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Nova for Physicalization and Virtualization compute models
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Nova for Physicalization and Virtualization compute models


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Legend :
  • 2. Nova – compute service
  • 3. Compute Models• Physical Server as Compute – Blades / Rack mount servers• Virtualized Server as Compute – ESX – Hyper V – KVM – Xen server• Other compute models – Container based virtualization (LXC, OpenVZ) – Partitions (lpar / Vpar)
  • 4. Nova – driver based approach Message Bus (Queue) Libvirt Driver ViSDK driver WMI Driver KVM ESX Host Hyper V Host Host
  • 5. Multi Hypervisor Cloud Glance Images Grizzly Controller Keystone Database (qcow2, vhd, vmdk) (Devstack) (Mysql) Asynchronous message queue Hyper-V KVM VM VM Win-8 Win-8 RHEL Ubuntu Compute Compute Compute -WMI Compute -WMI Compute - libvirt Compute - libvirt VI SDK ESXi 5.0 ESXi 5.0 VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM 1 2 1 2 2 1 2 1 VM VM Switch Switch bridge bridge VSS VSS ESXi
  • 6. OpenStack - feature supported across Hypervisors
  • 7. Physical Bare-metal provisioning
  • 8. Q&A
  • 9. •nova-computewith the bare-metal driver: The bare-metal driver itself consists of severalcomponents: •The power manager is responsible for operations such as setting boot devices, powering up and down nodes, etc. It’s robust enough to support several management protocol implementations (we developed two, based on IPMIoool and FreeIPMI to support a wider range of hardware). •The network manager interacts with the rack switch and is responsible for switching nodes back and forth between the service and projects’ networks (the service network is used to deploy the bare-metal instance via PXE/TFTP). Currently we have an implementation for the Juniper switches. More details on that will be provided in another post devoted to networking support. •dnsmasq is a Netboot environment for instance provisioning.•nova-baremetal-agent: This is the agent that is supposed to be run on bootstrap-linux(see the next bullet) and executes various provisioning tasks spawned by the bare-metal driver.•bootstrap-linux: A tiny Linux image to be booted over the network and perform basicinitialization. It is based on the Tiny Core Linux and contains a basic set of packages such asPython to run nova-baremetal-agent (which is implemented in Python) and curl to be able todownload an image from Glance. Additionally, it contains an init script that downloads nova-baremetal-agent using curl and executes it.•nova-baremetal-service: A service that is responsible for orchestration of the provisioningtasks (tasks are applied by nova-baremetal-agent directly to the bare-metal server it isrunning on).
  • 10. What is Cloud? On-demand Measured service. self-service. Internet Broad network access. Rapid elasticity. Resource pooling.Cloud computing is a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to ashared pool of configurable computing resourcesresources (hardware and software) that are Cloud computing is the use of computing (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, andservices) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service delivered as a service over a network ( Internet )provider interaction. – NIST definition
  • 11. LXC