 90% with Oracle VM servers datacenter Server for SPARC • 10% better • Realized higher • Cut datacenter power price/performance customer satisfaction due consumption by more to virtually no service than 25% and reclaimed • 75% reduction in operating costs for interruptions nearly 50% of datacenter floor space with eco- MySQL • Achieved payback in responsible servers • 83% reduction in power 1.5 years • Provided customers and heat dissipation better service levels at a • Power consumption lower cost decreased by 5%29
  30. 30. Oracle VM Server for SPARC Feature Details30
  31. 31. Oracle VM Server for SPARC Overview Each Logical Domain : •Appears as a fully independent server Apps •Has a unique OS installed and configured Control/ Service •Configurable CPU, disk, memory Service Domain and I/O resources Domain OS • Thin hypervisor delivered with the system • Stable interface with the HW • SPARC / CMT based technology (T-Series servers) Server • Up to 128 domains • Dynamic resource allocation • Isolation via hardware / firmware31
  32. 32. Newly Added Features in 1.3 New Features Description Benefits Policy-based CPU dynamic Maximize CPU utilization within CPU DRM resource management (DRM) a system; distribute resources across virtual machines automatically Enhanced Leverages separate threads for Faster migration for load Domain memory compression and balancing, power saving or Migrations network transfer planned maintenance Dynamic Dynamic addition/removal of Further improve resource Crypto Crypto processing to and from utilization, decrease migration Control active domains time Link-based Track and report physical Faster network failover with link- IPMP network link status based IP multipathing (IPMP) Support support32
  33. 33. Consolidate with Oracle VM Server for SPARC • Consolidate many applications • Isolation allows each domain to have its own patch level • Maximize the use of the Chip Multithread (CMT) architecture • Larger and larger systems are making virtualization an essential tool33
  34. 34. Dynamic Reconfiguration and Virtual Resources AM/Day/Week PM/Night/Weekend • Adjust your systems to your business requirements on demand > Dynamically: CPU & Virtual IO > Delayed Reconfig: Memory • Improve utilization by balancing resources between domains • Virtual network/switch support together with dedicated hardware mapping34
  35. 35. Domain Mobility AM/Day/Week PM/Night/Weekend • Migrate workloads between logical domains without shutting down the application • Keep services running in preparation for planned maintenance • Save and reduce energy costs doing “mini-consolidations” in quiet periods • Be proactive and be able to react to any service degradation35
  36. 36. Physical-to-Virtual (P2V) Conversion• Move applications easily to Oracle VM Server for SPARC> Source: Oracle Solaris 8, 9 or 10> Target: Guest domain running Oracle Solaris 10• Three easy steps with ldmp2v
  37. 37. P2V Tool • ldmp2v upgrades your environment to be an Oracle Solaris 10 guest on Oracle VM Server for SPARC > Step 1: Collect – Creates archive of source system – Collects config info for disk, files and network – Non destructive > Step 2: Prepare – Sets up target guest domain based on source config – Creates and assigns virtual disk, virtual network created and assigned – Restores archives into virtual disks > Step 3: Convert – Boots from Oracle Solaris ISO file or Jumpstart profiles, and then upgrades37
  38. 38. CPU Power Management • Save even more power by automatically powering off unused cores • Two modes: – Performance – All cores turned on at all time (what you have now) – Elastic – Cores are dynamically powered on/off as required by the system • Behavior must be set via the ILOM but can be monitored from LDoms38
  39. 39. Configuration Assistant – Ease of Deployment • Help you easily create logical domains. – After gathering the configuration data, the Configuration Assistant determines the best way to create a deployment to suit your requirements. • The Configuration Assistant is available as both a graphical user interface (GUI) and terminal-based tool.39
  40. 40. Higher Availability with Oracle Solaris Cluster •Failover applications within a logical domain •Failover a full logical domain Web App File Web Mail File Application Server Server Server Server Server Server Solaris Solaris Solaris Solaris Cluster Cluster Cluster Cluster OS Control Guest Guest IO Control Guest Guest IO Domai Domain Domain Domai Domain Domain Domai n n Domai n n Server40
  41. 41. Oracle VM Server for SPARC Options with Solaris Cluster • Logical Domains as Oracle Solaris Cluster node • Guest domains as well as I/O and control domains • A logical domain is managed as Oracle Solaris Cluster node: cluster software is installed • Integration of Solaris Cluster heartbeats with LDoms virtual network infrastructure • Logical Domains as resource/application • HA agent for a guest logical domain • “blackbox” behavior41
  42. 42. Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center • Complete life-cycle management for physical & virtual systems • Control virtual server proliferation • Gain visibility across the enterprise • Correlate across virtual & physical systems Virtual Machines (Solaris Zones & Logical Domains) • Efficiently manage resources across systems Underlying hardware (x86 and SPARC-based servers) • Optimized for Sun System Management • SPARC & x86 • Oracle Solaris OS • Oracle VM Server for SPARC & Oracle Solaris Containers42
  43. 43. Management with Ops Center Oracle VM Server for SPARC Lifecycle Mgmt Monitoring Resource Pools Migration Create, Delete, CPU, Memory, File Policies, Auto Domain Configure, Boot, Systems, Aggregate Restart Mobility Shutdown, etc. Utilization43
  44. 44. Summary44
  45. 45. Oracle’s Full Grid Infrastructure Virtualization, Clustering and Dynamic Provisioning • Shared pools of resources for high efficiency/utilization ri d n G • Dynamic resource provisioning io at lic A pp • Rapid deployment using ready- to-run Oracle VM Templates r id G s e • Superior high availability a ba at D • Automated, full-stack monitoring & management r id G g e • Low cost platform: ra to S • Virtualization Virtualization • Operating system and clustering • Clustering throughout the stack • File systems45
  46. 46. Comprehensive Full-Stack Management Applications To Disk Virtualize Test Provision Configure Oracle Enterprise Deploy Manager Monitor Change & Patch46
  47. 47. Summary • Re-branded (Oracle VM Server for SPARC) – emphasis on seamless integration and an interoperable portfolio of virtualization products • Integrate with key Oracle VM technology components (Management tools, Storage Connect, etc.) • Continue to develop advanced virtualization features for SPARC/Oracle Solaris systems • FULL STEAM AHEAD! Increased investment and total commitment to Oracle VM Server for SPARC as the virtualization platform for Sun SPARC Enterprise T- Series systems47
  48. 48. For More Information About Oracle VM Server for SPARC • • • Oracle VM OTN Forum • Oracle Virtualization Blog, more…48
  49. 49. Software. Hardware. Complete