Intercultural competence for global account teams
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Intercultural competence for global account teams






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    Intercultural competence for global account teams Intercultural competence for global account teams Document Transcript

    • Intercultural  Sales   for     Global  Account     Manager       Multiple  situations  in  a  fiscal  year   are  impacted  by  cultural  differences:   •  A  Global  Account  Manager  has  to  perform  in  an  mul6na6onal   account  team   •  Global  Accounts  take  care  of  customers  interna6onally   •  People  working  in  the  same  office  are  from  different  cultural   “Culture  is  to  know  the  best   backgrounds  that  has  been  said  and  thought   in  the  world”   •  Quote  requests  and  administra6on  support  is  coming  from      Matthew  Arnold.   nearshore  countries   •  proof  of  concepts  are  requested  from  India     •  consul6ng  or  presales  resources  are  oAen  staffed  from  other   countries  
    • Why   do   we   need   Intercultural     Competence  in  Sales?         D a i l y   b u s i n e s s   r e q u i r e s   the   company,   employees   have   to   communication   and   coordination   interact   with   people   from   different   between   different   resources   from   cultural   backgrounds   and   individual   across   the   globe.   Customer   success   behavior.   Awareness   of   the   different   demands  working  across  multiple  lines   styles  and  the  ability  to  adjust  is  key  to   of   businesses,   external   clients   and   the   setup   of   successful   customer   internal   services   from   different   relationships,   account   teams   and  Benefits  of  a  training   cultural  backgrounds.     networks.  §  Fewer  circles  in   Having   account   teams   taking   care   of   a   communication   more   international   customer   base  §  Shorter  sales  cycles   with   a   growing   number   of   members   requires   the   alignment   of   resources  §  Control  risk  of  slipping   deals   a n d   c o o r d i n a t i o n   o f   a c t i o n s .   Disruptions   and   misunderstandings  §  Increased  forecast   have   to   be   minimized   in   order   to   accuracy   adjust  to  market  situations  quickly  and  §  Better  Win  Rate   efficiently.  Due  to  the  global  setup  of    
    • Training   Concept  Agenda   §  International  behavioral  styles  and  global  mind  mentalities   §  Assessment  of  your  personal  cultural  profile   §  Perception  of  own  and  foreign  culture   §  Challenges  and  Chances  of  virtual  team  work     §  Theoretical   Basics   for   Culture   Comparisons   and   it’s   application   to   selected   countries   §  Strengths/Potential  Analysis  of  work  related  cultures   §  Task   responsibilities   of   account   team   members   according   to   their   cultural   strengths   §  Application  of  Theory  into  Practice     -  Selection  of  own  intercultural  work  experience   -  Evaluating  cause  of  difficulty   -  Develop  solution  options  for  the  future  Goal   Learn  how  to  effec6vely  perform  in  Global  Account  Teams  and  contribute  to  a   companies  success  Dura6on   2  days  Loca6on   To  be  defined  Price   EUR  2.500  (for  max.  12  par6cipants  Includes   Handout,  iOS  App  Access  
    • Cultics  =  Culture  +  Economics   Foundation   Professional  background   I  used  to  wake  up  every   The  intercultural  aspect   morning,  looking  at  two  big  red   followed  me  ever  since.  My   chinese  characters,  symbolizing   professional  career  started  in  a   the  words  „Great  Dragon“.  Only   multinational  mid-­‐sized   a  street  with  cars  but  mostly   company  located  thirty  minutes   bikes  separated  the  „Great   from  Manhattan.  I  continued   Dragon  Hotel“  from  the  district   selling  training  products  from           for  expatriates  in  Beijing.  My   Dublin  for  Oracle,  a  global   parents  decided  to  accept  an   software  company  with  “Great   personality,   outstanding   commercial   international  assignment  and  I   presence  in  over  145  countries  attitude,   solid   professional   approach,   spent  four  years  in  a  country  full   and  over  120.000  employees  pristine   communication   skills.   I   met   her   of  contrasts  to  my  home  culture.   worldwide.  After  two  years  the  during   an   intense   train   the   trainer   program  and   it   was   a   real   pleasure.  She   is   not   only   a   company  provided  the  great   commercial   person,   but   she   would   What  did  I  learn?  That  children   possibility  to  move  to  Berlin  to  definitly   do   great   in   any   "people   job",   from  diverse  countries  do  find  a   work  for  an  international  team  including  HR  and  Training!”   mutual  language  to  play  with  Andrea  Raimondi     selling  into  cross  -­‐  european   each  other.  That  culture  can  be   accounts.  After  being   experienced  with  all  senses  –  it   responsible  for  the  marketing  of   feels,  smells,  sounds,  looks  and   this  team  I  decided  to  extend   tastes  different.  I  find  my   my  experience  to  rather   experiences  with  the  eyes  of  a   medium  sized  companies  in   child  as  the  foundation  of  my   Switzerland.     professional  focus.   Passion     My  passion  is  to  multiply  my     multicultural  experiences  by   offering  intercultural  trainings     with  the  right  focus  on  cultural     theory  and  it’s  application  into   practice.     My  sales  &  marketing     background  allows  me  to  apply   intercultural  competence  skills   The  Trainer:     •  Multiple  years  in  inside  sales  of  pan-­‐ to  an  economic  perspective  and   European  inside  sales  team       support  goals  for  sales,   •  Business  Development  in  a  global   marketing,  HR  and   software  company     entrepreneurs.   •  Certified  Intercultural  Trainer   •  Certified  Social  Media  Strategist