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Travel photography advice


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TIps on taking interesting travel photos, with many examples, in a humorous presentation.

TIps on taking interesting travel photos, with many examples, in a humorous presentation.

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  • 1. Travel Photography Tips Dave Shafer
  • 2. Travel photos canbe taken almostanywhere.
  • 3. As you travel more, you lose some of your original naivete
  • 4. With time the traveler will losean awe of famous foreign places“Not so loud, sweetie.We’re in Europe.”
  • 5. You may travel by bike
  • 6. Or by off-road vehicles
  • 7. By plane
  • 8. Or your favorite 3-wheeler
  • 9. You might take a cruise
  • 10. You may witness camel pick-up attempts in Arabia
  • 11. Or learn how to go swimming in Australia
  • 12. If your idea of fun isjust hanging out athome you are missingsome of life’s greatexperiences.
  • 13. Got milk? If you travel far fromhome, be sure to bringsome key supplies, likeextra camera batteries.
  • 14. Wherever you go and whatever you do it is goodto think first about how to get the best travel photos.
  • 15. There are several aspects of your travelphotos that should be considered.• Perspective• Context• Street life• People• Water reflections• Unusual or quirky sights• Time of day and night photos
  • 16. PerspectiveIn travel photography, as well as close up, the taking angle can add interest to a shot
  • 17. An unusual perspective can enhance the interest of ascene. A view from above is often effective.
  • 18. You canclimb up tohigh levels ina church fora good view. This isNordlingen,Germany.
  • 19. Roof tops in slanting sunlight can be interesting.
  • 20. Heidelberg bridgetaken from oppositehilltop. Note the diagonalcomposition, whichis always a goodidea. You need to makesome effort for thebest photos. Thisone required a steepclimb up a hill to geta good view.
  • 21. A ground level photo of a building like this one …….
  • 22. … is not as interesting as a picture from a different elevation, Schwangau, Germany.
  • 23. Landscape detail almost requires a shot from above inmany situations. Edinburgh, Scotland
  • 24. Edinburgh, Scotland – elevated view of park
  • 25. Prague garden –it would have beenbetter if I couldhave gotten up alittle higher forthis shot.
  • 26. Lucerne, (Luzern inGerman) Switzerland,taken from oppositehigh-up hotel room.
  • 27. Elevated perspective adds a lot of interest. Czech Republic
  • 28. Elevated perspective adds interest. Czech Republic
  • 29. Elevated perspective can show patterns that can’t beeasily fit into a ground level photo. Czech Republic
  • 30. Elevated view of town square, Meersberg, Germany
  • 31. Ground level view of Linderhof castle, Germany
  • 32. Elevated view of Linderhof castle, Germany
  • 33. Edinburgh, Scotland - National Art Gallery, looking down
  • 34. Perspective leads you into the picture - Mainau, Germany
  • 35. More perspective –night café scene, winterin Paris.
  • 36. Unusualperspectiveadds interest.New York City
  • 37. Context – shows the larger setting of a scene. Take pairs of photos to show context. Bridge closeupmakes a nice pair with more distant shot.
  • 38. Terrifying (was to me)bridge at NeuschwanstienCastle, Germany
  • 39. Photo pairs give close updetail plus larger context.Lucerne, Switzerland.Note sheer drop off fromchurch.
  • 40. Photo on right shows hotel better but photo on left shows context - thevery steep and long tram track shows how high up the hotel is. Use bothpictures to make a pair, for a slide show. Lucerne, Switzerland
  • 41. More context - in a slide show, like this one, it is a goodidea to include some maps to show how you went from A toB to C and where they are relative to each other.
  • 42. I went from Prague to Karlovy Vary to Cesky Krumlov to Telc andthen back to Prague
  • 43. Street life - serendipitous random sights while walking in a city.Prague, Czech Republic. This is car is easy to find in a parking lot.
  • 44. Beer delivery truck, Prague
  • 45. Weird street lifephoto from theinternet, unknownlocation.
  • 46. Street life photofrom the internet,unknown location.
  • 47. Odd but charming street scene, Nuremberg, Germany
  • 48. Puzzling holiday ritual – Nuremburg, Germany
  • 49. Street life scenes include what you see while driving.
