Future of Digital Marketing Agencies


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The Digital Marketing Agency market is moving towards offering more integrated services and bundling services into more integrated packages that will fit their prospective clients. This presentation delves into the topic of how marketing agencies transform to offer more integrated digital marketing services.

View this presentation to learn about:

- the convergence of paid, earned and owned media
- mergers & acquisitions in the agency industry
- evolution of ‘traditional’ channel services
- how digital marketing services transform into integrated marketing services
- pricing models for B2B agency services
- how to add new services to your agency offerings

Read more and watch the recorded webinar here http://www.optify.net/webinars/upcoming-webinar-the-future-of-digital-marketing-services-where-will-agencies-be-in-2014

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Future of Digital Marketing Agencies

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  2. 2. ©2013 Third Door Media, Inc.Rob Eleveld,CEO, OptifyRob Eleveld, CEO of Optify is a 20-year tech veteran with deepexperience in B2B sales and marketing.Rob is passionate about growing business through partner channelsat Optify and excited about the opportunity that inbound marketingaffords to forward-thinking digital marketing agencies.Follow Rob on Twitter - @RobertEleveld
  3. 3. ©2013 Third Door Media, Inc.Karen Burka,Author, Digital Agencies:A Buyers GuideKaren Burka is an experienced research analyst, writer, and editor,having spent more than 20 years developing and publishing C-suitemultimedia content. Karen has written numerous ebooks, articles,buyer’s guides, and market intelligence reports on digital marketingstrategies and technologies.
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  9. 9. ©2013 Third Door Media, Inc.What’s Driving This Convergence?• More complex digital marketing landscapeMobile  Search  Social  Email  Display  PR  Website  
  10. 10. ©2013 Third Door Media, Inc.What’s Driving This Convergence?• Fragmentation of target audiences
  11. 11. ©2013 Third Door Media, Inc.What’s Driving This Convergence?• Demand  for  integrated  campaigns/shared  data  § 71%  of  marketers  surveyed  believe  integraAon  across  owned,  earned,  and  paid  media  is  important.  § 85%  also  agree  with  the  need  for  an  integrated  markeAng  suite  • Tighter  C-­‐Suite  scruAny  of  markeAng/adverAsing  ROI  
  12. 12. ©2013 Third Door Media, Inc.The Agency ResponseSpecialize……Provide channel-specific digital marketingservices such as mobile messaging programs,social media marketing, or SEO link-buildingcampaigns.§  Big Fuel, Dachis Group, SocialChorus in social§  The Search Agency, Acronym Media, Resolution Mediain search§  Punchkick Interactive, Customer Magnetism,Intrapromote in mobile
  13. 13. ©2013 Third Door Media, Inc.The Agency ResponseDiversify…..Buy or build a broad range of services to managebrand presence on multiple channels, includingcreative, media buying, and technology platforms.§  RKG bought AudetteMedia to add SEO to existingPPC, social, and display capabilities (August 2011)§  Covario purchased Top Local Search to boostlocation-based traffic and optimization capabilities(May 2012)§  Didit bought Inceptor to add CSE, SEO, and socialmedia services (August 2012)
  14. 14. ©2013 Third Door Media, Inc.Digital Marketing Agencies – growth in the long tailEstablishedBusinessIdentifiableAgenciesNorthAmerica121,000* long tail agencies54,000*Optify dataRoughly the same number again in Europe25900  LargestAgenciesin USCons.Agencies
  15. 15. ©2013 Third Door Media, Inc.Long Tail Agency Profile• Every agency we speak with is either:§ Already an “established business” trying to grow§ OR is trying to get to be a more consistent business (ie “I can quit myday job”)• Agencies originate from folks with 1 of 3 backgrounds§ Each has strong suits and areas of need to grow in Digital Marketing•  “Established” Long Tail Agency§ 3-20 employees – making payrolleach month§ 5-100 clients – repeat clients andat least some on retainer
  16. 16. ©2013 Third Door Media, Inc.Backgrounds and OpportunitiesBackground: Web Dev§  Strength: Site launches,custom apps§  Opportunity: Retainer-based services, esp.content management &lead genBackground: Creative§ Strength: Web &other brandingdesigns§ Opportunity: Data-driven services, esp.around websiteperformance &iterationsBackground: Digital MKTG§  Strength: Digitalcampaigns§  Opportunity: More serviceswhich can be executed byless experience folks
  17. 17. ©2013 Third Door Media, Inc.Clients’ Interested ShiftedB2B“can your service get me more leads?”B2C
  18. 18. ©2013 Third Door Media, Inc.Services converge to support the need•  Clients don’t need a channel,they need results•  Clients also are more savvyand educated and requiremore dedicated campaigns•  We’re seeing moreconvergence because thecampaigns require it•  For example, email serviceused to only require contentand email but now requireslanding pages, dripcampaigns and CRM
  19. 19. ©2013 Third Door Media, Inc.Campaigns = RetainersCAMPAIGN = RETAINER
  20. 20. ©2013 Third Door Media, Inc.Packaging and Pricing Follow
  21. 21. ©2013 Third Door Media, Inc.Re-package or Add-on•  Examples of Bundles:•  SEO, Content, Social Media,PR (Inbound Marketing)•  Content, Web Dev, Creative,SEO, Tracking and Intelligence(Website performance)•  SEO + PPC + Display (Search)•  Content, Email, LandingPages, CRM (Nurturing)•  Easy add-ons:•  Email•  SEO•  Social Media•  Content•  Landing Pages
  22. 22. ©2013 Third Door Media, Inc.About  Op)fyOptify delivers a simple digital marketing software suite for agencies. Ourcomplete cloud-based software eliminates the need for standalone tools andempowers agency marketers to easily create and manage demandgeneration programs across multiple websites, nurture prospects, prioritizethe best performing programs and streamline reporting of client results - allfrom one login.Optify, Inc710 2nd Ave, Suite 840Seattle, WA 981041 (206) 388-4234 (phone)1 (877) 2-OPTIFY (toll-free)1 (206) 787-1410 (fax)Sales: sales@optify.netHelp: support@optify.netOther Inquiries: info@optify.net