Optare Solutions - Corporate Brochure (Outdated)


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This presentation is Outdated. You can see the updated version here: http://bit.ly/optarebrochure

Optare Solutions is a Systems Integrator delivering Consulting & Solutions for the Telecommunications Industry. More than 11 years of experience and a specialized team make us the right choice to deliver high quality projects, consulting and training.

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Optare Solutions - Corporate Brochure (Outdated)

  1. 1. ©2014OptareSolutions
  2. 2. www.optaresolu,ons.com      |      T/  +  34  986  410  091      |      F/  +34  986  423  379      |      Parque  Tecnológico  de  Vigo  –  Calle  C,  Nave  C7    |      36315  |    Vigo  (Spain)   ©2014OptareSolutions www.optaresolu,ons.com      |      T/  +  34  986  410  091      |      F/  +34  986  423  379      |      Parque  Tecnológico  de  Vigo  –  Calle  C,  Nave  C7    |      36315  |    Vigo  (Spain)   Optare  Solu,ons   Corporate  Brochure  |  2014  
  3. 3. OSS/BSS  Solu,ons  &  Consul,ng  for  The  Telecommunica,ons  Industry   optaresolu,ons.com   @optaresolu,ons  
  4. 4. About  us   ü  Natural  Born  Telco   ü  What  we  do   ü  Why  Clients  choose  us   ü  Worldwide  Experience   ü  Business  Units  
  5. 5. optaresolu,ons.com   •  Optare  Solu,ons  was  founded  to  provide  technical  consul,ng   on  new  complex  services  fulfillment  for  a  Spanish  startup  Telco   in   2002.   As   we   helped   them   to   support   a   ten-­‐fold   business   growth  in  less  than  5  years,  we  also  grown  and  gain  exper,se   along  with  them.   •  During   these   years   other   Telecom   companies   have   required   our  services,  and  we  con,nue  helping  them  to  grow,  increase   their  efficiency,  and  become  a  “Lean  operator”.   •  More   than   12   years   working   this   way,   exclusively   for   the   Telecoms  Industry,  haven’t  but  made  us  even  more  “Natural   Born  Telco”   5  
  6. 6. optaresolu,ons.com   What  we  do   6   Optare  Solu,ons  help  theirs  clients  to  streamline   their  OSS  and  BSS  Systems.  More  than  12  years  of   experience  and  a  specialized  team  make  us  the   right  choice  to  fulfill  Systems  Integra,on  demands       Communica,on  Services  Providers   (Carriers,  Cable,  Fixed,  Mobiles,  MVNOs,  Resellers…)   Large  System   Integrators   Network  Equipment   Providers   Sohware  Vendors  
  7. 7. optaresolu,ons.com   Why  Clients  choose  us   •  Because   our   specializa,on,   and   hands-­‐on   experience   in   the   Telecoms   industry,   especially   in   OSS,  we  know  and  understand  our  Clients’  drivers   and  requirements,  beyond  the  technology.     •  Because   we   are   a   flexible,   medium   size,   mature   company  and  our  commitment,  with  project  goals   and  Client  objec,ves,  goes  further  the  average.  We   know  “We  are  as  good  as  our  last  project”   7  
  8. 8. optaresolu,ons.com   Worldwide  Experience   8   Since  2008  we  have  delivered  our  services  and  exper,se  all  over  the  world   Optare  Solu,ons  Main  Headquarters   Parque  Tecnológico  de  Vigo,  Nave  C7   36315  –  Vigo  -­‐  Spain   Optare  Solu,ons  Mexico  Offices   Calle  La  Fontaine,  50  -­‐  Polanco  (Miguel  Hidalgo)   11550  -­‐  Mexico  DF  
  9. 9. optaresolu,ons.com   Business  Units     Optare  Solu,ons  has  three  Business  Units  that   allow  our  teams  to  be  more  flexible,  focused,   and  offer  more  exper,se  to  deliver  high  quality   projects,  consul,ng  and  training   9     Order   Management     Network   Applica,ons     Solu,ons  &   Integra,on  
  10. 10. Order  Management   Business  Unit   ü  The  Order  Management  Business  Unit  is  specialized  in   Oracle  Communica,ons  Fulfillment  Suite  products   (OSM,  UIM,  ASAP,  IPSA)  and  RODOD  and  RSDOD   Solu,ons   ü  Our  highly  trained  and  skilled  team  of  Architects  and   Consultants  can  deliver  successful  turn-­‐key  projects,   Consul,ng  and  Professional  Services,  and  training.  
