Process Suite Accelerating time to results


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Business Process Management is widely used to improve business operations that involve people, process, and information.

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  • What is it
  • Process Suite Accelerating time to results

    1. 1. Process Suite Accelerating time to results
    2. 2. Business Process Management is widely used to improve business operations that involve people, process, and information.
    3. 3. Initiate Assess Collaborate Process Optimize It shortens the time to process a request through to resolution - for customers, employees, partners, and constituents. It also can enhance the process experience of those users.
    4. 4. ... But the BPM Suites from most vendors are complex, and difficult to understand and purchase.
    5. 5. OpenText’s Process Suite 10.5 Simplifies the way BPM solutions are purchased and deployed. It is a bundled BPM offering that includes...  The OpenText Cordys 10.5 Platform  Process Applications  Add-on products
    6. 6. The Process Suite 10.5 GA: January 2014 Platform  OpenText Cordys 10.5  SOA Framework  Master Data Management   OpenText Case Management (Q1) Rules  Applications Enterprise Service Bus  OpenText Cordys Cloud Provisioning  BPM Everywhere  Unified User Experience  Add-Ons Includes integrations with MPBM, Case360, Process360  OT Directory Services  AppWorks Gateway  OpenText Process Intelligence
    7. 7. The Process Suite lets IT develop applications the way they want to – from packaged applications to code-level development.
    8. 8. It also helps business users deploy applications using pre-built case management components that dramatically reduce time-to-value.
    9. 9. Solutions to Meet the Development Needs of Your Organization Packaged Process Apps Assembled Process Apps Model Driven Development Code-level Development • Rapid app development. • Full custom development. • Rapid time-to-value. • Develop using BPMN and CMMN-style modeling. • Maintain and update in house. • Customized by customer. • Assemble and configure. • Native cloud platform. • Differentiation apps. • Deploy in as little as 30 days. • Components are based on industry reference models. • Integrations with OpenText EIM technologies. • APIs into EIM services. • Solutions fully developed by OpenText. • Pre-built solution frameworks. • Fastest time-to-value. • Development tools and resources.
    10. 10. How the Products Work Together A broad set of process and case automation services in one stack. Provides development options from coding to packaged apps. Shortens the time to value for app development by up to 75%. Supports deployment onpremises, in the cloud, or hybrid. Responsive UX and BPM Everywhere Case Management Application Process Component Library Model Driven Development Code-level Development OpenText Process Intelligence Process and Case Orchestration AppWorks Application Gateway and Developer Network Content Suite Legacy Apps Exp. Suite Process Suite Custom Apps Discovery Suite IX Suite Data Stores
    11. 11. The Case Management Application Configurable by business analysts to quickly compose case management and service delivery apps. Includes user-definable case elements such as milestones, checklists, task s, and UIs.
    12. 12. The User Experience A modern, social style user experience for service requestors and service providers. A common interface for inbox and tasks – across multiple process engines. Built on HTML5, and includes mobile interfaces.
    13. 13. The User Experience (continued) BPM Everywhere is an integrated mobile and social platform for workplace collaboration and case resolution.
    14. 14. OpenText’s Process Intelligence Consumes process data from multiple process engines. Process insight with multidimensional analysis (OLAP cubes). Extensive data visualization capabilities and drill-down graphs. Supports predictive analytics and process mining.
    15. 15. AppWorks: Accelerating your time to resolution It has never been easier to integrate with your existing systems or create custom applications. The Process Suite is integrated with AppWorks so you can quickly deliver business impact. Learn more at
    16. 16. How We’re Different... Fastest time-to-value • • • • Pre-built service components Web services creation and reuse Pre-configured integrations UIs Deploy in as little as 30 days Flexible development tools • • • • Packaged deployment Assembly development Model-driven development Code-level development Broadest set of app services • • • • ECM, RM, and Info Gov Automated correspondence Information Exchange Information Discovery Flexible deployment • • • • SaaS PaaS On-Premises Hybrid
    17. 17. Process Suite accelerates time to results. Available: Jan 2013
    18. 18. Learn More