  • 50. Music critic,NurembergGermany
  • 51. In some countries, like Germany, people do not want their picturetaken by strangers. But there are always performers, where it is OK.Top of Mt. Pilatus, Switzerland.
  • 52. Prague, Czech Republic.
  • 53. A scene with people in it is more interesting, even if theyare not the main subject. Lake Lucerne, Switzerland
  • 54. People in foregroundcan lead you into apicture – CzechRepublic.
  • 55. People in foreground can lead you into a picture – Zurich, Switzerland.
  • 56. Flower bridge - Lucerne, Switzerland. Boy in front pulls us in.
  • 57. People in background add life to an otherwise static picture
  • 58. People show the scaleof a statue. Seoul, Korea
  • 59. People show the scale of Linderhof castle grounds, Germany
  • 60. A picture fromthe internet.Without theperson in it, thisphoto wouldgive no idea ofthe size of thepyramid.
  • 61. A photo from the internet. People in a picture can addhumor, like this couple studying the art in the Louvre.
  • 62. Or this view ofthe Eiffel Towerin Paris.
  • 63. Taliban warriorsgoofing off.
  • 64. Candid peoplephotos can makefor memorablephotos. This hasto be one of the100 best photosof all time.
  • 65. Water reflections can add interest to a scene. Telc,Czech Republic.
  • 66. Amsterdam canal
  • 67. The diagonal line adds interest, Fairfield beach, Connecticut.
  • 68. Fairfield beach, Connecticut
  • 69. “Ghost Armada” – water reflection photo
  • 70. Foreignobjects,like thisGermanmailbox,showunusualdesignand colorideas.
  • 71. Another German mailbox.
  • 72. Czechfirehydrant
  • 73. Playhouse, Dinklesbuhl, Germany
  • 74. Gazebo - Bayreuth, Germany
  • 75. Playhouse - Telc, Czech Republic
  • 76. Czech doorway
  • 77. Prague window,Czech Republic
  • 78. Unusual colorcombinations on icecream sign. Telc, CzechRepublic
  • 79. “Mr. and Mrs.” - German houses
  • 80. Roof top closeup - Germany
  • 81. Rooftop closeup – Munich, Germany
  • 82. Artistic design, Amsterdam
  • 83. Artistic design, Amsterdam
  • 84. Door handle, withreflection in glass,Brussels, Belgium
  • 85. English as asecondlanguage
  • 86. Czech bus schedule
  • 87. Time of day photos/ night photos As the lighting or temperature of a scenechanges, during the day, the interest in the scenemay change dramatically. Very early morninglighting or early mists or fog are gone by mid-morning. Night photos are a whole separate genreof images – often much more charming than thesame scene in daylight.
  • 88. 6:00 A.M. early morning mists on lake at Lakeville, Connecticut
  • 89. 6:00 A.M. early morningmists and fog, Lakeville,Connecticut.
  • 90. Night photos are aspecial category.Lighting at night canadd a lot of interestto a scene. Munich, Germanynear dusk.
  • 91. Prague in day,same scene at night
  • 92. Prague, early evening
  • 93. Prague, Charles Bridge, early evening
  • 94. Charles Bridge, Prague, is usually thronged with tourists. Here it isabout 6:00 AM, when the only people you see are other photographers.
  • 95. Prague scene with waterreflections, early evening
  • 96. Lucerne, Switzerland Mid-day photo
  • 97. Lucerne, early evening photo
  • 98. Lucerne, late evening photo
  • 99. Lucerne, middle of night photo Moon above is paired with window light
  • 100. Lucerne night scene, with water reflections
  • 101. Opposite hotel window at night, Munich
  • 102. Munich, Germany – wet pavement reflections
  • 103. Basel, Switzerland - Christmas scene
  • 104. Basel, Switzerland –Christmas scene
  • 105. Paris, Christmas scene
  • 106. Paris – Christmas scenewith Eiffel Tower
  • 107. Notre Dame at night,Christmas in Paris
  • 108. Paris at night, Christmas season
  • 109. Heidelberg, Germany – castle at night
  • 110. Heidelberg, Germany at night
  • 111. Frankfurt, Germany – trees in photo frame the castle
  • 112. Frankfurt, Germany – dramatic trees at night
  • 113. Cologne Hotel, since year 1234 – evening photo
  • 114. Same scene, late at night
  • 115. Cologne, Germany – bridge scene
  • 116. Cologne, Germany – night train whizzes by
  • 117. “Night Birds” – camera motion in Cologne, Germany
  • 118. Cologne Philharmonic roofs in front of Cologne Cathedral
  • 119. Candles at Munich Christmas Fair
  • 120. Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic – daytime scene
  • 121. Color negative of same scene = faux “night” scene
  • 122. “Swiss Miss” – at sweet shop, Basel, Switzerland