  11. 11. optaresolu,ons.com   Order  Management  BU   •  Optare   Solu,ons   started   working   with   Order   Management  Solu,ons  in  2002,  and  in  2003  started  the   first  project  using  MetaSolv  products,  which  became  part   of  Oracle  Communica,ons  in  2006   •  Optare   is   specialized   in   Oracle   Communica,ons   Fulfillmet   Suite   products   (OSM,   UIM,   ASAP,   IPSA)   and   RODOD  and  RSDOD  solu,ons.   •  Our   highly   trained   and   skilled   team   of   Architects   and   Consultants,   with   deep   knowledge   of   Order   Management   processes   and   Oracle   OSM,   can   deliver   successful:   –  Turn-­‐key  projects:  Sharing  with  you  your  challenges  and  risks   –  Consul,ng  and  Professional  Services:  Maximum  flexibility   11   Oracle   Communica,ons   Order   and  Service  Management  is  built   to   help   customers   address   their   long   standing   challenges   in   the   end   to   end   lifecycle   of   order   management   star,ng   from   offer   design   and   launch,   all   the   way   through   to   order   fulfillment   and   billing  ac,va,on.       Its   advanced   capabili,es   for   synchronized   offer   and   service   fulfillment   design,   automated   order  fallout  management  and  in-­‐ flight   order   change   management   provide   service   providers     the   most  advanced  set  or  produc,zed   capabili,es  in  the  industry.     Oracle Communications is our strategic partner, and the collaboration ranges from sales to training
  12. 12. optaresolu,ons.com   Order  Management  BU   Exper,se   12   •  OSM:   Product   designed   specifically   to  manage  the  complete  lifecycle  of   telecommunica,ons  orders.  It  is  used   in   solu,ons   for   Customer   Order   Management   (COM),   Service   Order   Management   (SOM)   and   Technical   Order  Management  (TOM)   •  UIM:   Unified   inventory   product   for   service   and   resources   inventory   and   also  to  model  the  services  defini,on   to   be   used   for   the   Design   &   Assign   process   •  ASAP   &   IPSA:   Ac,va,on   products   which   interface   with   the   network   elements   •  RODOD:  Rapid  Offer  Design  and  Order  Delivery  is  the   TMForum  cer,fied  BSS  order  management  solu,on    which   combines  three  elements       –  Oracle  Communica,ons  products:  Siebel,  OSM,  BRM  y  PH4C   –  Reference   architecture   aligned   with   TMForum’s   eTOM,   SID   and  TAM   –  Prebuilt  integra,on  components  between  Siebel,  OSM,  BRM   and  PH4C,  designed  for  extensibility   •  RSDOD:  Rapid  Service  Design  and    Order  Delivery  targets   the  OSS  part  of  order  management.  Specifically  is   responsible  for  the  “Design  and  Assign”  process  and  for   the  decoupling  from  Customer  Facing  Services  (CFS)  to   Resource  Facing  Services  (RFS)     –  Best   of   breed   Oracle   Communica,ons   products:   OSM,   UIM   and  ASAP&IPSA   –  Architectural  blueprints   –  Decouples   the   service   modeling   from   the   processes,   increasing  reusability  and  reducing  ,me  to  market   Products   Solu,ons  
  13. 13. optaresolu,ons.com   Oracle  OSM  is  an  applica,on  for  order  management   that  can  be  used  for  three  different  roles   In  all  three  roles,  Oracle  OSM  provides  out  of  the  box  key   func,onali,es  for  telecommunica,on  order  management   Oracle  Order  and  Service  Management   13   OSM  can  receive  orders  from  mul,ple  upstream  systems   and  transform  them  to  a  single  and  centralized  model  in   OSM,  independent  from  input  channel   Manages  in-­‐flight  order  changes  and  dependences   between  ac,vi,es  in  different  orders   Order  fallout  and  problema,c  situa,ons  management,   both  in  automa,c  and  manual  way   Ensures  visibility  to  other  systems  about  order  status   with  several  granularity  and  aggrega,on  levels     End  to  End  Order  Orchestra,on,  managing  rules  and   dynamic  criteria  in  run,me  for  each  order,  according  to   order  content   COM   (Central  Order  Management)   Customer  order  and  required  ac,ons  on  BSS  and   fulfillment  systems  orchestra,on   SOM   (Service  Order  Management)   Service  order  management,  oriented  to  design   services  and  assign  resources  from  services  inventory   TOM   (Technical  Order  Management)   Management  of  those  orders  which  interact  with   network  ac,va,on  layer  
