Experience Suite accelerating time to market


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The CMOs challenge. Maximize brand awareness, and product demand. Minimize spend.

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  • 70% of budget of CMO is spent on content and media creation - optimizing that spend to drive Brand Awareness and create compelling digital Omni-channel demand for your products, self-service customer care and ongoing social advocates is the new way of business.
    Bruce Tempkin gave us the formula for customer LOVE, Cliff Conneighton showed us the future of commerce.
    OpenText is pleased to announce our Experience Suite, helping you to reach faster time to market by delivering consistent user experiences across multiple devices and channels. That’s adaptive content orchestration of omni-channel experiences.
    Let me show you what that looks like.
    Organizing For Digital Disruption: Where And How To Ignite The Disruption You Need by James L. McQuivey, Ph.D., October 31, 2013
    Dell presentation from CMO CIO Conference Forrester Forum
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  • Experience Suite accelerating time to market

    1. 1. Experience Suite Accelerating time to market
    2. 2. Consumers have more power than ever before
    3. 3. 70% of CMO budget is spent on content and media
    4. 4. 2X Growth in mobile advertising spend 1,357% Increase in Social Media jobs on LinkedIn 40% Xbox Live users are Female In 2013 The noun “Internet of Things” was added to the Oxford Dictionary
    5. 5. The CMOs challenge Maximize brand awareness, and product demand. Minimize spend.
    6. 6. rin g ge cu of st om er Ag dis e o trib f uti Ag on inf e o or f ma ti o n A Ag ma e o nu f fac tu Welcome to the age of the CUSTOMER
    7. 7. email customer service portal website pinterest invoice smartphone twitter print catalogue brick and mortar facebook kiosk How do you orchestrate a great and consistent experience across an unpredictable customer journey?
    8. 8. Place content from multiple places into the customer’s preferred view.
    9. 9. Can we bridge the gaps in the customer experience with technology and insight?
    10. 10. Customer experience Brand loyalty Sales Systems of record App development Security Insight Insight Speed Speed Agility Agility Innovation Innovation Can we help the CMO and CIO partner on goals and metrics?
    11. 11. Yes. We can.
    12. 12. Experience Suite Create rich and interactive OmniChannel experiences supported by  strong information governance
    13. 13. Start with: Adaptive Studio Gather the right information and build the right experience for the customer where they are right now.
    14. 14. Dynamically renders into the right device and channel
    15. 15. Connects it to information from across the enterprise – customer, inventory, time…
    16. 16. With a Nice UI so business users can create amazing conversations, webpages, invoices and more…
    17. 17. Orchestrating information and compelling experiences
    18. 18. For example…
    19. 19. A bride changes her bouquet design on the florist’s web app at 4:55 pm for her 2pm wedding the next day.
    20. 20. 5:00p - Florist logs into Distributor’s Shopping Portal to view available inventory, places order for shipment next morning.
    21. 21. Bride gets an updated invoice reflecting the new design and confirming delivery time
    22. 22. Driver’s morning paperwork is updated with time and address
    23. 23. Morning goes well. Customer is happy.
    24. 24. Customer Experiences Industry and User Specific Business Applications Create Publish Measure Adjust Consume Ecosystem of Employees and Partners The Experience Suite helps you build a customer centric Information flow
    25. 25. Powered by a platform of services and applications. Email Help Desk In-store IP TV Gaming Mobile WEM – CCM – Tempo Media Management … Orchestration BPM …
    26. 26. Secure sync and share Collaboration Streams Communities Note taking and share Governance Tempo combines the best of the Experience Suite with the governance of the Content Suite to let your workforce work with information the way they want to. Made possible by AppWorks.
    27. 27. AppWorks: Accelerating time to solution It has never been easier to integrate with your existing systems or create custom applications. The Experience Suite is integrated with AppWorks so you can quickly deliver business impact. Learn more at opentext.com/appworks
    28. 28. Experience Suite accelerates time to market.
    29. 29. opentext.com/Experience Learn More