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Putting Private Clouds to Work with PaaS Interop 2013 Vegas Diane Mueller
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Putting Private Clouds to Work with PaaS Interop 2013 Vegas Diane Mueller


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Presentation from Interop/Vegas 2013 Private Cloud track …

Presentation from Interop/Vegas 2013 Private Cloud track
Getting the most out of your Private Cloud means going beyond simply deploying IaaS, maximize your investment and meet your line of business managers & developer's expectations of self-service, on demand cloud resource in today's agile life cycles

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. 1Putting your Private Clouds to WorkDiane Mueller@pythondjdmueller@redhat.comSlides available: Private Cloud Track
  • 2. 2Agenda● Cloud Vision @RedHat● Changing Role of IT● Getting Beyond IaaS● Why PaaS Matters● What is PaaS?
  • 3. 3
  • 4. 4
  • 5. 5
  • 6. 6
  • 7. 7
  • 8. 8
  • 9. 9IT Transformationfrom Businesss Perspective
  • 10. 10Leading to Huge ROI Expectations in the Cloud
  • 11. 11IT Transformationfrom Operations Perspective
  • 12. 12Still focusing on delivering Cloud Infrastructure
  • 13. 13If you build it they will come...
  • 14. 14Enter the Developer Realm
  • 15. 15New Cloud World Order
  • 16. 16
  • 17. 17The Expectation of “Everything”-as-a-Service● Identity-as-a-Service● Queueing as a Service● Backend-as-a-Service● Database-as-a-Service
  • 18. 18Servicing Needs Beyond InfrastructureIaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)“How do I use this?”• Servers in the cloud• You must build and manage everything(OS, App Servers, DB, App, etc.)SaaS (Software as a Service)• Someone else’s app in the cloud (CRM, etc.)• You are restricted to the features of the 3rdparty application“I’m not sure this appdoes what I need.”
  • 19. 19IT Transformation...from the Developers Perspective
  • 20. 20Multiple, Diverse, Complex Application Use Cases● Require more than just “Infrastructure”● Run on a diverse eco-system of application stacks● Need to be secure, compliant and well-managed● Scale or Fail
  • 21. 21Infrastructure LayerSaaS/Applications LayerInfrastructure LayerInfrastructure LayerPlatform as a Service fills out the Cloud Layer Cake
  • 22. 22Key to a Successful Private Cloud Initiative: PaaS● Expectation Management● Add a PaaS Layer to your Cloud– Increases Interoperability– Adds On-Demand, Self Service– (Security+Privacy+Control ) = CompliancePaaSLanguages, frameworks, web serversServices: Data, Messaging, othersIaaSHypervisor/Infrastructure
  • 23. 23Infrastructure as a Service gives you• Network, storage & compute as an on-demand service• Basically, servers in the cloud• You’re still on the hook to configure & manage thecloud & stack“How do I use this?”
  • 24. 24Software as a Service gives you• An on-demand application• Nothing to install or configure“This is all my customers and users care about!”
  • 25. 25Platform as a Service delivers!• Application run-time environment in the cloud• Configures & manages both the cloud & stack for yourapplication“The cloud is now useful!”
  • 26. 26Platform as a Service Benefits● Automate Application Environment Deployment● Reduce Time to Market● Standardize Application Deployment● Security of Data● AutoScaling of Applications● Privacy & Control Over Data● Control for Corporate IT● Customize to Your Requirements● Mitigate Risk
  • 27. 27So how does PaaS work its magic in the Cloud?Infrastructure LayerSaaS/Applications LayerInfrastructure LayerInfrastructure Layer
  • 28. 28Platform as a ServiceCode Deploy EnjoySave Time and MoneyCode your appPush-buttonDeploy, andyour App isrunning in theCloud!
  • 29. 29PaaS gives Developers choicesDeveloper IDEIntegrationsWeb BrowserConsoleCommand LineToolingREST APIs
  • 31. 31•Broker – Management host, orchestration of Nodes•Node – Compute host containing Gears•Gear – Allocation of fixed memory, compute, and storageresources for running applications•Cartridge – A technology/framework (PHP, Perl, Java/JEE,Ruby, Python, MySQL, etc.) to build applications•Application – Instantiation of a Cartridge•Client Tools – CLI, Eclipse, Web Console for creating andmanaging applicationsKEY OPENSHIFT TERMS
  • 32. 32RUNS ON IaaSOpenShift Origin is a PaaS that runs on top of InfrastructureOpenStack RHEV VMWareAmazon EC2 Rackspace Bare Metal
  • 33. 33BROKERAn OpenShift Broker can manage multiple node hosts.Fedora/RHEL Fedora/RHELFedora/RHELBrokers Node NodeNodes are where User Applications live.
  • 34. 34COMMUNICATIONCommunication from external clients occurs through the REST APIThe Broker then communicates through the messaging service to nodes
  • 35. 35BROKERThe Broker is responsible for state, DNS, and authentication.
  • 36. 36Scales the ApplicationRHELHA-ProxyMySQLJavaCodeJavaCodeJavaCode
  • 37. 37Secures the ApplicationFedora/RHELFedora/RHELBrokers Node NodeSELinux Policies securely subdividethe Node instances.
  • 38. 38GEARSFedora/RHELFedora/RHELBrokers Node NodeOpenShift GEARS represent securecontainers in RHEL
  • 39. 39CARTRIDGESFedora/RHELFedora/RHELBrokers Node NodeWeb ConsoleEclipse IDECmd LineJBOSSMYSQL
  • 40. 40CARTRIDGESCUSTOMEtc.Etc.RubyPythonPHPJavaPostgresMySQLOpenShift DefaultCartridges
  • 41. 41HTTP FLOW
  • 43. 43PaaS is the FutureNowHow to Build an App:1. Have Idea2. Get Budget3. Submit hardware acquisition request4. Wait5. Get Hardware6. Deploy framework/appserver7. Deploy testing tools8. Test testing tools9. Code, test, repeat10. Configure Prod servers (and buy them if needed)11. Push to Prod12. Launch13. Order more servers to meet demand14. Wait15. Deploy new servers16. Etc.How to Build an App:1. Have Idea2. Code, test, repeat3. Launch4. Scale“The use of Platform-as-a-Service technologieswill enable IT organizations to become more agileand more responsive to the business needs.” –Gartner** Old Days
  • 44. 44Recap: PaaS+IaaS = Successful Private Clouds● Automate Application Environment Deployment● Reduce Time to Market● Standardize Application Deployment● Security of Data● AutoScaling of Applications● Privacy & Control Over Data● Control for Corporate IT● Customize to Your Requirements● Mitigate Risk
  • 45. 45Platform as a Service (PaaS) provides key benefi ts that will continue todrive enterprise adoption of Private Clouds1 Gartner -- 2 CMSWire -- 3 Marketwire --
  • 46. 46Conclusion: Adopt a PaaS Today!
  • 47. 47Diane Mueller, Cloud Ecosystem available: You!
  • 48. 48Cloud Service Models
  • 49. 49Cloud Service Models
  • 50. 50Cloud Service Models