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The Open University has organised the way it works on Open Educational projects around different elements. These are shared in a description of the OER Hub.
Presented at Open Education 2012 #opened12 by Gary Elliott-Cirigottis 18 October 2012.
Presentation by Patrina Law, Gary Elliott-Cirigottis and Patrick McAndrew.

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  • The essence of the hub concept is to be a coordinating presence, to provide OER project infrastructure and to be a collaborating mechanism for potential partners and colleagues in the following areas:But first : the OU Brooke Faculty member Shoreline Community College.
  • second adventures in economicsNo1 n National Student Survey.2011 facts.
  • The OU has a radical and pioneering approach to access. Matching its refusal to place qualifications barriers in front of our own students, it also has a commitment to release and promote free learning content and systems for others. In addition we exploit these materials and systems in developing localised solutions. Through grant and donor support and by working closely with local stakeholders we have developed a number of international projects that offer OER to targeted groups in deprived populations Started with Hewlett funding but now is what we do.
  • second adventures in economics
  • Look at the numbers !! So that’s our open content
  • Here we are we have this material, we’re doing all these projects.
  • B2S experience. Elements that we brought together to make this project happen.The OER Hub concept was key to bringing together the elements of planning, delivery and research for the Bridge to Success project.
  • Here’s a set of stuff that we think could be helpful to people who were using the materials. Why we should think or not think that should be helpful.It is these key areas that may be of interest to others working in OER projects as we learn to amplify the good lessons learnt and would like to share practice.These are our practices – the elements that we undertaken at the OU that we’ve bought together here. I’ve stuck to just our elements.
  • Professional development, courses, Learn about Guides –The Learn about guides are short papers that draw together what we know on topics that are central to the work of module teams. They are intended for the general reader, providing concise information about emerging technology, related practices and major issues facing the OU. Accessibility, Ambient technology, ebooks for mobile use, e-portfolios, gaming in education, Open Content, Open Source, re-use and reperposingetc etc. WE USED THESE FOR B2S DID SOME PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT IN THE COMMUNITY COLLEGE. WEBINARS ETC.SCHOOL OF OPEN - Innovation reports- a series of reports that explores new forms of teaching, learning and assessment for an interactive world, to guide teachers and policy makers in productive innovation - we have coupies out on the desk.
  • Production at the OU is structured! Learning Design and Curriculum Business models – Pedagogical profile- We did this the remade course in OUBS. - You notice that accessibility 14 thousand students with declared disabilities studying with usImportance of Context – Megan from South Africa – PDF - TESSA india – Really nice ebooks embedded interactive activities – Martin Bean
  • Learning Resources Meta data initiative hopeing to join.
  • Central website – DRAWN INTO ONE AREA- The Open Education Evidence Hub aims to provide an environment to systematically interrogate the Open Education movement on what are the people, projects, organizations, challenges, solutions and claims that scaffold the movement. Ultimately CI-OLnet will build an evidence hub which represent and maps the collective knowledge and the collective memory of the Open Education communityWHAT ARE THE COSTS AND BENEFITS OF USING OER IN TEACHING? I’LL ASK YOU TO PUTT YOU KNOWLEDGE AND EXPEREINCE IN THE EVIDENCE HUB.
  • What does this mean for us in practice? On the one hand we’re converting hundreds of courses as OER, we have an international development office serving developing countries in the use of OER (e.g. TESSA and TESS India), we are undertaking externally-funded research projects to help underserved populations and are involved in large-scale multi-media multi-platform projects with the BBC. Bringing these altogether gives an opportunity to join us the research, co.mmunicate this outwards, and better inform business decision going forward. But we need your help.
  • The OER Hub

    1. 1. The OER Hub Patrina Law, Gary Elliott-Cirigottis, Patrick McAndrew The Open University, UK OpenEd12- Vancouver -18th October
    2. 2. • In top three for student satisfaction in the UK National Student Survey every year since 2005.• 250,332 students• 22% outside UK• 50% undergrads below standard UK HE entry level• 13,589 with declared disabilities• 4927 direct staff 1218 academic• 7413 associate lecturers• 7592 students on most popular course (Intro to Arts) OpenEd12- Vancouver -18th October
    3. 3. Our vision for OER at the OUWe believe that the three main barriers to starting education are access, costand lack of confidence. Hence we aim to remove all three of these from thefirst steps in learning through OER: • Access (off and online): we want to build on formats and platforms to improve discoverability • Cost: we want to ensure sound sustainable business models to underpin free delivery of OER • Confidence: we want to build on badging and analytics to improve learner esteem and build confidenceDeveloping learners with OERThe OU now ensures it provides around 5% of free open educational contentevery year. Over 7m learners every year start a free learning journey with theOU via our OpenLearn website: • There have been over 22 million visitors since launch in 2006 • Content includes: 631 active study units, educational interactives, topical videos, academic blogs, direct access to OU podcasts and opportunities to order free printed materials. OpenEd12- Vancouver -18th October
    4. 4. YouTube Edu The OU has a dedicated channel on YouTube EDU containing bite-sized learning from a wide range of subjects and an insight into studying with The OU which is the largest presence on YouTube EDU in Europe. •We have posted over 1400 videos that have received 10.4 million video views by 5.7 million visitors; •There are 36,650 subscribers to our YouTube content, more than any other UK educational institution; •86% of video views are from outside the UK. OpenEd12- Vancouver -18th October
    5. 5. iTunesU In June 2008 The OU were invited to join iTunes U. The OU is the first university in Europe to reach more than one million subscriptions through the iTunes app. and over 50m international downloads. •There have been over 54.6m downloads by c.6.7m unique visitors; •over 1m subscriptions to OU content via the iTunes app; •392 collections containing 3,103 tracks; •422 eBooks representing over 5,000 hours of study; •52 courses on the iTunes app; •and 70% of visitors now download straight to mobile devices. OpenEd12- Vancouver -18th October
    6. 6. OpenEd12- Vancouver -18th October
    7. 7. Why did we start thinking about a Hub? • Reviewed for best fit with the US curriculum OU ‘gateway’ • Embellished (quizzes, print-based animations, videos) courses • Re-contextualised for the US converted to • Usability/accessibility tested be OER • Published online to targeted students and the world… OpenEd12- Vancouver -18th October
    8. 8. The OER Hubat the OUOU as OERuser, provider, participantand practitioner – shaping ourOER business OpenEd12- Vancouver -18th October
    9. 9. The OER Hub at the OU Learn about OER OpenEd12- Vancouver -18th October
    10. 10. The OER Hub at the OU Pr Use od O uc ER eA OpenEd12- Vancouver -18th October nd
    11. 11. The OER Hub at the OU ) (OpenLearn Find OER OpenEd12- Vancouver -18th October
    12. 12. The OER Hub at the OU t ec nn d Co an rk o Netw OpenEd12- Vancouver -18th October
    13. 13. The OER Hub at the OU Und e Res rstand earc OER (Evi h den /Policy ce H ub) OpenEd12- Vancouver -18th October
    14. 14. The OER Hub at the OUHelp Project OER me r un m y OpenEd12- Vancouver -18th October
    15. 15. The OER Hub at the OU R ack O E d Tr an st Ho OpenEd12- Vancouver -18th October
    16. 16. OU as OERuser, provider, participantand practitioner – shaping ourOER business OpenEd12- Vancouver -18th October
    17. 17. OpenEd12- Vancouver -18th October
    18. 18. OER at the OUThe portal to all OU OER projects, current and complete: content on OpenLearn: to Success: http://b2s.aacc.eduThe OER Evidence Hub: OpenEd12- Vancouver -18th October