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Over the next several decades success will be determined by how well organizations use and innovate with information. This year at Enterprise World we are launching the discussion of the Information Enterprise. What does it mean to be an Information Enterprise? How can we get there? What are our early successes? What are the challenges? We’re structuring the Innovation Track at OpenText Enterprise World as an interactive conversation using Innovation Games. Innovation Games, like war games, are immersive strategy exercises that help us form a big picture view of a complex situation, and make progress even if we lack perfect information.

Enterprise World 2013 takes place in Orlando, Florida from November 17-21... join the conversation on Twitter with @OpenText using #OTEW2013

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Innovative Thinkers Wanted

  1. Innovative thinkers wanted Exploring the possibilities of the information enterprise Innovation Track Enterprise World 2013 #OTInnovate #OTEW2013
  2. 2 Transformational leaders don’t start by denying the world around them. Instead, they describe a future they’d like to create. Seth Godin
  3. 3 for 50 years, the information revolution has centered on data— their collection, storage, transmission, analysis, and presentation. It has centered on the T in IT…
  4. 4 The next information revolution asks, What is the MEANING of information, and what is its PURPOSE? And this is leading rapidly to redefining the tasks to be done with the help of information, and with it, to redefining the institutions that do these tasks. Peter Drucker
  5. 5 step up let’s begin a conversation centered on the…
  6. 6 I in IT
  7. 7 we’re in the midst of a new information revolution
  8. 8 the enterprise is evolving
  9. 9 into the information enterprise
  10. 10 When the military tries to understand unfamiliar and complex situations, they play war games
  11. 11 When business leaders try to understand unfamiliar and complex situations, they play innovation games
  12. 12 could be better How might we [connect employees & customers at the speed of thought]? What if… [the future of work was like the World of Warcraft?] ? … could be better could be better could be better the possibilities of the information enterprise are infinite
  13. 13 in the tradition of the best gamers, let’s explore the information enterprise’s possibility space enterprise information enterprise
  14. 14 we’re looking for people with a unique mindset to participate in the conversation
  15. 15 5 + 5 = ? only one ‘right’ answer fixed mental models entrenched practices ? people eager to step outside the rigid box of traditional thinking
  16. 16 10 = ? + ?10 5+5 300/3 9.5 +.5 15-5 2x5 right questions challenges assumptions infinite number of solutions explorers interested in redefining the box with the right questions
  17. 17 questions that ignite conversation
  18. 18 questions that reframe the challenges of the information enterprise
  19. 19 breakfast conversations to kick off your day
  20. 20 Conversation 1: What’s your worst information nightmare?
  21. 21 Your CEO drops by your office and says
  22. 22 Conversation 2: deepest aspiration
  23. 23 Being tapped on the shoulder by your CEO and told You’ll be responsible for charting out:
  24. 24 innovation games to explore the future of the information enterprise
  25. 25 session 1: inventing THE one page information strategy
  26. 26 When you’re conversing with co- workers, customers or investors, the richness and meaning of your story is what people really buy. Everybody thinks it’s the return on investment that you’re selling…but it’s really the story about ROI that an investor takes away. Tom Durel, former CIO/SVP Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  27. 27 Can we describe an information strategy succinct & potent enough to be meaningful to the enterprise? What might it look like?
  28. 28 session 2: exploring information flows
  29. 29 Every day I wake up and ask, how can I flow data better, manage data better, analyse data better? Rollin Ford, the CIO of Wal-Mart
  30. 30 What happens when value chains go non-linear & become value networks?
  31. 31 session 3: thriving in unknown future
  32. 32 We look at those megatrends and forces to see which ones will truly impact our business. Then we go look at what strategies we can devise to take advantage of those trends. The final step is evaluating which technologies can enable those strategies. The value is how we enable this dramatic change through technology. P&G CIO Filippo Passerini
  33. 33 What is the most important argument your organization is having right now? What if [….] 2020 trend 1 from to trend 2 from to trend 3 from to
  34. 34 session 4: the future of the workforce
  35. 35 WoW [World of Warcraft], as its 10 million devotees worldwide call it, offers a peek into the workplace of the future. Each team faces a fast- paced, complicated series of obstacles called quests, and each player, via his online avatar, must contribute to resolving them or else lose his place on the team. The player who contributes most gets to lead the team — until someone else contributes more. The game… is intensely collaborative, constantly demanding and often surprising. “It takes exactly the same skill set people will need more of in the future to collaborate on work projects.” Rob Carter, CIO FedEx
  36. 36 What does an employee’s future information cockpit look like?
  37. 37 The next information revolution is well under way. But it's not a revolution in computer hardware, semiconductors or software, per se. Instead, it's a revolution driven by the need to put the right information in the right people's hands at the right time. Allen Brown, President & CEO, The Open Group
  38. 38 it’s no longer enough to focus on technology
  39. 39 it’s time to focus on enterprise design
  40. 40 The enterprise is an interface. People are its spark. Information is its fuel.
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