Mobile	  Marke+ng	  for	  the	  Real	  Time	  Web	  	  Anthony	  Joseph,	  VP	  of	  Marke+ng,	  Op+fy	  Jennifer	  Wong,	...
What	  we’ll	  cover	  in	  this	  workshop	  »  How	  to:	     »    Create	  an	  App	     »    Create	  a	  Quick	  Resp...
Agenda	  »  “How	  to”	  chapters	         »  Overview	         »  Steps	         »  Addi+onal	  Resources	  »  Case	  Stu...
1.	  HOW	  TO	  CREATE	  AN	  APP	                     @Jenera+onY	  |	  #InterACThandson	  	     4	  
What	  is	  an	  App?	     An	  app	  typically	  refers	  to	  soXware	  used	  on	  a	      smartphone	  or	  mobile	  d...
Mobile	  App	  example	  –	  Hello	  Vino	  	  »  hp://	  »  Different	  from	  website	  »  Limited	  im...
Did	  you	  know…	                                                                  »  More	  than	  five	  billion	  apps	...
Register	  for	  an	  account	  How	  To	  Create	  An	  App	            @Jenera+onY	  |	  #InterACThandson	  	     8	  
Create	  a	  new	  app	  How	  To	  Create	  An	  App	        @Jenera+onY	  |	  #InterACThandson	  	     9	  
Enter	  URL,	  RSS	  or	  search	  term	  How	  To	  Create	  An	  App	           @Jenera+onY	  |	  #InterACThandson	  	  ...
Choose	  artwork	  How	  To	  Create	  An	  App	      @Jenera+onY	  |	  #InterACThandson	  	     11	  
Populate	  tabs	  How	  To	  Create	  An	  App	     @Jenera+onY	  |	  #InterACThandson	  	     12	  
Add	  a	  custom	  header	  How	  To	  Create	  An	  App	           @Jenera+onY	  |	  #InterACThandson	  	     13	  
Fill	  out	  app	  info	  How	  To	  Create	  An	  App	       @Jenera+onY	  |	  #InterACThandson	  	     14	  
Publish	  How	  To	  Create	  An	  App	     @Jenera+onY	  |	  #InterACThandson	  	     15	  
Upload	  to	  the	  Android	  market	  How	  To	  Create	  An	  App	          @Jenera+onY	  |	  #InterACThandson	  	     1...
Download	  your	  App	  from	  the	  Android	  market!	  How	  To	  Create	  An	  App	     @Jenera+onY	  |	  #InterACThand...
AddiRonal	  Resources	  »  AppMakr:	  hp://	  »  App	  building	  tools:	  hp://­‐ap...
2.	  HOW	  TO	  CREATE	  A	  QR	  CODE	                     @Jenera+onY	  |	  #InterACThandson	  	     19	  
What	  are	  Quick	  Response	  (QR)	  codes?	  »  QR	  codes	  are	  2D	  images	  that	  func+on	  like	  barcodes	  on	...
Why	  use	  QR	  codes?	  »  Quick	  and	  easy	  sharing	  »  Portability:	  You	  can	  put	  them	       anywhere	  	  ...
How	  to	  create	  a	  QR	  code	  How	  To	  Create	  A	  QR	  Code	               @Jenera+onY	  |	  #InterACThandson	  ...
AddiRonal	  Resources	  »  QR	  code	  generator:	  hp://­‐code-­‐generator	  »  QR	  code	  marke+ng	  idea...
3.	  HOW	  TO	  CREATE	  A	  SHORT	  CODE	                    @Jenera+onY	  |	  #InterACThandson	  	     24	  
What	  is	  a	  short	  code?	  A	  short	  numeric	  code	  of	  5	  or	  6	  numbers	  that	  can	   be	  used	  in	  pl...
Why	  a	  short	  code?	     Since	  the	  codes	  are	  shorter,	  they	  are	  easier	  to	     remember	  and	  u+lize,...
