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OpenSymmetry is a global sales performance management (SPM) consulting firm delivering end-to-end performance management solutions consisting of both strategic and technical services that enable customers to transform their sales performance solutions into actionable results.

Founded in 2004, OpenSymmetry is headquartered in Austin, Texas with offices in London, Sydney, Johannesburg, Chennai and Kuala Lumpur. Clients range from SMB to Fortune 500 companies in the Communications, Financial, Health/Life Sciences, and IT/Distribution industries. For more information about OpenSymmetry, please visit

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OpenSymmetry Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. Corporate Presentation
  2. 2. About Us:
  3. 3. Global experts in Sales Performance Management
  4. 4. Company history: 2004/05 OS  is  established  as  an   independent  firm  focusing  on   ICM 2006/07 OS  provides  ICM   implementa;on  services  and   post  deployment  support  in   the  US  and  UK 2008/09 OS  launches  Varicent   (Cognos  IBM)  and  Strategy   Prac;ces     • Add  APAC  and  South  Africa   Offices   • 3X  Revenue  Growth   2009/10 Increased  global  coverage   across  all  SPM  vendors.  OS   launches  Merced  (Nice)  and   Xactly  prac;ces 2011/12 OS  combines  all   opera;ng  en;;es   worldwide  into   OpenSymmetry  Inc.   OS  launches  CPQ  and   Excen;ve  Prac;ces  
  5. 5. VisionTo be the preferred and most trusted consultancy in Sales Performance Management - globally.
  6. 6. OpenSymmetry  provides  businesses  and   organiza;ons  of  all  sizes  with  end-­‐to-­‐end  Sales   Performance  Management  solu;ons  through:     ▸  Vendor  agnos;c,  strategic  thought   leadership   ▸  Robust  and  innova;ve  implementa;on   services   ▸  Extensive  support,  training   and  managed  services  (EDGE)   ▸  Global  experience  applied  to  local  markets         Mission:
  7. 7. Performance.Innovation. Whatever it takes.
  8. 8. Vendor agnostic
  9. 9. The world’s largest SPM company with 130+ skilled consultants
  10. 10. Our global offices: Offices in 6 countries we can come to you wherever you are, all around the globe.
  11. 11. Strong client relationships
  12. 12. What we can do for you….. ▸  Accelerate  sales  results   ▸  Op;mize  sales  processes  to  deliver   profitable  results   ▸  AWract  and  retain  the  right  sales  talent   ▸  Accurate  compensa;on  &  accountability   ▸  Improve  mo;va;on  through  incen;ve  plans  
  13. 13. How we work:
  14. 14. Service offerings: EDGE (Managed Services) Training & Testing Implementation Strategy Business Intelligence EDGE Services (managed) Training & Testing
  15. 15. Strategic Services •  SPM  Strategy  Assessments   •  Business  Case  for  Automa;on   •  Vendor  Selec;ons   •  Implement  readiness  and  change  management   •  Design,  implement  and  assess  incen;ve  plans   •  Help  define  roles  and  organiza;onal  design   •  Business  Intelligence  Maturity  Assessments   Helping you be in front and stay in the lead!
  16. 16. Business Intelligence How Mature is your BI? We can help you •  Strategy  planning  &  vendor  evalua;ons   •  Score  BI  maturity  against  market     •  Repor;ng,  Analy;cs,  Dashboard  &  Modeling   •  Report  Conversions  Center  of  Excellence   45% of companies are not achieving true BI value from their Sales Operations
  17. 17. Implementation •  Full  service  implementa;on  and  deployment   •  Project  management   •  Custom  training   •  Tes;ng  services   •  Solu;on  architecture  
  18. 18. EDGE Services (managed) •  Full  business  process  outsourcing   •  Post-­‐implementa;on  support   -  Admin  support   -  Produc;on  support   -  Small  change   •  Business  process  re-­‐engineering   •  System  upgrades   Let us manage your SPM and help you get the EDGE over you competition!
  19. 19. Strategy & BIOur approach: Training & Enablement    
  20. 20. Testing Overview Test strategy: •  Determine  overall  scope  and   approach   •  U;lize  best  prac;ces   •  Plan  schedule,  resources  and   logis;cs   Test preparation:   •  Wri;ng  test  scripts   •  Preparing  test  data   •  Calcula;on  of  expected  tes;ng   results   Test execution:   •  Execute  test  cases   •  Track  results   •  Research  issues   •  Triage  defects     Outsourced testing: •  Planning   •  Prepara;on   •  Execu;on  ac;vi;es  
  21. 21. Introductory training: •  Product  overview   •  Naviga;on,  terminology  and  system  func;onality   Training support: •  Prepara;on  for  User  Acceptance  Tes;ng  (UAT)   •  Higher  level  of  confidence  and  success  in  the  tes;ng  process   •  Technical  trainer  provides  exper;se  in  naviga;on,  searching,  expor;ng,  etc.   Operations training: •  Specific  customer  business  scenarios   •  Configured  for  day  to  day  procedures  and  system  ownership   •  Designed  for  compensa;on  administrators  and  compensa;on  field  support  team   Compensation plan management training:  •  Specific  features  to  handle  plan  changes,  updates,  new  components,  new  plans,  etc.   •  Designed  for  compensa;on  administrators   Training Overview
  22. 22. Value Added Services •  Data  Integra;on  Framework   •  Preprocessor  Calcula;on  Engine   •  System  Automa;on  Tools   •  Data  Archiving  Tools   •  Environment  Hos;ng   •  GMart   •  Generic  Web  Portal   •  Repor;ng  Packs   •  Analy;c  Packs   •  Mobile  Apps   •  BPM  Workflow  Packs  
  23. 23. What makes us different:
  24. 24. Our consultants have 5+ years experience principals have 8+ years experience
  25. 25. Value Added We Deliver consulting Vendors give you a vanilla delivery… we add the toppings that make it work uniquely for you!
  26. 26. teamwork We partner with you, it’s all about
  27. 27. independent We can provide advice
  28. 28. challenge We deliver success, whatever the Whatever it Takes!