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We at OpenSoft, strongly believe in Open Source Technologies and offer wide spectrum of available Open Source technology and Software Application Products.
Opensoft has been offering a variety of Workshops like Learn Easy PHP, Learn Easy Java, Learn Easy Python, Learn Easy MySQL, Learn Easy Drupal, Learn Easy Joomla, Learn Easy CRM, ERP & much more.

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Learn easy workshops

  1. 1. Enterprise Learn Easy™ WorkshopsApplications q ISO 9001-2008 OpenSoftSkillDevelopment Certified Email: info@in1ventures.com Tel: 91.44-4260 4197/ 4212 6316 / 91.9944050600Program Professional Workshops, Seminars in Enterprise Applications (ERP, CRM, eCommerce, BPM, ECM and Internet Marketing) Why Enterprise Applications? – Is it important? Why EA Workshop? More than $100 Billion Market for Enterprise Applications – Forrester Research IDC forecasts that the small and medium-sized business (SMB) enterprise applications market will grow to $80.3 billion by the end of 2012. Against the backdrop of the global recession, IT vendors and enterprises alike are looking to the OSS(Open Source Software) application technologies to solve their current challenges.- DataMonitor No businesses run without a software application today to manage their day to day operations. EA workshop will give participants the orientation on various Enterprise Applications, how it is used, why it is used, how to map the business process to functionality, how to configure the applications etc. Target Audience Corporate Training for Employees MBA Students BBA Students MCA Students Management Studies /MCA Faculty Benefit for Participants Knowledge sharing from Industry experts, Real life examples, LearnEasy™ case based training More opportunities for placement and visibility on the external Job market scene. Benefit for Participants Workshop Handouts, Hands-On Practice, Workshop participation certificate. Support even after the Workshop Online Test & Certification from OpenSoft (Select courses only) Why Open Source EA Applications? Why not proprietary Applications like SAP, Microsoft? We have over 10 years of experience in SAP, Oracle & Microsoft technologies. Institutions are expected to generate Skills that are generic, not specific. As the students can get in to any kind of Enterprise Applications software in the future, it would be wise to learn and practice with open source software (FREE) guided by experts to understand EA. Later during the job, depending on the company requirements, students will get trained in the appropriate technologies. So why spend money and time on learning proprietary software when there is an uncertainty? OpenSoft - An ISO 9001 – 2008 Certified Company
  2. 2. Enterprise Learn Easy™ WorkshopsApplications q ISO 9001-2008 OpenSoftSkillDevelopment Certified Email: info@in1ventures.com Tel: 91.44-4260 4197/ 4212 6316 / 91.9944050600Program What are the programs conducted on Enterprise Applications? Choose your choice of programs Hands on with Human Resource Management Blue Print techniques &Design Tools & Tips Duration: 1 Day Case based Training Hands on with HRM Software Hands on with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Gap Analysis Functional Design Duration: 1-2 Days Case Study Hands on with an ERP Product Hands on with CRM - Customer Relationship Mgmt Concepts Processes Duration:1-2Days Methodologies Hands on with a CRM Product Hands on with an eCommerce Product Processes Duration: 1 Day Real Life Case Study Hands on with an eCommerce Product Internet Marketing Search Engine Optimization & Marketing (SEO/SEM) Duration: 1 Day Online brand & reputation Mgmt. Tools, Techniques & Job Market Duration : 1 Day OpenSoft - An ISO 9001 – 2008 Certified Company
  3. 3. Enterprise Learn Easy™ WorkshopsApplications q ISO 9001-2008 OpenSoftSkillDevelopment Certified Email: info@in1ventures.com Tel: 91.44-4260 4197/ 4212 6316 / 91.9944050600Program Prerequisites  Linux or Windows based computers are required. For windows, installations of additional components are required and these can be removed once the practice gets over.  