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OpenStack meetup, March2013 keynote

  1. 1. OpenStack & IBM: Journey TogetherOpenStack User GroupBangalore, Mar 17th, 2013 Venkata Jagana, IBM STSM, Chief Architect – Integrated Systems for Cloud © 2013 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. OpenStack: New Triggers in Success of Open Source ProjectEnabling any organization to create and offer cloud computing services running on standard hardware In About a Year (Jul’10-Jul’11) … In the last 2 years …• July 13-14, 2010: Austin Design summit (42 • Three major software releases with focus on content, stability participating organizations and 95 developers) and performance• July 19th, 2010: Project Launch w/source code • Formation of Foundation with support from industry heavy- contributed from NASA and Rackspace, weights (including IBM, Intel, AT&T, Cisco, HP, Red Hat, support from 25 participating organizations VMware, Dell)• Oct 21st, 2010: Austin Release • Formal offerings of products and services• Nov, 2010: Bexar Design Summit, San Antonio w/250 attendees, 62 participating organizations, 165 developers• Nov 2010: NTT hosts first Japan user group with 150 attendees• Feb 2011: Bexar Release Combination of Few Success Factors …• Apr 26, 2011: Cactus design summit w/500 attendees, 133 participating organizations, 217 • Launch of project through contribution of working code base developers • Adopting good software quality process with community• Aug 1st, 2011: 95 companies participating, involvement (plan/design/implementation/QA) 1294 members part of the mailing list, 217 • Consensus based review and acceptance model for code registered developers contributions• Aug 5th, 2011: 1360 independent contributions • Good communication & governance model from 109 independent contributors whose code • Good licensing model accepted into code base • Pluggable architecture with vendor neutrality • Decisions on strategy and direction by foundation committee © 2013 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. The OpenStack Foundation is Open for Business OpenStack is a global collaboration of developers & cloud computing technologists working to produce an ubiquitous Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) open source cloud computing platform for public & private clouds.ECOSYSTEM SIZE 165 8,204 INDIVIDUALS Companies Individual MembersCUMULATIVE AVG MONTHLY PATCHES MERGED IN Q4 2012CONTRIBUTORS CONTRIBUTORS859 238 3,241 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  4. 4. OpenStack Cloud Platform Code available under Apache 2.0 license. Design tenets – scale & elasticity, share nothing & distribute everythingTechnology CapabilitiesCompute Provision and manage large pools of on-demand computing resourcesBlock Storage Volumes on commodity storage gear, and drivers for more advanced systems like NetApp, Solidfire, and NexentaObject Storage Petabytes of reliable storage on standard gearNetworks VLAN or Flat Network, automation coming with Quantum project Folsom release Fall 2012Web Dashboard Self-service, role-based web interface for users and administratorsShared Services Multi-tenant authentication system that ties to existing stores (e.g. LDAP) and Image Service © 2013 IBM Corporation
  5. 5. OpenStack Roadmap 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Feb Apr Sep Cactus (Apr’11) Havana: Easy to install and deploy Grizzly: (Sep’13) Enterprise ready Folsom: (Apr’13) Essex (Sep’12) - Target: 33 (Apr’12) blueprints, Austin (Oct’10) Diablo: - Volume backups 67 bugs - Generic - Deployability 1st Release (Sep’11) Improvements: - Per-VM hw driver Simplified configurati interface Live Migration - Hyeprvisor configuration, on of for VMWare ESXi - Automate feature disk/NIC easier upgrades, quantum Multi-tenant and control parity - Dashboard drivers for plugins account in pools of - Role based Updates libvirt - Improv Openstack API resources Access - Security - Optimize e - Enhanced control Serve static web Enhanceme Nova Glance performanc - Keystone content nts network notifica e integration Bexar Directly from Swift - Block - Multi- tions• Tech-preview version - Improved of identity Storage tenancy for compute cloud (Feb’11) object scaling manageme Service isolation - ….• Object storage Storage - Improved nt - 180+ Production …. usability - …… features - …. - 350+ ion developers 5
