Opscode-Eucalyptus Webinar 20110721
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Opscode-Eucalyptus Webinar 20110721 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Eucalyptus-Opscode Webinar 21 July, 2011 Brady Murray Director of Alliances, Eucalyptus Systems
  • 2. Today’s Speakers Brady Murray Bryan Hale Seth ChisamoreDirector of Alliances Director of Sr. TechnicalEucalyptus Systems Business Development Evangelist Opscode Opscode © 2011 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  • 3. Eucalyptus Overview!  Most widely-deployed software platform for on-premise IaaS clouds!  25,000+ cloud starts to date and growing!  AWS-compatible, enterprise-deployed!  Largest partner ecosystem!  Open source developed © 2011 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  • 4. Our MissionWe help our customers bring the powerof elastic cloud computing to the most demanding IT environments: • With visibility, trust and control •  With openness and a strong ecosystem © 2011 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  • 5. Why Are You Thinking Cloud?Benefits of the cloud include:!  Faster, self-service provisioning!  On-demand, pay for use IT services!  Elasticity and scalability for variable and unpredictable workloads!  Efficiencies in infrastructure operations © 2011 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  • 6. Evolving to Cloud Services Physical Virtualized CloudDatacenter Infrastructure Services A A A A A App A A A Cloud Platform (IaaS) S S S S S S S S S S S S SW W W W W W W W W W W W W HW HW HW HW HW © 2011 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  • 7. Why Private Cloud?On-premise private cloud benefits include:!  Secure cloud within your own firewall!  Installs on existing IT infrastructure!  Higher utilization!  Better control and manageability!  Visibility and trust!  Hybrid cloud © 2011 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  • 8. Eucalyptus IaaS Cloud Uses © 2011 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  • 9. Eucalyptus SummaryWhy Eucalyptus?!  Most mature platform!  Most widely downloaded and used!  Open source!  AWS-compatibility!  Deep partner ecosystemCustomers Experience:!  Faster provisioning times!  Better ability to handle modern workloads!  Easier control over their datacenters
  • 10. Fully Automated Private Cloud © 2011 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  • 11. Opscode: We Know Infrastructure•  40 employees•  Based in Seattle, WA•  Founded open source project Chef•  Raised $13.5M
  • 12. Chef MomentumMany large and innovative companies Contribute to Chef……and thousands of others automate infrastructure with Chef
  • 13. Opscode’s Products1st Chef The worldʼs best open source 3rd Community Site Access to systems integration framework. sharable infrastructure recipes 2nd Hosted Chef Manage Chef clients with a central, highly scalable, multi-tenant service run by the experts at Opscode.
  • 14. How Chef WorksChef uses “Roles” that are comprised of “Recipes” and describe how to buildInfrastructure Role: Web Server !"#$%&#(&($)#*+! !"#$%&#(&($)#*001,23//-+! !",-#.(/#+! Third Generation Programming Language
  • 15. “Chef is like a little systems admin robot…you tell it how you want your system configured, and it will do all the dirty work.”- Chef User
  • 16. DEMONSTRATIONFrom ‘bare metal’ through application deployment with fully-automated privatecloud infrastructure. Application Deployment! Systems Integration! Configuration Management! Server Provisioning!
  • 17. “Ethel, I think we’re fighting a losing game.”Cloud computing solves oneproblem… …and creates another
  • 18. Solution: An open and automated tool chainApplication Deployment & Orchestration! Systems Integration!Configuration Management`! Server Provisioning!
  • 19. 1. Server ProvisioningProvision new servers by API (ie, the chocolate candy machine) Application Deployment! Systems Integration! Configuration Management`! •  Create node objects •  Server Provisioning! Lay down a base OS •  Connect to a network •  Put it in security group(s)
  • 20. 2. Configuration ManagementThe ‘dirty work’ of getting a new server ready to be put into production Application Deployment! Systems Integration! •  Install packages •  Configuration Management`! Write files •  Turn services on/off Server Provisioning!
  • 21. 3. Systems IntegrationConfiguration ‘around’ the new servers, requires infrastructure-wide knowledge Application Deployment! •  Systems Integration! Install & configure monitoring Load Balancer •  Put in load-balancing rotations Configuration Management`! •  Manage users & environments Server Provisioning! Web Server Web Server DB Master DB Slave DB Slave Disk Disk Disk
  • 22. 4. Application DeploymentIn a search-driven infrastructure, deploying apps is “easy” Application Deployment! Systems Integration! search(:apps) do |app| (app["server_roles"] & node.run_list.roles).each do |app_role| Configuration Management`! app["type"][app_role].each do |thing| Server Provisioning! node.run_state[:current_app] = app include_recipe "application::#{thing}" end end end node.run_state.delete(:current_app)
  • 23. DEMONSTRATIONFrom ‘bare metal’ through application deployment with fully-automated privatecloud infrastructure. Application Deployment! Systems Integration! Configuration Management! Server Provisioning!
  • 24. Questions?
  • 25. Fully-Automated Private Cloud1.  Download Eucalyptus FastStart: –  eucalyptus.com/go/faststart2.  Sign Up for EucaStart: –  eucalyptus.com/services/consulting/ eucalyptus-eucastart-service3.  Build This Demo Yourself: –  opscode.com/webcasts/eucalyptus/4.  Free Opscode Trial: –  community.opscode.com/users/new © 2011 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  • 26. Brady Murray Bryan HaleBrady.Murray@Eucalyptus.com Bryan@Opscode.com 415.874.9429 206.226.3626 © 2011 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.