Register	  How	  To	  Create	  A	  Short	  Code	     @Jenera+onY	  |	  #InterACThandson	  	     27	  
Collect	  contacts	  How	  To	  Create	  A	  Short	  Code	       @Jenera+onY	  |	  #InterACThandson	  	     28	  
AddiRonal	  Resources	  »  Tools	  to	  create	  short	  code	  campaigns:	  hp://	  ,	 ...
4.	  HOW	  TO	  CREATE	  A	  PURL	                     @Jenera+onY	  |	  #InterACThandson	  	     30	  
What	  is	  a	  pURL?	  A	  persistent	  URL	  is	  a	  web	  page	  or	  microsite	  that	    is	  tailored	  to	  an	  i...
Why	  pURLs?	     Create	  a	  unique	  website	  experience	  for	  each	       visitor	  with	  content	  that	  is	  re...
Register	  How	  To	  Create	  A	  pURL	     @Jenera+onY	  |	  #InterACThandson	  	     33	  
Create	  a	  new	  campaign	  How	  To	  Create	  A	  pURL	            @Jenera+onY	  |	  #InterACThandson	  	     34	  
Add	  a	  contact	  How	  To	  Create	  A	  pURL	     @Jenera+onY	  |	  #InterACThandson	  	     35	  
Create	  the	  landing	  page	  How	  To	  Create	  A	  pURL	             @Jenera+onY	  |	  #InterACThandson	  	     36	  
AddiRonal	  Resources	  »  pURL	  generator:	  hp://	  »  Don’t	  make	  these	  pURL	  marke+ng	  mistakes:	  ...
Wrap-­‐up:	  MarkeRng	  tacRcs	  &	  tools	  »  Define	  your	  goal	       »  Encourage	  ac+ons	  that	  support	  your	 ...
Case	  study	  »     Created	  QR	  code	  with	  offer	  »     Marketed	  @	  tradeshow	  »     Tracked	  visitors	  with	...
Recap:	  Why	  these	  tacRcs?	  »  Connect	  people	  to	  what’s	  happening	  around	  them	  »  Help	  people	  find	  ...
Thank	  you!	              Anthony	  Joseph	       VP	  of	  Marke+ng,	  Op+fy	                ...
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Optify Mobile Marketing Presentation


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Marketers have heard that tactics such as QR Codes, pURLS, apps and short codes are a good idea to quickly capture connections with customers. On a practical level, what are they specifically, how are they effectively used, and why should marketers consider using them?

On Tuesday August 23rd at 1:30PM (EDT), Anthony Joseph, VP of Marketing, Optify and Jennifer Wong, Digital Solutions Manager at Optify, teamed up with Target Marketing Magazine and Printing Impressions, and session sponsor EasyPurl at the InterACT! 2011 conference to answer these questions and provide step-by-step instructions in a live Interactive webinar presentation to teach audience members how to create each element (QR code, apps, pURLs & short codes) to benefit marketing campaigns.

In this Mobile Marketing Tools & Tips presentation attendees learned:
- How to create your own QR Codes, pURLs, apps and short codes.
- How to take, tie, and track a physical realm customer into the digital realm
- How to measure the activity from these mobile marketing creations in real time.

