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In essence, a software-defined environment (SDE) optimizes the entire computing infrastructure - compute, storage and network resources - so that it can adapt to the type of work required. In today's environment, resources are assigned manually to workloads; that happens automatically in a SDE. You get continuous, dynamic optimization and reconfiguration to address infrastructure requirements.
Underlying all of this are policy-based compliance checks and updates, in a centrally managed environment. SDE has the capability to accelerate business success by making a happy marriage between workloads and resources so you have a responsive, adaptive environment. IBM Systems and networking capabilities are designed to take full advantage of a SDE, which will be shown as an example with IBM PureSystems.

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Break out session-iIBM-OXS13

  1. 1. Smarter Computing with software-defined environments Dr. Harald Neumann PureSystems – Business Development MSP Business Systems & Technology Group IBM Deutschland
  2. 2. CEOs believe technology will be at the forefront of driving change through 2015* Is your infrastructure optimized for the greatest efficiency of all your applications and resources? Does your infrastructure enable you to provide rich, actionable insight? Does your infrastructure reduce your risk and reputational harm against data breaches, system failures or data losses? “71% of CEOs identify technology change as the most important external force impacting their organizations”* Reality Check: 70% of IT budget is devoted to  operations and maintenance1* IBM, Leading Through Connections: Insights from the Global Chief Executive  Officer Study, May 2012. | OX Summit 2013: Dr. Harald Neumann
  3. 3. Need for IT infrastructure that speeds time to market and improves efficiency: | OX Summit 2013: Dr. Harald Neumann An efficient, scalable infrastructure Business innovation Improved speed and flexibility • Mobile devices • Bring Your Own Device – Security • Virtual Desktop Solutions • Social Media • Compliance • Video on demand • Cloud Computing … • Software-defined environments
  4. 4. Major Waves of Technology Back‐Office Computing Client‐Server  PC ‐ 1981 World Wide Web  and eBusiness Confluence of Social, Mobile,  Cloud, Big Data / Analytics  90’s80’s60’s We are here NetworkStorageCompute OS control
  5. 5. Cloud Taxonomy | OX Summit 2013: Dr. Harald Neumann Networking Storage Servers Virtualization OS Middleware Runtime IaaS PaaS SaaS Data Applications Infrastructure is programatic, you are responsible for OS on up Runtime / Middleware programtic you are responsible for application and data on top Application and logic provided by vendor, some programability may be provided
  6. 6. | OX Summit 2013: Dr. Harald Neumann In Software Defined Environments, the (IaaS cloud) infrastructure is becoming programmable to meet efficiency and resiliency requirements and be dynamically optimal purpose-fit for workloads FutureCurrentTraditional W1 W2 W3 W4 R1 R2 R3 V1 V2 V3 V4 V5 … Vn V1 V2 V3 V4 V5 V5 ... …. Vn C C Software‐Defined Network Software‐Defined  Storage Software‐Defined Compute Software‐Defined Enviroment
  7. 7. | OX Summit 2013: Dr. Harald Neumann 8 IBM System Portfolio System z® Secure cloud  for data PureSystems TM Integrated expertise  for improved economics System Storage Smarter solutions  for big data and cloud Power Systems TM Engine for faster insights System x® Redefining x86 innovation Optimize space‐constrained data  centers with extreme performance  and energy efficiency IBM NeXtScale New IBM PureSystems Family is IBM’s answer to ease the consolidation of the functional resources of a data center to get to a SDE: integrated, flexible, open Since 2012
  8. 8. | OX Summit 2013: Dr. Harald Neumann ManagementCompute Virtualization OS Network Compute Storage X86 IBM HP EMC NetApp IBM Juniper Windows Hyper-V KVM PowerVM AIX Linux IBM i VMware Cisco Brocade Power x86 IBM HP EMC NetApp Power Emulex Juniper Windows Hyper‐V  KVM PowerVM AIX Linux IBM i VMware Cisco Brocade From IBM Flex System Blade 2.0 Components to pre-integrated PureFlex Virtualization Storage Network Compute Virtualization Storage Network • Two predominant enterprise server CPUs • Flexible choice of nodes to meet performance  requirements • Reduce disk capacity needs by up to 80%  with Real‐time Compression • Automatically optimize data between storage tiers  • Connect to ANY Major Storage Vendor  • Significantly reduce the number of manual steps     to greatly simplify management • Manages IT as one; reducing complexity and  automating everyday management tasks • High performance I/O with up to 40Gb Ethernet,  16Gb SAN speeds and/or 56Gb Infiniband  • Choice of conventional ‐, converged adapter • Software‐defined Networking • 10 Year Platform Commitment for Investment Protection • Choice to best meet performance‐, interoperability‐, cost‐ , and skill requirements • Choice to best meet performance‐, interoperability‐, cost‐ , and skill requirements IBM PureFlex incl. Smart Clou Entry SW
  9. 9. | OX Summit 2013: Dr. Harald Neumann OpenStack is a global collaboration of developers & cloud computing technologists  working to produce an ubiquitous Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) open source cloud  computing platform for public & private clouds. The OpenStack Foundation – Exponential Ecosystem Growth Platinum Sponsors Gold Sponsors APR 2012 APR 2013150 Contributors 2600 Individuals 859 Contributors 9100+ Individuals Exponential growth in 1 YR
  10. 10. Organizations have a choice on their journey to SDE… | OX Summit 2013: Dr. Harald Neumann Proprietary Open Source Only Open “Plus” Vendor Lock-in assured `Some Assemby Required` Enterprise-ready out of the box OpenStack
  11. 11. IBM SmartCloud Software Products leveraging OpenStack | OX Summit 2013: Dr. Harald Neumann SmartCloud Orchestrator SmartCloud Provisioning Image  Library Single Image & Composite Patterns Management Automation Engine BPM Process Server IBM Tivoli  Monitoring (Option) SmartCloud Cost  Management (Option) SmartCloud EntrySmartCloud Entry Hypervisor Management - IaaS Gateway IBM Extensions for Workload Aware optimizations (DRS & HA) Image  Creation Resource Orchestration Workload  Orchestration Services  Orchestration
  12. 12. OpenStack is not enough: Value add from IBM’s common cloud management services | OX Summit 2013: Dr. Harald Neumann • Orchestration Services: • Graphical designer eases coordination of complex tasks and worklflows, leveraging existing skills • Reuse existing processes, scripts and automation in workflows • Platform Services: • Simplifies deployment and lifecycle management of middleware and application patterns • Infrastructure Services: • Highly flexible, scalable infrastructure on heterogeneous resources • Built on OpenStack but enhanced with enterprise hardening, simplified install and use • Extensibility: • Plug and play operational service management integration • Rational development tooling integration for devops scenarios • Pre-built images, patterns, process / configuration automation Orchestration Services Platform Level Services Operational Extensions (APIs) Infrastructure Level Services Development Extensions (Tooling) (Image Lifecycle Mgmt) (Pattern Services) (Provisioning, configuration, resource  allocation, security, metering, etc.) Cloud Resources Storage Compute Network Common Cloud Management Services IBM Added Value 
  13. 13. Thank you for your time &