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Maas Juju Introduction
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Maas Juju Introduction


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  • 1. MAAS & juju IntroductionHardik Dalwadi |
  • 2. MASS – Metal as a Service What?
  • 3. Its Server Orechestration● Server Orchestration describes the automated arrangement, coordination, and management of complex computer systems with pre-defined environment.
  • 4. MASS – Metal as a Service● Metal as a Service -- MAAS -- brings the language of the cloud to physical servers. It makes it easy to set up the hardware on which to deploy any service that needs to scale up and down dynamically; a cloud being just one example.
  • 5. MASS – Metal as a Service Why?
  • 6. MASS – Metal as a Service”As we move from “tens” to “hundreds” to“thousands” of nodes in a typical data centre weneed new tools and practices. This hyperscale story– of hyper-dense racks with wimpy nodes – is thebig shift in the physical world which matches theequally big shift to cloud computing in the virtualisedworld. Ubuntu’s popularity in the cloud comes in partfrom being leaner, faster, more agile. And MAAS –Metal as a Service – is bringing that agility back tothe physical world for hyperscale deployments” - ByMark Shuttleworth
  • 7. MASS – Metal as a Service How?
  • 8. Integrated With Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
  • 9. Web GUI For Easy Management
  • 10. Overview Of Features● Add, Commission, Update and Recycle Your Servers● Hardware-specific tasks such as burn-in tests, firmware and RAID upgrades [Development Stage]● Web API For Integration For Thirpary Tool
  • 11. MASS – Metal as a Service● All development is public● Free and Open Source Software● Communication is open Join Us● IRC: #maas on● Launchpad:● Web:
  • 12. Juju – Service Orechestration
  • 13. apt-get install <YOUR SERVICE>
  • 14. Example: Wordpress● juju has been designed for environments which can provide a new machine with an Ubuntu cloud operating system image on-demand.● Install juju ”sudo apt-get install juju● Bootstrap juju ”juju bootstrap● Deploy Wordpress juju deploy mysql juju deploy wordpress juju add-relation wordpress mysql● Expose Your Service juju expose wordpress
  • 15. Charms Are Simple● Some yaml metadata● A few scripts that run at the right time● Well encapsulated● Written with whatever tool you want!● Assumptions can be eliminated● Easy to read, easy to review●
  • 16. Charms today ThinkUp HAProxy MySQL Jenkins
  • 17. Deployment Options● EC2 API● Ubuntu MAAS● Local Dev● Openstack● HP cloud● MS Azure● …..
  • 18. The Future● Charm Store● Subordinate Charms● Placement Constraints● Stacks● Storage Management● Cloud Federation● Auto Scaling● Charms, Charms, Charms, Charms...
  • 19. OpenStack Deployment With MAAS & Juju
  • 20. Example!!! Landscape and Cloud deck Ubuntu server as guest AWSOME Ubuntu cloudJuju Public clouds infrastructure Storage [OpenStack] KVM, Xen LXC MAAS Ubuntu server x86 ARM
  • 21. Bonus!!!5 Minutes OpenStack Cloud Recipe with Ubuntu Cloud Live 12.04
  • 22. Questions?Poke me at