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Optify Mobile Marketing Presentation

  1. 1. Mobile  Marke+ng  for  the  Real  Time  Web    Anthony  Joseph,  VP  of  Marke+ng,  Op+fy  Jennifer  Wong,  Digital  Solu+ons  Manager,  Op+fy  
  2. 2. What  we’ll  cover  in  this  workshop  »  How  to:   »  Create  an  App   »  Create  a  Quick  Response  (QR)  Code   »  Create  a  Short  Code   »  Create  a  pURL   @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     2  
  3. 3. Agenda  »  “How  to”  chapters   »  Overview   »  Steps   »  Addi+onal  Resources  »  Case  Study  »  Recap   @Jenera+onY   #InterACThandson     @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     3  
  4. 4. 1.  HOW  TO  CREATE  AN  APP   @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     4  
  5. 5. What  is  an  App?   An  app  typically  refers  to  soXware  used  on  a   smartphone  or  mobile  device  such  as  the   Android,  iPhone,  BlackBerry  or  iPad,  as  in   “mobile  app”  or  “iphone  app.”    How  To  Create  An  App   @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     5  
  6. 6. Mobile  App  example  –  Hello  Vino    »  hp://  »  Different  from  website  »  Limited  images  >  fast  loading  »  Clear  +  large  text  »  Simple  design   @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     6  
  7. 7. Did  you  know…   »  More  than  five  billion  apps   were  downloaded  over   2010   »  The  average  smartphone   user  spends  667  minutes   every  month  using  apps.  How  To  Create  An  App   @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     7  
  8. 8. Register  for  an  account  How  To  Create  An  App   @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     8  
  9. 9. Create  a  new  app  How  To  Create  An  App   @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     9  
  10. 10. Enter  URL,  RSS  or  search  term  How  To  Create  An  App   @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     10  
  11. 11. Choose  artwork  How  To  Create  An  App   @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     11  
  12. 12. Populate  tabs  How  To  Create  An  App   @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     12  
  13. 13. Add  a  custom  header  How  To  Create  An  App   @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     13  
  14. 14. Fill  out  app  info  How  To  Create  An  App   @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     14  
  15. 15. Publish  How  To  Create  An  App   @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     15  
  16. 16. Upload  to  the  Android  market  How  To  Create  An  App   @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     16  
  17. 17. Download  your  App  from  the  Android  market!  How  To  Create  An  App   @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     17  
  18. 18. AddiRonal  Resources  »  AppMakr:  hp://  »  App  building  tools:  hp://­‐app-­‐creators/  »  iOS  dev  center:   hp://  »  Android  dev  guide:  hp://  »  Tools  to  create  an  App:   hp://­‐10-­‐free-­‐tools-­‐to-­‐create-­‐rss-­‐for-­‐ any-­‐website-­‐2/   How  To  Create  An  App   @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     18  
  19. 19. 2.  HOW  TO  CREATE  A  QR  CODE   @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     19  
  20. 20. What  are  Quick  Response  (QR)  codes?  »  QR  codes  are  2D  images  that  func+on  like  barcodes  on  packaged  products,   but  can  contain  MUCH  more  data  »  The  informa+on  encoded  can  be  text,  URL,  phone  number,  SMS  message,   RSS  feed  or  other  kinds  of  data    »  QR  codes  are  essen+ally  pointers  to  digital  content  and  capture  or  trigger   ac+ons  such  as   »  A  link  to  a  website   »  Ac+vate  phone  func+ons  including  email,  IM  and  SMS   »  Connect  the  mobile  device  to  a  web  browser  on  the  phone  »  QR  codes  are  read  by  “QR  Code  Reader”  soXware  or  phone  apps   »  iPhone  Reader  >  i-­‐nigma     »  Android    Reader  >  Barcode  Scanner   How  To  Create  A  QR  Code   @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     20  
  21. 21. Why  use  QR  codes?  »  Quick  and  easy  sharing  »  Portability:  You  can  put  them   anywhere    »  U+lity:  Share  large  amounts  of   content  at  the  right  +me    »  Boost  Visibility:  SEO  and  SMO    »  Social  Proof:  Quick  links  to   your  “authorita+ve  instance”     Scan  to  check  the  conference  agenda  »  Analy+cs:  Calls  to  ac+on   How  To  Create  A  QR  Code   @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     21  
  22. 22. How  to  create  a  QR  code  How  To  Create  A  QR  Code   @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     22  
