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  • This quote does a perfect job of describing how we approach our social strategy. Our key differentiator is that we not creating social applications that are designed to act as a siloed destination, we’re creating social applications that can act as the bridge between existing silos. For example deploying an activity stream in a consolidated view that represents actions coming across two separate EIM applications. The key is that social does not need to be deployed as a separate stand alone application in itself it needs to act as a social layer that can be weaved in to any other application that a customer is using to get their work done.
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  • Needs refinement*By bringing structure to the unstructured, OpenText solutions ensure that you can exchange information safely inside and outside of the enterprise.Share information effectively and efficiently to unleash the power of information and…
  • Tempo - Accelerating time to innovation

    1. 1. Tempo Accelerating time to innovation
    2. 2. In the future, we won’t think of the ideal enterprise as a welloiled machine.
    3. 3. But as an elegant ecosystem
    4. 4. Where information flows freely between people and systems. No silos. No barriers.
    5. 5. While meeting rising user expectations for usability, power and convenience.
    6. 6. While growing the strength of information governance, and security.
    7. 7. OpenText Tempo: Connects people and information in context.
    8. 8. OpenText Tempo: Bridges the gap between social and the flow of work
    9. 9. Note Box Social OpenText Tempo: A deeply integrated family of products for collaboration, file sync and share and social note taking.
    10. 10. OpenText Tempo: Embed social capabilities in any work system, app or tool.
    11. 11. OpenText Tempo: Unlock the potential of your team, powered with information
    12. 12. Secure sync and share Collaboration Streams Communities Note taking and share Governance Tempo combines the best of the Experience Suite with the governance of the Content Suite to let your workforce work with information the way they want to. Made possible by AppWorks.
    13. 13. AppWorks: Accelerating time to solution It has never been easier to integrate with your existing systems or create custom applications. Tempo is built with with AppWorks so you can quickly deliver business impact. Learn more at opentext.com/appworks
    14. 14. Collaborate and ideate with teams via stream, wikis, photo and video libraries, forums, conver
    15. 15. Cloud file sync and share + social collaboration Ties systems of record with systems of engagement
    16. 16. Power your ecosystem.
    17. 17. opentext.com/experience Available December 2013 Learn More