What are CIOs saying about EIM?


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What are CIOs saying about EIM?

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What are CIOs saying about EIM?

  1. 1. What are CIOs saying about EIM? Source- 2012 CIO Magazine survey sponsored by OpenText 84% of CIOs Why not Information is locked in silos Potential benefits go unrealized Only 38% have Because enterprise -wide information strategy 80% consider it highly important to have Yet Despite having multiple IM initiatives underway Who’s in charge of EIM? Level of Involvement in Driving Information Strategy at Organization 6% IT management 18% Executive management 18% Marketing executives 31% 76% 41% 43% Little to no involvement Some involvement 41% 26% 94% 82% Significant involvement 69% (NET) Involvement What are the top barriers to EIM? Lack of standardized process and/or organizational role definitions, as well as internal politics and culture issues. 32% S 31% Dealing with an increasing variety of data sources 24% Information is of poor quality - poorly organized, redundant, etc. Costs of improving the infrastructure What are the top drivers? Mobility and Big Data initiatives are the most significant contributors. Significant impact Moderate impact 9% Little to no impact Not applicable 8% 17% 15% 22% 34% 23% 36% 28% 39% 34% 34% An increasingly mobile/remote workforce Big Data/Increased demand for analytics 74% Cloud computing deployments 70% 58% (NET) Impact Where to start? EIM Initiatives Underway More than two-thirds consider complete information, better collaboration, and better agility to be highly important potential benefits of integrating EIM initiatives. 56% Content management Information governance 47% Collaboration 47% 44% Business Process Management Web content and customer experience management Other 34% 6% 13% None of the above Level of Integration Between EIM Initiatives Today $ Preferred 15% 49% Highly integrated 49% Poor business decisions, lower productivity, increased burden on IT and increased costs are viewed as the top risks associated with information silos. 37% Somewhat integrated 28% Siloed 8% Don’t know 5% 9% Are you getting the most of your business data? 12% “ Undecided We have yet to maximize the potentional business value in the data and/or media our organization currently owns and collects. 39% Strongly agree 45% Agree 4% Strongly disagree What if you could? An integrated EIM strategy will deliver better results, relationships, and IT infrastructure. Business Results Customer Relationships Revenue Cost reduction Customer insight Productivity Decision-making Improved customer retention IT infrastructure Data access Compliance Standardization Discover how unleashing the power of information can help transform your business: www.opentext.com/eim