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ManageEngine OpManager Scores over Big 4!

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A report from Info-Tech Research Group proves that ManageEngine OpManager scores over Big 4 in systems monitoring.

A report from Info-Tech Research Group proves that ManageEngine OpManager scores over Big 4 in systems monitoring.

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  • 1. About the Research done by Info-tech Research group evaluated the products of major IT systems mgmt. software vendors in Targeted at the market enterprises looking for a comprehensive & centralized IT systems mgmt. Products are software compared for features, usability & affordability
  • 2. Products of 13 vendors were evaluated
  • 3. Evaluation criteria & Scoring factors
  • 4. Comparison chart taken from the Report * Vendor declined to provide pricing information
  • 5. What is ManageEngine’s score? On a relative basis, ManageEngine maintained the highest Info-Tech Value ScoreTM of the vendor group. Vendors were indexed against ManageEngine’s performance to provide a complete, relative view of their product offerings. Avg. score:66100 85 84 84 73 61 58 39 12 0 uptime MicrosoftManageEngine Nagios Zenoss Kaseya SolarWinds IBM CA Other
  • 6. ManageEngine’s Systems Management Portfolio Asset demount or Reissue Asset disposal stage (ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus) Application Monitoring H/W upgrade (ManageEngine Applications Service desk OS/ SW Patch Manager) (ManageEngine Operations stage Desktop Central) Systems Monitoring (ManageEngine OpManager) OS & Software deployment Design, Test and (ManageEngine OS Deployer) Deploy stage Systems Management scope
  • 7. How did OpManager Score over the Big 4 in Systems Monitoring? Comprehensive system monitoring feature set Affordable & Faster Return on Investment (ROI) Easy-to-use, offers maps & customizable dashboards Out-of-the-box supports over 600 device types
  • 8. OpManager’s Comprehensive Feature Set
  • 9. Affordability• Visit http://store.opmanager.com to know the pricing : “ManageEngine offers the best bang for your buck”
  • 10. Usability• Easy-to-install and use• Deploy the product yourself in hours• No consultation required• User friendly GUI• Text and video tutorials• Smart Phone UI
  • 11. Architecture• Out-of-the-box supports over 600 device types• Enterprise Edition scales up to 50,000 interfaces or 5,000 devices• Monitors distributed networks with Probe- Central architecture
  • 12. OpManager’s Integration with Other Products• ManageEngine Applications Manager – Offers cloud & applications, and end user experience monitoring• ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus – Offers ITIL ready service desk• For Other IT management products – Offers REST API
  • 13. OpManager is trusted by over 10,000 companies worldwide
  • 14. Thank youbharanikumar@zohocorp.com To know more on OpManager visit http://www.opmanager.com