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Options University is the market leader to learn online trading and options trading. Options University has very good reviews from it's core users.For you individual investors and professional traders who really want to know and understand options at a level beyond even most of the professional options traders in the industry, our live classes are the ultimate in option education.

These classes are delivered to you in the comfort of your own home by a real instructor via a webinar platform right over your computer. You will be able to communicate with them by a chat box built into the webinar platform.

This cutting-edge technology allows Options University to "bring the classroom to you"... unlike live events, where you have to physically attend the event, incurring additional expenses such as travel and lodging.

Furthermore, using this format allows us to give the class over a much longer period of time (and at a slower pace), making it much more convenient and easier to learn... and more importantly, retain... the information presented.

As for content, you will never find more encompassing options theory and trading classes anywhere... ever! One of the reasons these classes are so popular (and so successful) is due to the basic philosophy the courses are designed around. That philosophy can be summed up in one word: "understanding."

You see, many people trade options... most unsuccessfully. But the few who actually understand options profit from them consistently.

Once you understand options, it becomes easy to trade them. So stop trading options... and start understanding them. The secret to consistent profitability in the options market lies in understanding options first, then trading them.

These classes are the first step toward understanding options... and your first step to consistent profitability!

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Options University Review Options University Review

  1. 1. Options University Review Options University Reviews from Authentic Users
  2. 2. Options University Review• "You will be very impressed. It will change your life With The Course of Options University!"• When I signed up for this course 2 months ago, I did not know what an incredible opportunity laid ahead. Now, 4 1/2 weeks later, it is incredible how much vital knowledge I have learned, and there is another week to go! I have been a rank amateur in trading options in the past. If I felt a stock was going up, I bought the call, but that was about the extent of my options trading experience, except one venture with [another] option trading programs some 8-9 years ago. It was a straddle program with an excellent track record, naturally.
  3. 3. Options University Reviews• I was doing really well as each of the first 4 trades made me money, but then the 5th trade took every cent of it back. I lost all confidence. Needless to say, I never used him again. Something is wrong with batting .800 and netting not one thin dollar! When I heard of Options Universitys option course, I said to myself that I really have to learn and understand the fundamentals behind options once and for all. I had no idea going in, the magnitude of this course. This is like a 6-8 unit semester university course. What a value! I have never seen anything like this previously, and I have looked at a number of opportunities over the years. But, if you are going to take this course, dont think it is going to be a cake walk. There is a lot to learn, and you must dedicate yourself to maximize this unique and golden opportunity. The knowledge is invaluable. This knowledge is required. It will save your life. It will improve your trading and investment skills immensely. You will have much better control of your destiny, instead of trusting some service or newsletter who I have never found to be consistent or reliable.
  4. 4. Options University Review• Nobody does it for you, so you have to learn to do it for yourself. This is what this course does for you. It will not give you tips on what to trade. It teaches you the basics and fundamentals so YOU will be much better informed and prepared to make the appropriate decisions in the future. Just following the advice of a newsletter teaches you nothing - it is a mindless exercise, it is confusing, and it rarely works... I highly recommend this options course to anyone who really is serious to improve his or her track record measurably. You will be very impressed! It will change your life! This could be one of those inflection points in your life! Are you ready for the challenge?• Gerry Lawrence, Former Student Broker Associate/MS Stanford Coldwell Banker
  5. 5. Options University Review• "I Really Like Your Classes... I Am Glad I Signed Up For It!"• Thank you for your follow-up!! I am really like your classes, because its live and we can ask questions and before you move to the next topic. And, that I can understand the theory and logic behind these tools, rather than rely upon a systematic software, such as [Name Removed], to tell me that a trade is good based upon its calculations without knowing what went into the calculations. The options classes are best described as being insightful and practical. I have learned the underlying and inner workings of options and how options can be a powerful tool in managing my investments. This course unravels the mysteries, complexities, and misconceptions surrounding options trading and provided me with the true and complete (with major emphasis) fundamental foundations of options. In addition, the foundation provided a dynamic understanding to further understand options strategies.
  6. 6. Options University Reviews• The classes are bar none one of the best options education that I have received. I have read some options books and attended some other options courses and they didnt provide a comprehensive and substantive understanding of options and options trading - they were either too theoretical or lack depth for real world options trading. This course is able to deliver the options education in a very efficient and effective manner. I highly recommend this course! As you can see that I had done some extensive research about options education before I embarked in taking your class and I am glad I signed-up for it! Thank you, Shiu Tom Former Student
  7. 7. Options University Review• "I have thoroughly enjoyed taking this class. It is the best class I have ever had the privilege to attend."• When I first signed up for this class I was very skeptical. I thought it was probably just another options class that teaches you option strategies that are going to make you rich by following his trading picks and trading system. [They] offered a money back guarantee so I figured, what the heck Ill give it a shot. WOW WHAT A SURPRISE !!!!!!!! I have thoroughly enjoyed taking this class. It is the best class I have ever had the privilege to attend. After the first couple of classes I knew this class was totally different. The way the classes were presented was exceptional, it went from the basics of options to the advanced in a progressive manner. You are encouraged to ask questions as you go along. But the best part, not only are your questions answered, but examples and explanations are given about why and how each technique works. The instructors passion and dedication to the class comes through in every class. The pros and cons of trading options are taught as well as the strategies. The instructor doesnt teach you a black box system. He teaches you everything you need to know about how options really work.
  8. 8. Options University Review• This class is not just a pie in the sky strategy class. I have spent thousands of dollars on so called mastery classes with [Name Removed] and [Name Removed]. They teach you strategies and systems. [Name Removed] does teach you strategies and what kind of stocks fit there strategy criteria, but they dont teach you how the options in that strategy really works. They really want you to subscribe to there option picks newsletters and subscribe to there platinum web site. Teach me to Trade basically, depending on what class you take teaches you a system that the person teaching the class uses. There main objective is to teach you how to put in stop losses to manage your risk. Managing your risk in trading is very important, but wouldnt you really want to know where your risks are?? This class will revolutionize the way you trade options. It will open your eyes to endless possibilities with options. It will improve the way you trade options and will teach you where your risks really are. It will teach you what risk and reward really mean. If you have tried other classes like I have, I highly recommend this class to anyone who is serious about trading options. The instructors dedication and patience shown to his students is a unique quality that I have never experienced in any other classes I have attended. Allen Warf Former Student