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Webinar: Leverage Digital Marketing to Grow your Agency's Retainer-Based Business
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Webinar: Leverage Digital Marketing to Grow your Agency's Retainer-Based Business


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Digital marketing services like SEO, social media and content marketing present a huge growth opportunity for agencies. In fact AdAge reported that digital revenue for agencies surged 16.4% in 2011 to …

Digital marketing services like SEO, social media and content marketing present a huge growth opportunity for agencies. In fact AdAge reported that digital revenue for agencies surged 16.4% in 2011 to $10.1 billion. Moreover, digital specialty agencies led all other agency segments in terms of growth in 2011, despite a weak economy. Digital services not only represent the largest growth potential for agencies, they are also ideal candidates for retainer-based contracts -think predictable monthly revenue, better resource planning, long-term customer relationships etc.

So how does your agency grab a share of this digital marketing revenue and convert one-off projects into retained services agreements?

Download this presentation to learn:
- The digital opportunity for agencies
- Which digital marketing services are best suited to retained contracts
- 6 tips for moving from project to retainer
- Ideas for packaging and pricing your service offerings

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  • 1. Leverage  digital  to  grow  your  agencys     retainer-­‐based  business   Tuesday, December 4, 2012 1:00 EST SPEAKERS: Karen Burka, Author, Digital Agencies: A Buyers Guide Rob Eleveld, CEO, Optify©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 2. Rob Eleveld, CEO, Optify Rob Eleveld, CEO of Optify is a 20-year tech veteran with deep experience in B2B sales and marketing. Rob is passionate about growing business through partner channels at Optify and excited about the opportunity that inbound marketing affords to forward-thinking digital marketing agencies. Follow Rob on Twitter - @RobertEleveld©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 3. Karen Burka, Author, Digital Agencies: A Buyers GuideKaren Burka is an experienced research analyst, writer, and editor,having spent more than 20 years developing and publishing C-suitemultimedia content. Karen has written numerous ebooks, articles,buyer’s guides, and market intelligence reports on digital marketingstrategies and technologies.©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 4. The  digital  opportunity  for  agencies   Digitals Share of Agency Digitals Share of Agency Revenue, 2010 Revenue, 2011 Digital Digital 28.0% 30.3% All Other 72.0% All Other 69.7% Source: Ad Age DataCenter©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 5. The Digital Opportunity for Agencies 31.0% 30.5% 30.0% 29.5% 2010 29.0% 2011 28.5% 28.0% 27.5% 27.0% 26.5% Publicis Groupe WPP Source: Third Door Media, company data©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 6. 2011  Internet  adver.sing  revenue     (in  $  millions)     $1,596 $11,056 $213 $1,522 Search $2,580 Classifieds and Directories Lead Generation Email Mobile Display related $14,768 Source: Internet Advertising Bureau©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 7. The digital opportunity for agencies •  What s Driving This Trend? –  Advertisers/marketers are looking to agencies for help: •  More complex digital marketing landscape •  Fragmentation of target audiences •  Need for integrated campaigns •  Tighter scrutiny of marketing/advertising ROI©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 8. Digital Media Channels Search Social Display Website Mobile PR Email SEO Content Design & management Program design & Blogging Keyword research development execution Brand compliance Online publicity Content creation & Media planning & Content creation Program design & Bluetooth apps Online brand execution optimization Influencer outreach buying Ecommerce Website audits monitoring Link analysis Community building Creative List/database CSEs App & game SEO/link building development Local/geo-search Global programs Branding Microsites/landing development Lead generation Mobile programs Sentiment analysis Display/retargeting pages Video/commercial International tracking Video design/ design Campaign development management Paid Search Bid management & optimization Landing page optimization Affiliate marketing Search Retargeting Campaign management©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 9. Agency fee models are evolving –  Advertisers and agencies have traditionally classified media as either paid, owned, or earned. •  Paid media refers to advertising that is purchased, such as print, web, or broadcast advertising. •  Owned media belongs to the brand, such as print brochures or website content •  Earned media encompasses public relations and reputation management.©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 10. Agency Fee Models are Evolving – Integration of digital channels and campaigns has blurred the lines between paid, owned, and earned media.©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 11. The Digital Opportunity for Agencies Paid/Owned Media: Paid Media Mobile ads, apps, games Paid/Earned Media: Social media ads, Twitter Social media ads, shares, likes, Paid search content, blogs reputation management Display Mobile ads, shares,reviews Social (FB ads/sponsored tweets) Mobile (ads) Earned/Owned/Paid Media Social (ads, blogs, shares, Email lists sponsored content) Mobile (apps, shares, ads) Earned Media SEO Owned Media Social (retweets/likes/ Mobile (apps/games) shares/ Website content reputation management) Email Mobile (shares/ Social (FB pages, reviews) blogs, Twitter accts.) CSEs Earned/Owned Media: Social likes, shares, retweets Mobile ads, shares, reviews©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 12. Agency Fee Models are Evolving •  More hybrid compensation models that combine performance-based bonuses with fixed-fee (retainer) based compensation deals.©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 13. What’s better? PROJECT RETAINER©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 14. Retainer: You & the Client Agency Client Predictable monthly income Predictable expense •  Better resource planning – people •  Known, planned expense & tools •  Budget without overrun •  Can invest in building strong team Predictable profits Results-based engagement •  Known service levels •  Accountability & sense of •  Efficient delivery ownership Long-term engagement Trusted relationship •  Commitment on both sides •  More expertise for less •  Deep account knowledge commitment •  Trusted advisor •  Quick ramp up •  Prove value of services •  Known partner Flexible service delivery Instantaneous expert help©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 15. 6 Tips for moving from projects to retainers©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 16. Tip #1: From deliverables to goals Elevate your discussion - talk business goals not deliverables©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 17. Tip #2: From a point solution to a tailored service Offer tailored services that meet your clients’ specific needs©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 18. Tip #3: Market your services Spread the word about the breadth of your services©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 19. Tip #4: Provide cost-effective and flexible integrated services Leverage economies of scale & operational efficiency to deliver great value©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 20. Tip #5: Provide proof points Prove that you are delivering value©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 21. Tip #6: Make your clients successful & always maintain good relationships Deliver  great  results  &  posi0ve  rela0onships  ©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 22. Ideas for packaging retained services•  Blended ‘whole agency’ integrated service offerings•  Discrete services or service bundles©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 23. Integrated service offerings Silver Gold Platinum $5-$7k / month $7-$9k / month $10k+ / monthContent development X units / hours X units / hours X units / hoursSocial media √ √ √SEO √ √ √Landing pages & call to √ √ √action graphicsLead nurturing X √ √CRM integration X √ √Sales enablement & alerts √ √ √Meetings Monthly 2 / month weeklyCross-campaign reporting √ √ √©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 24. Discrete services & service bundles Content development Content development + promotion bundle – SEO & social media©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 25. Pricing tips •  Know your own costs •  Know your clients’ opportunity cost •  Make sure you’re pricing model is flexible •  Offer options©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 26. Key takeaways •  Digital opportunity is huge and growing •  Complex digital landscape demands integrated long-term approach—ideal for agency retained services •  Retainers are a win-win proposition •  Offer flexible service models to meet your business goals & your clients’ needs©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 27. More resources to help you win retained business Optify’s Inbound Marketing ROI Calculator for Agencies How to sell your agency’s inbound marketing services©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.
  • 28. About Optify©2012 Third Door Media, Inc.