Hassle free test automation with OpKey


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Hassle free test automation with OpKey

  1. 1. HASSLE FREE TEST AUTOMATION WITH OpKeyMaintainability is the ease with which a product can be maintained in order to: isolate defects or their cause correct defects or their cause meet new requirements make future maintenance easier, or cope with a changed environmentIn the world of Automation testing, Engineer’s face several challenges in creating and maintaining theautomated test scripts. OpKey works like a charm in meeting those challenges.Example: Changing properties of objectsThe challenge mostly faced in automation testing is the changing properties of objects. Let’s have anexample for OpKey dealing with such situations. Suppose I have a test script which clicks on an objectwith name “Sign In”. So I have added an object in ObjectRepository with “name” property set to “Sign In”as shown below:Now I have used this object in my “TestCase” and executed it. It works perfectly fine but when next day Iexecuted the same script it fails saying “Object with specified properties not found”. To resolve thenightmare when I checked the object properties I found that the site developer has changed the “name”property of that object. The new “name” is “Sign_In”. So instead of modifying my whole script I simply
  2. 2. modified the updated property in my “ObjectRepository” as shown below:Again executing the same script with this minute change in object properties worked perfectly.Example: Dealing with frequently changing dataAnother challenge we normally face is the frequently changing data. Let’s have another example to seethe ease with which OpKey handle such situations. Suppose I have created a test script which takes“username” and “password” as input for login. So I have created a DataRepository in OpKey with twocolumns “User Name” and “Password” as shown below:Now I have used this DataRepository in my testcase. It works perfectly till these user’s are eligible to loginbut what if these users are deleted by the administrator or they are no more eligible to login? Do I need tore-write my test scripts? The answer is NO; OpKey ease with data management provides flexibility tomodify the existing data without modifying the scripts. I can simply provide the updated credentials in myDataRepository as shown below:
  3. 3. Again executing the same script worked absolutely fine.Example: Dealing with changing objects behaviorAnother challenging situation arises due to the modifications in behavior of an object. Let’s have anotherexample for this situation. Suppose I have a “TestCase” skipping the text in a non-mandatory field. So Ihave added steps in my “TestCase” for filling the mandatory fields and clicking the submit button asshown below:It was executing fine till I faced a situation where one non-mandatory field becomes mandatory. Butthanks to OpKey for meeting the new requirements and adapting the changing environment very easily. Ihave simply modified my “TestCase” by adding a new step for the new mandatory field as shown belowJust with this simple modification my existing script again started working absolutely fine.I love OpKey for its great features and handling the most challenging situations very easily. Just like itsname we can open complex locks with one master key called “OpKey”.