  14. 14. optaresolu,ons.com   RODOD   Rapid  Offer  Design  and  Order  Delivery   14   RODOD  is  the  TMForum  cer,fied  solu,on  for  BSS  layer  order   management   •  Involved  products:  Siebel,  OSM,  BRM,  PH4C  and  AIA   •  Pre-­‐integra,on  between  products  though  AIA,  allowing  extensibility   •  Pre-­‐defined  use  cases  accross  the  products   PH4C
  15. 15. optaresolu,ons.com   Oracle  Unified  Inventory  Management   15   Ethernet and SDH ATM, Frame, SONET, TDM, and DWDM IP Services and MPLS Core UIM SYS A SYS B Integrated  catalog  and  lifecycle  for  services  and   resources   Customer-­‐centric  view  of  services  and  resources   Pre-­‐defined  technology  packs  to  support  network   resources  and  services   Replace  or  work  in  coopera,on  with  3rd  party  inventory   systems  with  the  Federa,on  Framework   Aligned  with  TMForum  SID  model  
  16. 16. Network  Applica,ons   Business  Unit   ü  We  work  together  with  our  Clients  to  improve  the   return  of  their  network  investment  by  crea,ng   convergent  services,  exposing  Telecom  services  to   other  companies,  and  deploying  new  OTT  services.   ü  Our  architects  and  consultants  team,  specialized  in   Service  Delivery  Plaoorms,  are  ready  to  success  in   Oracle  Communica,ons’  SDPs  deployment  turn-­‐key   projects,  as  well  as  Professional  Services  and  Training.  
  17. 17. optaresolu,ons.com   Network  Applica,ons   •  Carriers  concurrently  need  to  re-­‐evaluate  their  current  service  delivery   strategy  when  streamlining  their  OSSs.  Horizontal  next-­‐genera,on  service   delivery  pla`orms  (NG  SDPs)  are  becoming  a  strategic  focus  in  these   scenarios.   •  Our  specializa,on  on  Service  Gatekeeper  (OCSG)  and  Converged  Applica,on   Server  (OCCAS)  from  Oracle  Communica,ons  SDPs  suite,  give  us  the  ability   to  offer  solu,ons  :   –  Network  and  Service  exposure   –  OSS/BSS  gateways   –  Third-­‐party  Abstrac,on   –  Service  crea,on  and  execu,on  environments   –  Partner  Management   •  Thanks  to  our  Architects  and  Consultants  we  offer  services  of  specific   training,  consul,ng  and  Professional  Services,  and  turn-­‐key  project  for  SDPs   deployment  and  integra,on.   17  
  18. 18. Network  Applica,ons   Business  Scenarios  Demos   ü  We  are  in  con,nuous  searching  and  developing  of   Business  Scenarios  in  order  to  show  how  Network   Applica,ons|SDP  products  can  help  Telcos  to   innovate  and  reduce  opera,onal  costs.   18  
  19. 19. optaresolu,ons.com   Direct  Carrier  Billing   Summary   19   •  Demo  of  Direct  Carrier  Billing  (DCB)  using  Oracle  Communica,ons   Services  Gatekeeper  5.1  as  Payment  Gateway.   •  Opera,ve  Lab  integrated  with  SMS  Plaoorm,  Authoriza,on  Server   (OAuth  2.0)  and  Mobile  Applica,on  as  interface.   •  The  payment  from  the  mobile  applica,on  can  be  executed  using  2   types  of  valida,on:   –  A  security  code  generated  by  the  operator  and  sent  by  SMS   –  Redirec,on  to  an  Authoriza,on  Server  for  the  acquisi,on  of  a  valid  token   (OAuth  2.0)   •  Once  the  valida,ons  are  passed,  a  payment  order  is  generated  and   sent  to  the  OCS  (Online  Charging  System)  using  Diameter.  
