Content Suite accelerating time to governance


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The unchecked growth of electronically stored information is unsustainable

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Content Suite accelerating time to governance

  1. 1. Content Suite Accelerating time to governance
  2. 2. 92% of the world’s data was created in the past 2 years
  3. 3. The unchecked growth of electronically stored information is unsustainable
  4. 4. And the regulatory landscape is increasingly complex and dynamic
  5. 5. Traditionally, IT departments solved their problems by simply archiving everything
  6. 6. But indiscriminate archiving compounds costs and increases risk
  7. 7. Keeping everything isn’t better when faced with a legal audit or investigation
  8. 8. And within the chaos, the true value of the information is trapped, the knowledge inaccessible to people who need it!
  9. 9. OpenText Content Suite Is a comprehensive ECM platform with applications and add-ons to manage the flow of information from capture through archiving and disposition Capture Classify Manage Discover Archive
  10. 10. Content Suite ensures agile information governance and reduces risk in the enterprise freeing strategic CIOs to focus on using information to drive growth and innovation
  11. 11. Content Suite GA: January 2014 Platform Applications With OpenText Content Suite Add-Ons you can… Confidential, Not for Distribution, Internal Use Only
  12. 12. Capture paper and electronic content from all sources and use it to fuel processes across the enterprise
  13. 13. Leverage multiple methods to capture and classify all information without impacting end users • • • • • User driven Role based OCR/ICR auto-profiling Process driven Auto-Classification
  14. 14. Comprehensively manage documents and all types of enterprise content, ensuring rapid access to a single source of the truth
  15. 15. Harness value, share knowledge, foster innovation and empower users to make effective decisions, all the while protecting your intellectual property
  16. 16. Adapt to the way people work and align user experience to business strategy Simplified interfaces eliminate the need to hunt for critical data and actions, improving adoption, efficiency and impact
  17. 17. Provide users with rapid and seamless access from any device, or any location— web, desktop, or mobile
  18. 18. Workflow improves productivity and operational efficiency by streamlining business processes
  19. 19. Your information is secured with controls to ensure confidentiality, integrit y and availability of information
  20. 20. Bulletproof Information Governance you can depend on for the evolving needs of your enterprise Records Management provides dependable, consistent governance policies across all content
  21. 21. Preserve valuable information, while defensibly deleting content that’s reached the end of its lifecycle ensuring compliance and improving corporate accountability
  22. 22. Single-instance integrated archive provides cost effective, long term storage for all types of content including email, file systems, SharePoint, E RP data, web and social Multi-tenant and cloud-ready Supports Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) open standard
  23. 23. OpenText Archive for Google Apps provides compliant data archiving from Gmail
  24. 24. Build information governance into the business processes and applications used every day 24
  25. 25. Many business processes need to unite transactional data and business content OpenText Content Suite provides the trusted ECM platform to provide seamless access and visibility from SAP®, Oracle®, and Microsoft® applications
  26. 26. Securely store and govern email, ensure compliance with internal policies and industry regulations with OpenText Email Solutions
  27. 27. OpenText Template Workspaces helps quickly standardize content-centric processes, share knowledge, foster collaboration and retain valuable IP
  28. 28. Embrace best practices, shorten negotiation cycles, control risks, reduce penalties and revenue leakage with OpenText Contract Management
  29. 29. Control document revision and approvals while accelerating time to market in regulated industries such as Life Sciences using OpenText Regulated Documents
  30. 30. Use OpenText Transmittals to quickly and securely review, package and transmit documents, ensuring delivery even over slow lines
  31. 31. OpenText Engineering Document Management provides rapid access to CAD documents and GIS data speeding time to production and controlling risk to capital project scope, schedule, and cost
  32. 32. Business doesn’t stop when you are away from your desk so OpenText ECM Everywhere lets you work on mobile devices
  33. 33. OpenText WebReports aggregates information from the Content Suite and other sources delivering dashboards, integrated reporting, and process- driven applications
  34. 34. Content Suite is: Simple to administer Flexible to deploy And is available on premises, in the cloud, or
  35. 35. A commonly understood, well documented set of developer tools such as the Eclipse-based IDE and Content Server Widget Framework make customizations easy
  36. 36. AppWorks: Accelerating time to solution It has never been easier to integrate Content Suite with your existing systems or create custom applications. Content Suite is integrated with AppWorks so you can quickly deliver business impact. Learn more at
  37. 37. Secure sync and share Collaboration Streams Communities Note taking and share Governance Tempo combines the best of the Experience Suite with the governance of the Content Suite to let your workforce work with information the way they want to. Made possible by AppWorks.
  38. 38. OpenText partners with South African beverage business as 10-year ECM journey transforms corporate collaboration, governance and productivity "The biggest benefit of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is productivity. You can now work anywhere - from your laptop, tablet or mobile phone." — Wouter van den Heever, ECM Manager, Distell
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