Lab Admin help is required. Projector, Speakers to connect to Laptop, Wireless Microphone as appropriate are required. A facilitator is required to plan, organize the workshop event. Activities during Workshop  Case based easy to learn training  Scenario building, process flow creation( Applicable to select courses only)  Activity Sheets /Instruction handouts  Trainer(s) will guide you through each step  Videos/Slides/student interactions (interactive sessions) to augment teaching tools Duration (in Days) 1 2 5 Cost There are many factors when we decide the fee structure for the workshops as we customize the program to suit your requirement. We are open to discussions to finalize a price that suits all. Please get in touch with us for more information at the number/email provided. Tests & Certification ( End to End Workshop Solution – Training, Testing & Certification) OpenSoft provides practice test and certification test for experienced professionals and for beginners. For those who attend our workshops these tests & certifications are available at a discounted price. Participants can take tests online anytime at their convenience. Also Workshop on Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems OpenSoft - An ISO 9001 – 2008 Certified Company
  4. 4. Enterprise Learn Easy™ WorkshopsApplications q ISO 9001-2008 OpenSoftSkillDevelopment Certified Email: info@in1ventures.com Tel: 91.44-4260 4197/ 4212 6316 / 91.9944050600Program Resource Profile Mr.Senthil Kumar Director, in1Ventures Private Limited Mr.Senthilkumar, MBA (Technology Management) from Deakin University, Australia worked in several industries before moving in to IT in the late 90s. He has worked as Manager for Deloitte Consulting, a tier1, one of the Big 4 Consulting companies in the World. During his tenure in Consulting, he had consulted Clients across the USA, Europe and New Zealand before establishing his own venture, in1Ventures Private Limited. Mr. Senthil kumar has established presence in the CRM applications area long before it became an industry Standard. He is known for his contribution in Public sector clients such as Department of Revenue, State of Florida, City of Auckland- NewZealand, Department of Water Resources, California and Department of Motor Vehicles, DC. Apart from Public Sector Industry he had also worked in TMT (Technology, Media and Telecommunications) and Manufacturing Industries. Due to his experience with various proprietary softwares such as SAP (ERP,CRM&eCommerce,) Siebel CRM (Now part of Oracle), Microsoft Enterprise Project Management Solutions, HP IT Governance Suite (ITG products) and Open source software products such as SugarCRM and Open source development languages/platforms like PHP, MySQL, Linux etc, he is best in both the technologies. As the benefactor of using Open Source Products and technologies, he shares his experiences at various events and also conducts free and professional training programs on Open Source technology. Mr.Senthil Kumar now advocates open source technology and started a technology division OpenSoft to nurture young talents on various open source technologies and products. He is invited to speak in various seminars, workshops etc to talk on open source technologies. He is known for his well received talk show titled “Open Talk – From Proprietary to Open Source”. He owns and operates Indias best Multilingual News Aggregator All News India (www.allnews.in) developed entirely on open source technology. Ms.Sunitha Rangarajan Sr.Manager-Technology , OpenSoft, Chennai. Ms.Sunitha Rangarajan,MCA has over 12 years of IT Infrastructure management & Development experience in various platforms. She was in charge of recruitment & training of IT professionals. She has extensive experience in Open Source technology and has done development works on various Open Source products like Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress and ecommerce products like osCommerce etc. OpenSoft - An ISO 9001 – 2008 Certified Company
  5. 5. Enterprise Learn Easy™ WorkshopsApplications q ISO 9001-2008 OpenSoftSkillDevelopment Certified Email: info@in1ventures.com Tel: 91.44-4260 4197/ 4212 6316 / 91.9944050600Program For more information If you would like to know more about in1Ventures,corporate relations, partner proposals, business services, please get in touch with us at © Copyright in1Ventures Private Limited 2010 info@in1ventures.com in1Ventures Private Limited Registered office New# 29, Burkit Road, in1Ventures, Allnews.in, i2i, Learn Easy, LBi, T Nagar Yousubmit, YouReport, uReporter, Bux are trademarks Chennai – 600 017 applied or in process with the Registrar of Trademarks & Tamil Nadu, India Patents in India. in1Ventures also holds more than 30 044-4260 4197/ 4212 6316 trademarks in different classes and for different business Mob:91.9944050600 purposes. Any other trademarks belong to their eFax: 1-860-812-9262 respective owners. Email: info@in1ventures.com www.in1ventures.com All Rights Reserved Disclaimer At in1Ventures, we constantly evolve our content, processes, and methodologies for betterment. As such, we have the right to change the information contained herein without any prior intimation. OpenSoft - An ISO 9001 – 2008 Certified Company