  6. 6. We’ve seen this before: open source fosters markets & innovation In the era of a Smarter Planet, IBM will continue to leverage open source ecosystems ….In the era of e-business…IBM leverages the nascent opensource software movement… …and becomes the market leader in SOA implementations and the world’s largest software company November 2001 – IBM rallies 150 influential vendors and the development community around a new tools environment with a $40 Million software donation disrupting the leadership of the software development ecosystem September 1999: IBM capitalizes on an untapped market trend and begins participating in the community development of Linux with a $60M annual investment June 1998 – IBM enters into an engineering agreement with The Apache Group for development of the open-source Apache HTTP server software eventually becoming the leader of the new Application Server market
  7. 7. Capabilities of IBM’s common cloud management servicesOrchestration Services:Eases coordination of complex tasks and Orchestration Servicesworklflows, leveraging existing skills, processes andtechnology artifactsSupports OSLC from OASISPlatform Services:Simplifies deployment and lifecycle management of Platform Level Servicesmiddleware and application patterns (Image Lifecycle Mgmt) (Pattern Services)Supports TOSCA from OASISInfrastructure Services:Highly flexible, scalable infrastructure onheterogeneous resourcesBuilt on OpenStack Infrastructure Level ServicesExtensibility: (Provisioning, configuration, resource allocation, security, metering, etc.)Plug and play operational service managementintegrationRational development tooling integration Cloud ResourcesPre-built images, patterns, process / configurationautomation Storage Compute Network
  8. 8. Many IBM SmartCloud offerings leverage common cloud servicesSimple 3-tier structure, increasing client value at each tier andextending across hybrid cloud environments Related Standards &Using open, common, standards-based architecture providing Organizationschoice, flexibility, interoperability and portability CCRA OSLCClean upgrade paths with progression to fully integrated andfactory optimized PureApplication System CIMI & TOSCASignificant benefits including ease of installation, enterprise OVFhardening and additional capabilities above base OpenStack SmartCloud Orchestration Orchestration, Platform and Infrastructure Services across multiple environments and domains SmartCloud SmartCloud Provisioning Provisioning Platform and Platform and Infrastructure Services Infrastructure Services PureApplication SmartCloud Entry SmartCloud Entry System Infrastructure Services Infrastructure Services Infrastructure and Platform Services Customer PureFlex System integrated Public Cloud hardware Infrastructure Software Factory Bundle Offerings Integrated Option
  9. 9. Contributions to OpenStack success deliver valueOpenStack ComputeProvision and manage large networks of virtual machines•Platform integration•High Availability enhancements•Resource optimization•Live upgrade contributions•Enablement for P & Z Systems, DB2•ESXi support•VM group enablement in scheduler•CPU allocation for vCPUs•Cross hypervisor testing and validationOpenStack NetworkingCreate petabytes of secure, reliable storage using standard OpenStack Shared ServicesHW Libraries that provide image management, authentication &•Support for key emerging networking standards security across all OpenStack projects•Quantum blueprints & migration from Nova •Security & authentication enhancements•FibreChannel support •Image activation for OVF •Guest level metric collectionOpenStack Storage •APIs: Enablement for key emerging standardsCreate petabytes of secure, reliable storage using standard HW •Membership services enhancements•Block & object storage enablement for IBM capability •Glance: multiple image locations•Nova blueprints•Cinder local storage & local instance clone•Efficient clone image in Cinder SVC driver for cFlex General OpenStack contributions•Nova & Cinder storage blueprints •Globalization and crowd-sourced translation integration•Storwise/SVC driver update – support iSCSI CHAP auth •Drive IBM value-add capability from SCP•Wsgi application interface enabling external web server •Community facing contributions – bug fixing, community•Swift / Keystone interface for Keystone v3 API building & promotion •QA items
  10. 10. How Can You Contribute to OpenStack? Impact to OpenStack ecosystem growth • Be an Open Stack evangelist and promote OpenStack usage in your companies • Try to become a direct contributor to the project • Contributions can be made in several different ways: • Develop code to support new feature/capability • Write technical or user level documentation • Review, verify and improve upon the user documentation • Help provide translation support to local languages • Test the code and report bugs and vulnerabilities • Work to fix bugs and contribute patches • Testing of the early code snapshots of a release:
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