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  • 1. Importance Of OpenStack An Outsider Perspective
  • 2. What am I going to talk? Role of OSS in Cloud Computing Conventional Wisdom Debunking Conventional Wisdom Federation Is Key Cloud Wisdom Debunking Cloud Wisdom Open Source as an enabler of Federation Why OpenStack is important
  • 3. Why I am talking here?• Because I am an analyst• 30000 feet view• No emotions (Ideally)• Activist analyst?• Competitive market is key
  • 4. Open Source: Building Blocks ForCloud Web Sites to Web Services to Cloud: Open Source Is The Enabler License Freedom Economics Imagine AWS without OSS
  • 5. Conventional Wisdom• Mostly western pundits• Economics of scarcity• CONSOLIDATION Meh
  • 6. Why CW Worked? Market was mostly US Forced to believe in the economics of scarcity Open source was relatively new Barrier to entry for non-software products was very high
  • 7. Debunking Conventional Wisdom World is flat and markets are global Global Investors making local play Handful of providers cannot meet diverse needs Regulatory regimes are not going away Open source enlightenment
  • 8. New Conventional Wisdom Economics of abundance Open source showed the way Innovation and monetization at higher orders Technology is pushing the markets towards this trend Competition is key for the market system to be successful
  • 9. Federated Clouds Conventional Wisdom Open Source Thinking (Economics of Scarcity) (Economics of Abundance)
  • 10. Federated Clouds Federated Clouds as antidote against market monopoly Federated clouds can meet global needs including regulatory requirements Scalability? No worries. Federation can help Key for the Big Data world Different economics
  • 11. Defining Federated CloudEcosystems Multitude of players Heterogeneity of cloud platforms Interoperability and Portability No vendor lock-in Geographical distribution
  • 12. Multitude of players Central to the very idea of federated clouds Datacenters are not turning into football fields Critical to protect against market vulnerability - monopoly Community Clouds and Regional Clouds
  • 13. Heterogeneity of CloudPlatforms Federation is possible with just one platform but Shifts the danger of market vulnerability to the platform than the provider Monopoly is bad even if it is open source Heterogeneity handles diversity Complex Adaptive Systems & Heterogeneous Environments
  • 14. Interoperability and Portability Interoperability and Workload portability are critical Needed to avoid any lock-in Don’t care about standardization at this moment
  • 15. Geographical Distribution Geographical distribution is key Requirement for multiple providers not enough Needs are diverse (performance, customization, etc.) Regulatory needs
  • 16. Tim O’ Reilly School Of Thought Architecture Triumphs Licensing Focus on Interfaces and Formats
  • 17. Open Cloud Initiative Open Cloud = No Vendor Lock In Open Cloud = Open Interfaces & Open Formats But Weird Requirement: At least one of the implementation should be open source
  • 18. What #OCI Can Achieve? It Can Avoid Vendor Lock-In Help You Ensure Business Continuity But, But, But ………
  • 19. But? It Doesn’t Actually Help Users Much Why? The “nature” of markets will lead to smaller number of players
  • 20. Apple Mantra Less Choice Is Good, Right?
  • 21. Ya Think?
  • 22. SoOpen Source and Federation are key to enable a competitive marketplace
  • 23. Why Open Source? Federation != Open Source
  • 24. Why Open Source?
  • 25. Why OpenStack Is Important? First truly OSS Cloud Infrastructure project to gain widespread traction Distributed architecture enables next gen services Vibrant ecosystem Both enterprise and service provider focus
  • 26. Conclusion Open Source = Rapid Innovation Federation = Competitive Cloud Marketplace Open Source enables easy federation and plays a role in keeping the market honest OpenStack is critical
  • 27. My CoordinatesWork: Principal Analyst, Rishidot Researchand Editor, CloudAve.comEmail: krishnan@krishworld.comTwitter: @krishnanWebsite: