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How to Launch a Public PaaS with OpenSource: The GetUpCloud & OpenShift Orgin Story FISL 14 Porto Alegre, Brazil
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How to Launch a Public PaaS with OpenSource: The GetUpCloud & OpenShift Orgin Story FISL 14 Porto Alegre, Brazil


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How to Launch a Public PaaS with OpenSource: The GetUpCloud & OpenShift Orgin Story FISL 14 Porto Alegre, Brazil

How to Launch a Public PaaS with OpenSource: The GetUpCloud & OpenShift Orgin Story FISL 14 Porto Alegre, Brazil

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Launching a Public PaaS with Open Source: The GetUpCloud & OpenShift Origin Story Diane Mueller Cloud Ecosystem Evangelist @pythondj
  • 2. 2 Open Source = Opportunity +
  • 3. 3 Today's Point of Origin
  • 4. 4 Origin's Mission: To create, as a community, the next generation Platform-as-a-Service that will run on all major cloud platforms as a freely available open source project.
  • 5. 5 Today's Agenda ● What is Cloud ● Why PaaS Matters ● What is OpenShift Origin ● How GetUpCloud has leveraged Origin ● How to get involved
  • 6. 6
  • 7. 7 New Cloud World Order
  • 8. 8 Infrastructure as a Service gives you: • Network, storage & compute as an on- demand service • Basically, servers in the cloud • You’re still on the hook to confgure & manage the cloud & stack “How do I use this?”
  • 9. 9 Software as a Service gives you: • An on-demand application • Nothing to install or confgure “This is all my customers and users care about!”
  • 10. 10 Platform as a Service delivers: • Application run-time environment in the cloud • Confgures & manages both the cloud & stack for your application “The cloud is now useful!”
  • 11. 11 Infrastructure Layer SaaS/Applications Layer Infrastructure LayerInfrastructure Layer Platform as a Service flls out the Cloud Layer Cake
  • 12. 12 PaaS Services Needs Beyond Infrastructure IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) “How do I use this?” • Servers in the cloud • You must build and manage everything (OS, App Servers, DB, App, etc.) SaaS (Software as a Service) • Someone else’s app in the cloud (example: CRM, GMAIL) • You are restricted to the features of the 3rd party application “I’m not sure this app does what I need.”
  • 13. 13 PaaS Delivers Support for Diverse & Complex Application Use Cases ● Require more than just “Infrastructure” ● Run on a diverse eco-system of application stacks ● Need to be secure, compliant and well-managed ● Scale or Fail
  • 14. 14 PaaS Streamlines App Development {Craftwork} {Assembly Line}
  • 15. 15 So what is OpenShift Origin? Open Source Platform as a Service for Applications in the Cloud
  • 16. 16 origin Public Cloud Service On- premise or Private Cloud Software Open Source Project FLAVORS OF OPENSHIFT
  • 17. 17 So how does OpenShift Origin work it's PaaS magic in the Cloud? Infrastructure Layer SaaS/Applications Layer Infrastructure LayerInfrastructure Layer
  • 18. 18 PaaS gives Developers choices Developer IDE Integrations Web Browser Console Command Line Tooling REST APIs
  • 19. 19 PaaS automates & scales Code Deploy Enjoy Save Time and Money Code your app Push-button Deploy, and your App is running in the Cloud!
  • 20. 20 RUNS ON IaaS OpenShift Origin is a PaaS that runs on top of Infrastructure OpenStack RHEV VMWare Amazon EC2 Rackspace Bare Metal
  • 21. 21 • Broker – Management host, orchestration of Nodes • Node – Compute host containing Gears • Gear – Allocation of fixed memory, compute, and storage resources for running applications • Cartridge – A technology/framework (PHP, Perl, Java/JEE, Ruby, Python, MySQL, etc.) to build applications • Application – Instantiation of a Cartridge • Client Tools – CLI, Eclipse, Web Console for creating and managing applications KEY OPENSHIFT TERMS
  • 22. 22 BROKER The Broker is responsible for state, DNS, and authentication.
  • 23. 23 BROKER An OpenShift Broker can manage multiple node hosts. Fedora/RHEL Fedora/RHELFedora/RHEL Brokers Node Node Nodes are where User Applications live.
  • 24. 24 GEARS Fedora/RHELFedora/RHEL Brokers Node Node OpenShift GEARS represent secure containers
  • 25. 25 CARTRIDGES Fedora/RHELFedora/RHEL Brokers Node Node Web Console Eclipse IDE Cmd Line JBOSSMYSQL
  • 26. 26 CARTRIDGES CUSTOM Etc. Etc. Ruby Python PHP Java Postgres MySQL OpenShift Default Cartridges
  • 27. 27 Auto-Scales the Application RHEL HA-Proxy MySQL Java Code Java Code Java Code
  • 29. 30 And all of us are in this together
  • 30. 31 OpenShift Origin Community on IRC
  • 31. 32 Hanging Out on Google+
  • 32. 33 Contributing on Github ●
  • 33. 34 ● Origin: origin-server ● Community Cartridges: origin-community-cartridges ● Build Tools: origin-dev-tools ● Puppet: puppet-openshift_origin ● Quick Starts ● Examples ● Documentation Navigating around GitHub
  • 34. 35 OpenShift Contributor Guidelines ● server/blob/master/ ● Apache V2 License ● It's a Meritocracy – Start with Bug Fixes – Volunteer to do Code Reviews – Extend the ecosystem with Cartridges & Quick Starts – Test! – Document – Evangelize!
  • 35. 36 ● Google+ Community ● E-Mail ● OpenShift Users: ● Origin Developers: ● IRC: ● OpenShift Users: #openshift ● Origin Developers: #openshift-dev Communication Channels
  • 36. 37 ● Forums ● Blogs More Reading materials
  • 37. 38 Get Involved! Write a Blog Test Upcoming Releases Create Documentation Create a Quickstart Help Users Submit Patches/New Features Report Issues Review Code Translate Documentation Discuss Future Development Join the Google+ Community Follow us on twitter @openshift Visit us @ Red Hat Booth
  • 38. 39 Conclusion: Adopt an Open Source PaaS Today! Deploy your own PaaS!
  • 39. Diane Mueller, Cloud Ecosystem Evangelist @pythondj Slides available: Try it for free Use Promo Code: FISL14