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OpenStack Introduction


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  • 1. An Open Source Cloud Framework Hitesh Wadekar
  • 2. About me – Hitesh Wadekar• I am a Software Developer.• I have been working with Persistent System Limited, Pune since July 2009.• Involve in Persistent mainly on Cloud and Networking R & D.• Contributing and active on OpenStack since March 2011.• Research and Development area: Cloud, Virtualization, Networking and Operating Systems.  Current study: Software Defined Networking and Service Oriented Architecture in data center.  Contact me :
  • 3. Agenda• Overview of Cloud computing, Service model and deployment.• What is OpenStack.• Who are involved.• Projects under OpenStack.OpenStack Releases•• Overview of OpenStack architecture.• How to contribute in OpenStack.• Q&A.
  • 4. Cloud ComputingCloud computing is set of resources and services offered through the Internet Windows Web Service Ubuntu Cric Info 2008 Management STACK Servers Network Client Mobile Client Client WEB SERVICE W2k8
  • 5. Cloud Service Model Private Infrastructure Platform Software (On-Premise) (as a Service) (as a Service) (as a Service) Applications Applications Applications Applications Runtimes Runtimes Runtimes RuntimesSecurity & Integration Security & Integration Security & Integration Security & Integration Databases Databases Databases Databases Servers Servers Servers Servers Virtualization Virtualization Virtualization Virtualization Server HW Server HW Server HW Server HW Storage Storage Storage Storage Networking Networking Networking Networking Managed by you Managed by vendor
  • 6. Cloud Deployment Model1.Public cloud2.Private cloud3.Hybrid cloud
  • 7. OpenStack Cloud OpenStack is a community of open sourcedevelopers, participating organizations and userswho are building and running the open source cloudoperating system. “OpenStack is an Infrastructure as a service which is knownas a Cloud Operating System, that takes resources such ascompute, storage, network, virtualization technologies andcontrols those resources at a data center level” “OpenStack’s basic requirement: “Cloud must be simpleto implement and massively scalable”
  • 8. In the beginning…
  • 9.
  • 10. > 110 Companies >1556 People Hardware Service Vendors Providers >50 M Venture Capital
  • 11. OpenStack Project•OpenStack Compute (Nova)•OpenStack Object Store (Swift)•OpenStack Image Service (Glance)•OpenStack Quantum Service:•Other components
  • 12. ome numbers: Nova 79,372 lines of code 19,877 comments 19,941 blanks ~145 contributors 30 Day Commit Activity 42 committers made 731 commits 323 files modified 281658 lines added 120582 lines removed
  • 13. ome numbers: Swift 34,784 lines of code 6,790 comments 5,015 blanks ~36 contributors 30 Day Commit Activity 7 committers made 30 commits 21 files modified 748 lines added 183 lines removed
  • 14. ome numbers: Glance A few minutes of ‘wc –l’ and ‘git log’ ~20 contributorsAbout half the size of Swift but about twice as active
  • 15. ome numbers: Dashboard 16,821 lines of code 2,023 comments 3,606 blanks ~26 contributors 30 Day Commit Activity 11committers made 91commits 338 files modified 50421 lines added 35569 lines removed
  • 16. ome numbers: Keystone A few minutes of ‘wc –l’ and ‘git log’ ~20 contributorsbout half the same size Swift but about twice as active
  • 17. penStack Releases
  • 18. Why OpenStack•Control and Flexibility. Open source platform means you’re never lockedto a proprietary vendor, and modular design can integrate with legacy orthird-party technologies to meet your business needs.•Industry Standard. More than 60 leading companies from over a dozencountries are participating in OpenStack, including Cisco, Citrix, Dell, Inteland Microsoft, and new OpenStack clouds are coming online across theglobe.•Proven Software. Run the same software that today powers some of thelargest public and private clouds in the world.•Compatible and Connected. Compatibility with public OpenStack cloudsmeans enterprises are prepared for the future—making it easy to migratedata and applications to public clouds when conditions are right—based onsecurity policies, economics, and other key business criteria.
  • 19. Component of OpenStack
  • 20. Conceptual Architecture of OpenStack
  • 21. Logical Architecture ofOpenStack Folsom release
  • 22. Nova/Quantum Architecture http Dashboard EC2/Openstack API EC2/Admin API Glance API Glance API Nova API Nova Compute Glance Image Nova Nova Nova Network/ Registry Store Queue Database Quantum Manager (swift,etc) GlanceDatabase Volume Nova Nova Storage Volume Schedule Adapted from
  • 23. Sample DeploymentArchitecture of OpenStack
  • 24. Sample DeploymentArchitecture of OpenStack
  • 25.
  • 26. shell scripted source installquickest path to running code that is accessible to changesee everything that gets installed and configurednova services, glance, keystone, swift, dashboard and quantumruns all the services in named screen sessions
  • 27. References and Links