Len Sauers at Opportunity Green 2009
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Len Sauers at Opportunity Green 2009

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Len Sauers, VP Sustainability, Procter and Gamble, at Opportunity Green 2009

Len Sauers, VP Sustainability, Procter and Gamble, at Opportunity Green 2009

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  • 1. Designed to Matter Len Sauers, PhD Vice President, Global Sustainability
  • 2. P&G Defines Sustainability Broadly… Social Responsibility Environment al Responsibility Sustainability … better quality of life for everyone, now and for generations to come
  • 3. 2012 Strategies Strategy 1: Products Strategy 2: Operations Strategy 3: Social Responsibility Strategy 4: Employees Strategy 5: Stakeholders
  • 4. Product Innovation
  • 5. Product Innovation Consumer Insight
  • 6. Sustainable Innovation Products Products with a significantly reduced (>10%) environmental footprint versus previous or alternative products…and no trade-offs for the consumer.
  • 7. Product Innovation Science Based Approach
  • 8. P&G’s Energy Footprint Product Type Materials Packaging Transport External Disposal Diaper Feminine Pad Bathroom Tissue Paper Towel Laundry Liquid Dishwash Liquid Fabric Softener Shampoo 0.0E+00 5.0E+07 1.0E+08 1.5E+08 2.0E+08 2.5E+08 3.0E+08 3.5E+08 Energy (GJ) Life Cycle Phase Use in the Home P&G Manufacture Transport Internal Diaper Bathroom Tissue Laundry Liquid Fabric Softener Feminine Pad Paper Towel Liquid Dishwash Shampoo
  • 9. Product Innovation Cold Water Washing
  • 10. Environmental Benefits of Cold Water Washing
      • Great Impact
    • If every U.S. household used cold water for laundry, the energy savings would be 70 to 90 billion kilowatt hours per year.
    • These savings would translate into 34 million tons of carbon dioxide per year not released into the environment, which is nearly eight percent of the Kyoto target for the U.S.
      • Changing Consumer Behavior….
    • In the UK, 23% now wash in 30°C, up from 2%. Over 58,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions prevented.
    • In the Netherlands, 52% now wash in 30 o C, up from 7%.
  • 11. Product Innovation Dramatic Changes in Formulation A Dramatic Reduction in Overall Environmental Footprint 40-50% Less water to manufacture 30-40% Less energy to manufacture 20-50% Less energy by washing in low temperatures 14-40% Less packaging 40-57% Less trucks to transport
  • 12. Innovation in Packaging
    • Partnered with WRAP in UK to deliver innovation that enables packaging reduction without compromising integrity.
    Before BOWS 38.7 grams After BOWS 33.2 grams 1 % Less Plastic 4 Thinner Thicker
  • 13. New Pantene execution in China 170 Metric Tons of Packaging Saved = 2 Boeing 737 Jets
  • 14.
    • Educational outreach to millions of consumers with products, tools and information to enable simple household changes to save energy, save water and reduce waste.
    • Built on science, unique consumer knowledge and partnerships
    • Aimed at enabling meaningful, measurable impacts – without sacrificing value or performance
    • Launched in Western Europe in 2006; Canada in 2007; U.S. test pilot in Cedar Rapids, IA in 2009
  • 15. Operational Improvements End-to-End Matters
  • 16. Operational Improvements End-to-End Strategy
  • 17. Manufacturing Waste Water Energy and CO 2 Waste disposal decreased 86% AT BANGKOK’S BEAUTY CARE PLANT Since 2006, improvements made company-wide resulted in 20% METRIC TONS OF PACKAGING MATERIAL AVOIDANCE Multiple projects in Western Europe each resulted 24-28 m 3 (cubic meters) of water savings per unit of production
  • 18. Manufacturing
    • 77 Point Plan rates facility’s potential impact on C0 2 , energy, waste, water and environmental quality
    • Used for new construction and to review existing facilities
    • Urlati, Romania: Beauty Care Plant
      • Recovers heat used in manufacturing to heat the building and water
    • Euskirchen, Germany: Customization Center
      • First P&G building in world with operating solar photovoltaic system
    Conserving through Smart Eco-Design
  • 19. Manufacturing
    • GARP: Global Asset Recovery Purchases
    • Turns waste and nonperforming inventory into something useful
    • China: Softer, younger-looking leather
    • Converts facial cream components for use in leather care
    • Budapest, Hungary: creative heating source
    • Scrap Always feminine protection pads are shredded and burned to provide heat for a cement factory
    Giving Waste New Life through Re-use
  • 20. Finished Product Logistics Intermodal transportation shifts away from trucks and planes in favor of boats and trains, saving fuel and reducing C02 emissions. Optimizing Outbound Transportation By using river and ocean routes, CO 2 emissions are reduced by at least 60% 4,000 METRIC TONS BY YEAR
  • 21. Social Responsibility Commitment Matters
  • 22. Improving life for millions of children in need every year Leveraging the power of P&G brands
  • 23.  
  • 24. Social Responsibility Pampers and UNICEF: Working Together for Healthy Babies Goal: eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus by 2012 by providing vaccines Since 2006, 45.5 million WOMEN AND THEIR BABIES PROTECTED AGAINST MATERNAL AND NEONATAL TETANUS
  • 25. Social Responsibility Safeguard: Building a Great Wall of Hygiene Broadens health hygiene education and builds sanitation facilities in rural China to encourage handwashing. Consumer purchases of Safeguard help fund the Program.
  • 26. Social Responsibility P&G and Shiksha - Increasing Access to Education in India 87,000 Children reached in 5 years, translating to 85 Villages free of child labor 4,495 Children immunized 2,623 Children mainstreamed into formal school 100 Full enrollment villages
  • 27. Employee Engagement Responsibility Matters
  • 28. Employee Engagement Earth Day Events: A World of Progress
    • 78 sites around the world held local events around four themes:
    • Reducing travel
    • Reducing waste
    • Reducing energy use
    • Volunteering through Live, Learn & Thrive
  • 29. Employee Engagement Some Highlights from the Week’s Activities: 14 METRIC TONS OF MATERIAL ARE NOW RECYCLED PER QUARTER 70% BOTTLED WATER CONSUMPTION REDUCED Recycled cardboard volume has increased 3X TO 350 KILOGRAMS FROM 100 KILOGRAMS
  • 30. Employee Engagement Ongoing Events: Maintaining Engagement Year-Round
    • Employees participate in ongoing programs to maintain engagement:
    • Sustainability Ambassador Network
    • Idea Challenges
    • Sustainability Weeks
    • Employee Sustainability Challenges
    • Volunteer events
  • 31. Stakeholders External Partnerships Matters
  • 32. Stakeholders External Partnerships
    • Retailers
    • Regulators
    • NGOs
  • 33. Stakeholders Solid Waste P&G scientists published Integrated Solid Waste Management: A Life Cycle Inventory . Voiced support for practical solutions: - benefits of recycling and energy recovery - ways to implement curbside collection A Partner in the Journey
  • 34.
    • Cooperation in Thailand with:
    • TIPMSE — Thailand Institute of Packaging Management for Sustainable Environment
    • Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
    • Introduced recyclable work banks in more
    • than 200 communities countrywide.
    Solutions for the Developing World Stakeholders Solid Waste