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Focused on corporate market, TEN Hunting offers services of executive search, assessment, organizational development & career management speakings. We manage both international and national projects.

Please talk to us of your demand for talents that we will use our extensive network on your behalf.

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TEN Hunting (Eng.)

  1. 1. TEN Hunting Matching Opportunities & Talents
  2. 2. Differential Strong presence in social networks Wide network Brazil & International Attraction Capacity Macthmaking: Projects & Talents
  3. 3. http://www.topexecutivesnet.com • Own social network • Focused on corporate market • Membership spans over 90+ countries.
  4. 4. Portfólio TENServices Speakings Organizational & Career Development International Projects Executive Search Assessment
  5. 5. 5 Assessment Focused on potential assessment, it has immediate and efficient application in the processes of talent identification , competences mapping, performance evaluation and internal selection to promotion & admission. Executive Search – Hunting Processes are based on the most advanced hunting techniques, profile identification with the best performance indicators. The objective is to attract the most qualified professionals who match customer needs and cultural adherence. Executive Search & Assessment
  6. 6. NegotiationInterviewResearch • Diagnosis of company s needs & culture along with position profile definition. • Profile definition for each demand, when technical and behavioral competences are identified together with the concern of organization s values and creeds. • Identification of Target companies, search repositories & determination of the company regarding research environment for demanded professionals. • Profissionals are identified, approached, pre-interview takes place and a search analysis is presented to the company for its consideration. • All candidates selected as potential will be invited to participate in a technical interview when it will be defined those who really attend the company s required profile. • Coordenation of interviews along with the company Starting 15 working days (introduction of first candidates) Interviews with clients Candidate hiring According to the availability of company and candidate • Introduction of professional and personal references of the chosen candidate. • Support to the negotiation process between the company & the candidate. • Soft and professional feed-back to all non accepted candidates who participated in the process. • 3-month Coaching after the hiring to facilitate the new employee s integration process. Recruiting & Selection
  7. 7. Allign with the concepts among all stakeholders and establish the unique definition of competence. Identifies and relates the behaviors that characterize the existence of competence in distinguished levels of relevance. Identifies and relates the behaviors that characterize the non dominance of this competence and that require its development. Definition Description of Adequate Behavior Unexpected Attitudes Assessment
  8. 8. Relates and establishes actions that the manager must do in order to develop competences in the team. Completes with suggestions of specialized reading to add knowledge to the in development competences. Recommends development actions that will support the IDP – Individual Development Plan. IDP Keys Coaching Guide Self- Learning Sources Competences Map
  9. 9. Career Anchor tool Application - Edgar Schein (1986) DISC tool application – William Marston (1928) From competences identification needed to the position together with the company Interview per Competence Behavioral Profile Evaluation Career Value Identification Feed-backs to Managers focused on Self-Development Conclusions and Recommendations to the Company and the start of an individual coaching program. Profile Evaluation
  10. 10. Use of a non transparent questionnaire in data capturing to elaborate the mapping and results that are compared to standard profile patterns Analysis of characteristics that form personal personality, co-relating the result to extremely reliable patterns. Referral Patterns 100% WEB or via printed questionnaire “Brazilian” method , totally adapted to culture, conditions & local traits. Mathmatically within PROFESSIONAL PROFILES related to the position ´s demand Statistically with the Brazilian POPULATIONAL PROFILE defining the statistic norm. Mathmatical study shows the profile attends the position requirements Methodology
  11. 11. Team • Virtual agile networking entreprise focused on projects • Senior team and very experienced • Reached leading positions in big companies • Multiskilled, Complementaries & Multifuncionals • Acting in Brazil and Abroad • Fluency in several languages
  12. 12. 1. Executive Search • Director • Senior Manager 2. Assessment 3. Speakings • Organizational Development • Career Management 4. International Projects • Brazilian repatriation • Foreign Talents Imports • Brazilian Talents Exports Request for Proposal
  13. 13. Contact Octavio Pitaluga Neto TEN – Top Executives Net Chief Networking Officer octavio@topexecutivesnet.com Tel: +55 21. 2235-8721 Cel: +55 21. 8829-4933 Skype: octaviopitaluga GTalk: opitaluga@gmail.com @topexecutives