Scaling up a Bridge to Success


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Presented at OpenEd 2012 in Vancouver
18 October 2012
Beck Pitt, Tim Coughlan and Patrick McAndrew

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  • About the grantDelivering OER to scale at the OUThe B2S content The B2S pilotsAdapting UK content for US studentsEnsuring quality and accessibility after adaptationEarly feedbackWhere next
  • Scaling up a Bridge to Success

    1. 1. Scaling up a Bridge to Success! Helping US Community Colleges use OERDiverse Audiences and UnexpectedOutcomes in Cross-Institutional OER Practice Patrick McAndrew, Tim Coughlan and Beck Pitt
    2. 2. Overview and Aims• What is the project and what was involved?• Research overview: what we did… and how we did it!• Piloting the content• Beyond Content…• Conclusion and next steps• Resources and Bibliography
    3. 3. How? What? Who? Next Generation Learning ChallengesThe project aimed to offer free, openeducational resources to prepare adults tosuccessfully and confidently transition to acollege environment in the US, to pursueadvanced qualifications, or to be successfulin their chosen careers…
    4. 4. Use of B2S materials to date
    5. 5. Research Overview: What we did… and how we did it!Product Design/AdaptationProcessContexts of UseStudent and InstitutionalExperienceStudent OutcomesProject Impact
    6. 6. From theory to practice… Piloting the contentWho piloted the content? As at August 2012• A total of eleven college and non-college institutions (October 2011 – August 2012).• A total of 17 out of 26 completed pilots had been conducted with cohorts of low-income students. A further 16 pilots were ongoing at this date (total = 42 distinct pilots).• Bridge to Success (B2S) exceeded its unique user and pilot participant targets: 1822 current/completed participants and, by September 2012, over 6,000 unique users of B2S materials.
    7. 7. Piloting the Content: Colleges and data collection challenges • Nine colleges piloted Bridge to Success materials during the project’s pilot phase (October 2011 – August 2012). As at August 2012 • Of the completed pilots that have submitted 100% of their data, and as reported by instructors, 88% of students who completed B2S materials persisted to next semester. • 98% of these students mastered the subject matter and 96% mastered deeper learning.
    8. 8. Case Study One: Diverse audiencesInternational Workforce Development Agency: supported people across Marylandfor over 90 years.This pilot utilised specific units of the B2S maths course until end of August 2012 toenable students to complete a new requirement math pre-test for aWeatherization program.Students who originally failed the math entrance exam, 80% passed after workingwith B2S resources for a 1-3 week period.Currently B2S courses are being translated into Spanish via a Massive Open OnlineCourse (MOOC) on Open Translation Tools and practices lead by the OU (UK)Department of Languages. Massive potential for use with Hispanic speakingpopulations both in the US and elsewhere.
    9. 9. Case Study Two: Diverse AudiencesFamily Support Centre in residential area where:“85% of families are headed by a single femaleparent;90% have not completed high school and do not havea GED;95% are unemployed, underemployed or receivewelfare or other social services.”(Source: Case Study Two Family Support Centre leaflet 2012)Piloting both B2S courses within context of specificGED/Pre-GED classes.“Challenges that are unique to our setting and Timepopulation” Lack of access to Other commitments: parenting computers
    10. 10. Beyond Content…Math & Learning/PersonalDevelopment: Content of B2Scourses relevant to all.Access to OER remains a criticalissue: relation between lowincome and access to internet athome. Accessibility and mobile devices: making materials multi-format, e.g. ePubs, printable versions, etc.
    11. 11. Conclusion and Next Steps… What next for Bridge to Success? •More research – with Hewlett funded OER Research Hub. •Refined content – based on analysis and feedback. •Link with other material - Overcoming Math Anxiety webshop. •Challenges – soft accreditation/badge ready. •More use – integrated into college curriculum and beyond. •Content transfer – Saylor Foundation/DVD for prisons. •Supporting the under-served.
    12. 12. THANK YOU!Tim Coughlan @t1mcPatrick McAndrew @openpadBeck Pitt @BeckPitt
    13. 13. Resources and what to do next• Watch a review of Bridge to Success functionality and the courses:• Visit the Bridge to Success website:• Find out more about the Open Educational Resources at the Open University and how our research can help you!
    14. 14. Bibliography• Bailey & Cho Issue Brief: Developmental Education in Community Colleges prepared for The White House Summit on Community Colleges (October 2010)• Bridge to Success Report One: Adaptation, Integration and Engagement• Case Study Two Family Support Centre Leaflet 2012• Kaminski, K. Seel, P. & Cullen K. Technology Literate Students? Results from a Survey (2003, EDUCAUSE Quarterly, No 3)