  20. 20. optaresolu,ons.com   Direct  Carrier  Billing   Screenshots  Diagram   20   Carrier  Side   OAuth2  Valida,on   SMS  PIN  Valida,on   Payment   User  Side  
  21. 21. optaresolu,ons.com   Direct  Carrier  Billing   Logical  Architecture  View   21   Seller  Site   HTML5   Payment   Gateway   OCSG   OCS   PTE  (OCSG)   SMS     Plaoorm   Ro   SMS   REST   REST   Authoriza,on   Server   OCSG   OAuth2  HTTP  
  22. 22. optaresolu,ons.com   WebRTC  Rich  Communica,ons  Service   Summary   •  Demo  of  WebRTC  convergent  Rich  Communica,ons  Services  (RCS)   using  Oracle  Communica,ons  Converged  Applica,ons  Server  5.1   (OCCAS).       •  Presents  products  integra,on  of  Oracle,  Oracle-­‐Acme  and  thirds  for   the  OSS/BSS  development  and  integra,on  of  new  services.   •  Demo  Scenario   –  Calls  established  between  different  type  of  devices:  browser,  tablet,   sohphone,  PSTN…   –  Call  management  and  charging  using  OCCAS  func,onality   –  Rich  Communica,on  Services  developed  in  OCCAS  plaoorm   22  
  23. 23. optaresolu,ons.com   WebRTC  Rich  Communica,ons  Service   Screenshot  Diagram   23   Oauth  +SMS   WebRTC   Charging   CSP  Side   Service  Provider  Side  
  24. 24. optaresolu,ons.com   WebRTC  Rich  Communica,ons  Service   Architecture   24  
  25. 25. Solu,ons  &  Integra,on   Business  Unit   ü  Our  team,  thanks  to  their  knowledge  of  the  issues  and   challenges  faced  by  Telecom  Companies,  and  their   exper,se  on  market’s  leading  tools,  is  specialized  in   “turn-­‐key”  projects  for  OSS/BSS  solu,ons   development  and  deployment  as  well  as  systems   integra,on  
  26. 26. optaresolu,ons.com   Solu,ons  &  Integra,on   •  Born  with  the  company  in  2002  to  provide   services  in  solu,ons  integra,on  for   Telecommunica,on  Operators,  the  dean   business  unit  of  Optare  Solu,ons  has  the  core   of  its  experience  in  long-­‐term  projects  with   Vodafone  and  R  Cable.   •  Our  team,  thanks  to  its  knowledge  of  the   issues  faced  by  telecommunica,ons  operators,   and  its  mastery  of  market-­‐leading  tools,  is   specialized  in  “turn-­‐key”  projects  in  the  fields   of  development  and/or  deployment  of  OSS/ BSS  solu,ons,  systems   integra,on  and  applica,on  maintenance.   26  
  27. 27. optaresolu,ons.com   Solu,ons  &  Integra,on   Experience   •  We  have  extensive  experience  in  projects  of:   –  Deployment  of  Telecoms  specific  solu,ons  like  Oracle  Metasolv  Solu,on,  Vitria   Businessware  ,Convergys  Geneva  …   –  Systems  Integra,on  based  in  middleware  plaoorms  like  Oracle  Fusion   Middleware,  TibCO,  MQ  Series,  …   –  Design  and  implementa,on  of  bespoke  OSS/BSS  solu,ons   •  Some  of  our  domains  of  interven,on  are:   –  Regulated  Processes:  Implementa,on  of    solu,ons  that  allow  the  management  of   portability  and  local-­‐loop  unbundling  related  processes   –  Logical,  services  and  Network  inventory:  Network  Discovery,  Inventory  normaliza,on   and  concilia,on   –  Telco  Logis,cs:  Tracking  and  improvement  of  logis,c  processes  for  Telecommunica,on   Operators   –  Customer  Experience  /  Quality  of  Experience:  Measurement  of  End-­‐to-­‐End  Quality  of   Experience,  based  on  subjec,ve  models,  data  analysis  and  processing  to  improve   Customer  Experience   –  AD&M  Services:    Applica,on  development  and  maintenance    of  OSS/BSS  Solu,ons   27  
