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Why does your organization need a digital asset management (DAM)?

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OpenText Digital Asset Management

  1. 1. CEM andDigital Asset Management
  2. 2. OpenText Media Management:Accelerate, Integrate, Collaborate
  3. 3. Why do organizations need adigital asset management(DAM) system?
  4. 4. ▪ What digital assets do I have or own?▪ Where are they and how do I find them?▪ What format are they in? Can I preview them?▪ Do I have the image rights?▪ How do I locate and distribute assets in the right format and at the right time?▪ How can I publish assets in multiple forms, to different channels, simultaneously?Because of what content users don’t know…
  5. 5. AccelerateYour digital content should movefrom production to distribution atthe speed of businessCollaborateTeams require sophisticatedmarkup tools for faster creativereview turnaroundIntegrateDAM solutions combine withyour current software forincreased functionalityAnd because digital content needs to move fast
  6. 6. What do I need to know about digital assets?
  7. 7. A digital asset is a multi-media artifact that hasinherent and acquired value
  8. 8. Digital assets can be managed by using theirassociated metadata
  9. 9. The usability of the digital asset relies on boththe inherent value of the artifact itself and theassociated metadata combined.
  10. 10. Digital assets can be either text-based or richmedia
  11. 11. What is rich media and whydo I need a DAM to store it?
  12. 12. Rich media can include: Video Interactive flash Images/photos Layouts PowerPoint Audio Animations Graphics Games Brochures/catalogs
  13. 13.  Leverage a centralized repository to ensure a single source of the truth across your organization Synchronize your brand content Increase productivity with faster file transfers Accelerate the creative review processA DAM enables you to…
  14. 14. How is rich media different from text-based media?
  15. 15. Expensive to produce or acquireProducing rich media usuallyrequires specialized skills andcreative toolsDifficult to manageLarge complex files in dozens offormats are not always viewablewith standard apps or devicesRich media is …
  16. 16. Opaque to text search There are new and evolving methods to add descriptive metadata Challenging to distribute Multichannel distribution, rights management, file sizes, format conflicts, conversion, and compatibility make distribution difficultRich media is …
  17. 17. So why does my organizationneed a DAM?
  18. 18. Without a DAM youstruggle with: Disconnected silos and repositories Unorganized process and workflow management Wasted time searching for assets
  19. 19. With a DAM you can: Reduce Costs o Enhance value of assets, products and services o Process improvements Reduce Risks Reduce amount of time and effort to manage digital assets o Greater efficiency o Less frustration
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