  23. 23. AddiRonal  Resources  »  QR  code  generator:  hp://­‐code-­‐generator  »  QR  code  marke+ng  ideas:   hp://­‐count-­‐em-­‐50-­‐ crea+ve-­‐uses-­‐of-­‐qr-­‐codes.html  »  QR  codes  for  business:   hp://­‐qr-­‐codes-­‐can-­‐ grow-­‐your-­‐business/  »  QR  code  readers:   hp://­‐­‐code-­‐soXware/  How  To  Create  A  QR  Code   @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     23  
  24. 24. 3.  HOW  TO  CREATE  A  SHORT  CODE   @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     24  
  25. 25. What  is  a  short  code?  A  short  numeric  code  of  5  or  6  numbers  that  can   be  used  in  place  of  a  longer  phone  number  for   messaging.     Text  InterACT  to  69302  How  To  Create  A  Short  Code   @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     25  
  26. 26. Why  a  short  code?   Since  the  codes  are  shorter,  they  are  easier  to   remember  and  u+lize,  especially  for  marke+ng   purposes  How  To  Create  A  Short  Code   @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     26  
  27. 27. Register  How  To  Create  A  Short  Code   @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     27  
  28. 28. Collect  contacts  How  To  Create  A  Short  Code   @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     28  
  29. 29. AddiRonal  Resources  »  Tools  to  create  short  code  campaigns:  hp://  ,  »  Developer  tools  to  build  a  short  code:   hp://­‐codes  »  Own  or  rent  your  own  short  code:   hp://    How  To  Create  A  Short  Code   @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     29  
  30. 30. 4.  HOW  TO  CREATE  A  PURL   @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     30  
  31. 31. What  is  a  pURL?  A  persistent  URL  is  a  web  page  or  microsite  that   is  tailored  to  an  individual  visitor  through  the   use  of  variable  fields  and  pages  that  are  linked   to  a  database  that  contains  informa+on  about   each  poten+al  visitor.     hp://   How  To  Create  A  pURL   @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     31  
  32. 32. Why  pURLs?   Create  a  unique  website  experience  for  each   visitor  with  content  that  is  relevant  and   interes+ng  to  increase  your  conversion  rate  How  To  Create  A  pURL   @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     32  
  33. 33. Register  How  To  Create  A  pURL   @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     33  
  34. 34. Create  a  new  campaign  How  To  Create  A  pURL   @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     34  
  35. 35. Add  a  contact  How  To  Create  A  pURL   @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     35  
  36. 36. Create  the  landing  page  How  To  Create  A  pURL   @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     36  
  37. 37. AddiRonal  Resources  »  pURL  generator:  hp://  »  Don’t  make  these  pURL  marke+ng  mistakes:   hp:// 2009/01/top-­‐11-­‐purl-­‐campaign-­‐mistakes.html  »  Should  you  use  pURL’s:   hp:// %20%28PURL%29%20Marke+ng   How  To  Create  A  pURL   @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     37  
  38. 38. Wrap-­‐up:  MarkeRng  tacRcs  &  tools  »  Define  your  goal   »  Encourage  ac+ons  that  support  your  marke+ng  plan   »  Give  instruc+ons  to  your  consumers.  Tell  them  what  they’re  going  to  get  for   ‘playing’   »  Give  reasons  to  come  back  »  Implement  &  Deliver/Share   »  Determine  technical  requirements  &  capability:  developer  vs.  3rd-­‐party  tool   »  Assuage  the  fears  of  the  technically  challenged   »  Provide  explana+ons  about  their  use  and  benefits  »  Experiment,  Test  &  Measure   »  Study  your  analy+cs   »  Experiment  with  the  size,  loca+on,  and  color  of  your  QR  codes   »  Refine  your  tac+cs   @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     38  
  39. 39. Case  study  »  Created  QR  code  with  offer  »  Marketed  @  tradeshow  »  Tracked  visitors  with  Op+fy  »  Use  to  market  post-­‐event   »  Learn  more:  hp://­‐marke+ng-­‐roi-­‐qr-­‐code-­‐experiment/   @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     39  
  40. 40. Recap:  Why  these  tacRcs?  »  Connect  people  to  what’s  happening  around  them  »  Help  people  find  info  that  relevant  to  them  in  real  +me  »  It’s  fun  and  convenient  for  the  user  »  Mobile  is  personal,  portable,  always  with  the  user  and   trackable   @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     40  
  41. 41. Thank  you!   Anthony  Joseph   VP  of  Marke+ng,  Op+fy     Jennifer  Wong  Digital  Solu+ons  Manager,  Op+fy     @Jenera+onY  |  #InterACThandson     41