Open Learning Broadly Construed
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Open Learning Broadly Construed



By: John Seely Brown ...

By: John Seely Brown
Presented: OpenLearn2007 30-31 October 2007



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  • Learning is the process of adapting to the world you find yourself in.
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    Open Learning Broadly Construed Open Learning Broadly Construed Document Transcript

    • Open Learning Broadly Construed. I feel like I am bringing coals to Newcastle An Approach to Sustainability Leverage and build on the kind of learning that always happens (even without our trying) trying). 1
    • Cartesian View of Learning Knowledge as substance And pedagogy as knowledge transfer Leading us to think of learning like this... “The delivery model: “Cultivate the neat rows I teach - you learn” of disciplinary knowledge” 2
    • The Social View of Learning we participate therefore we are understanding is socially constructed Suggesting we view learning more like this “We learn in and through our interactions with others and the world” 3
    • Nothing Beats Collaborative Study Groups – especially around homework & exam preparation. The social construction of understanding is real. And this works virtually as well -IMing or Second Life The social life of learning on campus 4
    • And in virtual worlds on/off campus Second Life And in social networks across communities/friends Blogs – Facebook – MySpace – LinkedIn, … Now study groups or just plain bull sessions can naturally extend to peer groups galore 5
    • Can we turn everyone into being both a learner & a teacher? Nothing clarifies ideas better than explaining them to others. Learning as supported through participatory architectures we participate therefore we are th f understanding is socially constructed 6
    • The architecture studio-- the atelier form of learning a powerful social learning environment learning as where work enculturation in progress is made public. into a practice. Beyond textbook learning: learning-about ====> learning-to-be Explicit Learning about Tacit Learning to be dimensions of knowledge (Michael Polanyi) 7
    • Reversing the Flow Explicit Learning about Tacit Learning to be Key: unleashing productive inquiry MIT’s studio for 8.02 electricity and magnetism -- technology enabled active learning (teal) following RPI’s & NCSU’s studio physics courses. moving seamlessly between lecture, experiment & discussion and addressing the drop out rate 8
    • And, of course, the sage on the stage model m d won’t work here! n Nor, marking on a curve! 9
    • Faulkes Telescope Project Physical Location -- Maui Students get remote access – run real experiments d l pool and analyze their results with a master. New kind of learning/scholarship platform: the specialized scholar’s portal (allows for mini-papers as well) New ways for students to engage in research New f N forms of peer review – a view into a practice f i i it ti Brown Univ. 10
    • ‘Modern’ kids from the global world growing up with mobile phones and internet Do We Understand Them? What creates meaning for them? Or even for Us? The Ancients theory hacker converses with theory tinkerer 11
    • Tinkering as a learning platform and its death and rebirth as remix, mashups, etc New Forms of Tinkering for the Born Digital Generation Open Source You Tube Second L f S d Life Game modding Civilization I – IV Lego kits meet computing Amateur Anime Your Truman Show - - - - 12
    • Life in the Digital Age – A culture of participation: Tinkering, Building, Remixing & Sharing Creating meaning by what I produce and others build on – a remix, open source culture. Open Source as a Participatory Learning Platform The Open Source Movements: • writing code to be read g • engagement thru useful additions • social capital matters A form of distributed situated learning (cognitive ‘apprenticeship’) enculturating to a virtual lt t t tl community of practice open code, open system, open community discussion 13
    • Remix & Mashup creative tinkering & the play of imagination But it is also ‘creative reading like in creative reading’ fandom – fans filling in the back story in highly imaginative ways. Ah, Ah creating meaning by integrating their imagination with that of the ‘author’ in remix. sometimes seen on YouTube 14
    • A new kind of participatory media/medium for students/teachers/parents/producers/consumers The Brewing Perfect Storm of Opportunity Tying it all Transformative Initiatives together: g OER … content/tools/activities l eScience Open Participatory Learning eHumanities Ecosystem - with feedback/loops galore Web 2.0 & beyond 20 Creating a new kind of ecosystems for intertwining knowledge creation, learning & mentoring 15
    • Fundamental Trend Scarcity ===> Abundance Creator Consumer => => Economy: Manufacturing Society Economy Culture of Co-creation & Participation Doesn’t this lead to niche communities, the Long Tail and suggest that learning-on-demand is now possible/ideal? Tapping the Abundant Digital Resources for formal/Informal & collateral learning Games and game design – Civilization III,… Simulations – Climate models,… Remote instrumentations – telescopes sem, .. telescopes, sem Scholarly websites - Open source movements Open courseware – OpenLearn, OCW, Connections, … Digital story telling – iMovie,… Creating & remixing music – Garage Band … Band, Writing – blogs galore… Access – Goggle Scholar… Yahoo! Groups around communities of interest/practice 16
    • The long tail distribution of the networked age (circumventing scarce ‘shelf space’) niche markets, niche genres, niche interest groups. Now documentaries can reach the market on demand. The Long Tail in Learning leveraging and supporting each segment differently Supporting the rise of an ecology of learning/doing niches Ah, I am passionate about this niche topic. I want to learn/do more! 17
    • The Bigger Picture in three slides Active Blending – beyond just taping resources Researching, re-searching & learning meld into a new kind of distributed learning/knowledge ecosystem with mentors: peer based, masters & intelligent tutors 18
    • A Radical Change of Point of View Stocks Flows (demand pull) (supply push) ( l h) Building inventory Participating in of skills to be productive inquiry deployed later. Authority based Situational based Explicit Tacit for a rapidly changing for a stable world based world on an old factory model Learning 2.0 - learning on demand When recreation becomes an act of re-creation/remix & productive inquiry Culture of Learning a culture that thrives on participatory life long learning and perhaps the ultimate sustainability model . 19
    • Thank You Toru Iiyoshi Dan Atkins Hewlett Foundation: (cathy/mike) Richard Adler Connie Yowell 20