  28. 28. optaresolu,ons.com   Customer  Experience  Tools   Quality  of  Experience  Solu,on   •  In  the  current  socio-­‐economic  environment,  it  is  becoming  more  important  for  telecommunica,on   service  providers  to  reduce  churn  and  the  cost  of  arrac,ng  new  customers  (reten,on  campaigns,  re   sizing  of  CACs,  nega,ve  marke,ng,  …).  It  becomes  more  important  for  Telecommunica,on   Operators  to  measure  and  understand  the  quality  perceived  by  customers  in  rela,on  to  the   services  provided  in  a  given  environment,  with  the  aim  to  use  this  knowledge  to  take  ac,ons  to   both  improve  this  percep,on  and  add  value  to  the  commercial  offer.   •  Optare  Solu,ons  is  currently  working  on  “turn-­‐key”,  scalable  solu,ons  that  allow  to  berer   understand  Telecom  Customers,  based  on  the  u,liza,on  of  subjec,ve  models,  to  measure  End-­‐to-­‐ End  customer  percep,on  of  the  services  delivered  by  the  operator  (Quality  of  Experience),   including  customer  device  and  local  network  segment.   •  Informa,on  rela,ve  to  the  Quality  of  Experience  in  the  use  of  services  allows  to  enrich  Customer   Experience  knowledge  and  customer-­‐provider  rela,onship,  making  possible  to  increase  Customer   Sa,sfac,on  and  enhance  fideliza,on.   •  Some  possibili,es  of  our  solu,on  are  :   –  Facilitates  the  work  of  field  technicians  and  call  center,  by  helping  them  to  respond  to  customer  issues  with   concrete  ac,ons.   –  Allows  performing  proac,ve  ac,ons  before  problems  are  detected  or  reported  by  customers.   –  Facilitates  parern  detec,on  in  customer  services  quality,  in  order  to  design  improvement  strategic  plans.   28  
  29. 29. optaresolu,ons.com   AD&M  Vodafone  Broadband   Business  Case   •  Aher  8  years  working  for  Comunitel  >  Tele2  >  Vodafone  in  the  field  of  broadband   systems,  Optare  Solu,ons  signs  in  2010  a  contract  with  IBM  Global  Services,  to  provide   an  Applica,on  Development  &  Maintenance  service  for  Vodafone  Spain  Broadband   Systems.   •  Vodafone  Broadband  AD&M  project  team  is  composed  of  30  professionals  dedicated,  in   one  hand  to  preven,ve  and  correc,ve  maintenance  of  the  systems  and  on  the  other  to   the  design  and  implementa,on  of  changes  in  exis,ng  systems  and  processes,  the  design   and  implementa,on  of  new  systems  and  business  processes  and  to  provide  integra,on   solu,ons  with  other  systems.   •  Some  of  the  latest  projects  we  have  carried  out  in  under  the  ADM  Broadband  Vodafone   contract:   –  Design  and  implementa,on  of  a  new  system  based  on  Oracle  SOA  Suite  pla`orm  that  manages   the  access  to  the  services  on  Telefonica’s  NEON  Plaoorm  for  regulated  processes:   •  Local  Loop  Unbundling   •  Fault  Management   •  Informa,on  Services   –  Op,miza,on  of  exis,ng  systems  and  implementa,on  of  a  new  system  to  make  possible  24  hours   Fixed  Number  Portability  (Technologies  involved  Oracle  Metasolv  Solu,on,  Oracle  SOA  Suite  ,   Weblogic)   29  
  30. 30. Further  informa,on…   Nacho  Garmilla  -­‐  Network  Applica,ons  BU  Director   M.  +34  609  653  667   ngarmilla@optaresolu,ons.com         Alberto  Moraña  –  Solu,ons  &  Integra,on  BU  Director   M.  +34  646  600  588   amorana@optaresolu,ons.com         Ricardo  Riguera  –  Order  Management  BU  Director   M.  +34  675  550  026   rriguera@optaresolu,ons.com