OpenERP - Optimizing customer acquisition with OpenERP


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OpenERP - Optimizing customer acquisition with OpenERP

  1. 1. Optimizing Customeracquisition with OpenERP PRESENTER MARNIX COENAERTS CHANNEL ACCOUNT MANAGER
  2. 2. Agenda— Publisher Partner Relationship— Top Mistakes and missed opportunities— Some definitions— Bridging Gaps under Constraints— Prepare, Be prepared and Be confident— Winning Strategies— Winning Tools— Summary— Questions and Answers
  3. 3. Publisher Partner Relationship Roles Services OpenERP PublisherMarketingDevelop new versions Upgrade to new versionsMaintain stable versions Unlimited bug fix on stable versions OpenERP Partner Sales Cycle ManagementCustomer implementation Custom developmentAfter-sale service Customer support
  4. 4. TOP Mistakes— Wasting too much time on non-valuable prospects due to a bad qualification (no budget).— Selling OpenERP Enterprise separately from the main project quote.— Too much focus on new customers rather than leveraging existing customer base— Developing first, selling after— Low pricing: a better product should have a higher price.— Non-diversified team
  5. 5. TOP Missed Opportunities— Post content to your website: ¡ Content attracts visitors and generates leads ¡ Copy/paste our content ¡ Publish all your documents— Integrate our content automatically: ¡ Customer feedback on Twitter: ¡ Integrate our planet in your website through RSS— Lead generation: ¡ Contact form to download content ¡ Slideshare Pro accounts allows lead generation on content ¡
  6. 6. TOP Missed Opportunities— Communicate your achievements on your blog Example: 1 blog post/month and 2 twitter posts/day brings you 2,400 visits/month ¡ All your twitter messages should link to one of your blog posts ¡ Your blog pages should contain banners to your leads acquisition page in the side column— So create accounts for your company on: ¡ Facebook page (not group), Twitter, LinkedIn, Slideshare, Youtube ¡ Connect all these accounts together using their plugins ¡ When you post on twitter, it is posted on all others
  7. 7. Definition of AcquisitionAcquisition1. the act of acquiring or gaining possession2. something acquired3. a person or thing of special merit added to a group4. Astronautics: the process of locating a spacecraft, satellite, etc., esp by radar, in order to gather tracking and telemetric information
  8. 8. Definition of Customer OptimizationOp·ti·mize To make as perfect or effective as possible.Customer Optimization Definition 1 The optimal consumption bundle is the point representing a consumption bundle that is on the highest possible indifference curve that is on or inside the consumers budget constraint
  9. 9. Definition of Customer OptimizationDefinition 2To position an economic entity such that it functions,as well as possible, given constraints that it might besubject toIn economic theory, it is generally assumed that alleconomic agents are rational and show optimizingbehavior, although this is rarely the case in reality ! Why ?
  10. 10. Bridging Gaps under Constraints— Functionality GAP between Standard OpenERP V6 and customer needs— Subjective Gap between perception and reality ¡ Solutionsonly exist in the mind of the buyer ¡ Buying remains an emotional decision ¡ People buy from people
  11. 11. Bridging Gaps under Constraints— Bridge by finding most optimal communication mode allowing ¡ Interactivity between all parties involved ¡ To understand and make visible/tangible customers needs the expressed ones, as well as, less formally expressed ones ¡ Sharing mutual experience ¡ Showing and present potential value add— Goal - partner being perceived as: ¡ in control and able to deliver proposed Value for Money ¡ trustworthy business partner
  12. 12. Bridging Gaps under Constraints— Internal and external constraints: ¡ External : budget, IT maturity of a prospect, different opinions ¡ Internal: customer industry references— Lack or limited info about ¡ Customer and past experiences ¡ Industry dynamics ¡ Competition— Relational constraints : ¡ Trusted advisor or just another supplier ¡ Push and pull communication mode
  13. 13. Prepare, Be Prepared and Be ConfidentHow to price?Is this feasible?How long is it going to take?How much is it going to cost ?After demo: What do we do from here?I m not sure OpenERP is the right solution yet
  14. 14. Winning Strategies : Sales CycleTo do during your first customer meetings: ¡ Customer and project qualification ¡ OpenERP demonstration ¡ Project Planning to be drafted ¡ Next steps and methodology
  15. 15. Winning Strategies Consumption bundleImplementation project Out-of-the-boxService offer (man*days) Packaged offer Analysis Installation/Online pack 1 1 Custom Development Configuration 2 2 Configuration User training 3 3 User training Support/Maintenance 4 4 Support/Maintenance 5
  16. 16. Winning Tools: Mindmap
  17. 17. Winning Tools: Demo— A good DEMO gets your prospect excited— A good DEMO insures you to be shortlisted— A good DEMO sets the expectations right— A good DEMO is worth a thousand words— Competitors have better presentations, but no DEMO. PRACTICE, AND TRAIN YOUR SALES STAFF!
  18. 18. Winning Tools: Demo— Always give the same demo ¡ The more you practice, the more comfortable you will be ¡ Always use the same environment to reduce the risk of error— Use a generic scenario ¡ Avoid getting into details that will break the flow of presentation ¡ The goal is to impress rather than to meet requirements à Show valuable features, not details the customer wants to see— Structure of a good demo ¡ Web interface: dashboards, list of features through menus, views ¡ Business flow: Keep It Simple ¡ Customization: View designer, workflow designer
  19. 19. Winning Tools: GAP Analysis Sheet— The gap is a part of the full OpenERP implementation methodology— It is easy and fast to sell— It is a very low risk - Deliverable is a document specifying an estimation— This is exactly what the end users are looking for; most of the time they just don t know it yet— The partner gets a non-negligible part of the revenues: very complimentary, no frustration— It trains the audience very efficiently— It is part of a very sane approach to implementation projects that reassures both partners and end users (risk reduction)
  20. 20. Winning Tools: GAP Analysis Sheet The sample Gap makes your customers fall off their chair/light bulb turns on You should show it (or at least mention it if the timing is not good) at the end of every demo It is a logical next step
  21. 21. Winning Tools: GAP Analysis Sheet
  22. 22. Winning Tools: GAP Analysis Sheet
  23. 23. Winning Tools: GAP Analysis Sheet
  24. 24. Winning Tools: GAP Analysis Sheet
  25. 25. Winning Tools: GAP Analysis Sheet
  26. 26. Winning Tools: GAP Analysis Sheet— This works for EVERYBODY involved in sales cycles— The more you know about the methodology, the better you will be at selling: ¡ be confident => brings and shows confidence ¡ show flexibility, you dont sell packs so show your customer you can tailor the implementation according to his situation
  27. 27. Winning Tools: GAP Analysis Sheet— A gap analysis is an optional but highly recommended— Match OpenERP with the client s needs— Convince the client on the feasibility of the project— Allow the customer to exit the project with limited investment if the results do not reach expectations— Save time on the technical phase— Give an estimation of project time & costs at a 70% certainty in a limited time (2-6 days)— ........GAP_analysis-openerp.xls
  28. 28. Summary— Go for the most optimal face-to-face communication mode— Qualify and decide GO / NO GO depending on ability to handle current constraints as community member— Create opportunities to share and present partner value add and OpenERP strenghts— Building up in a structured and interactive way the solution in the mind of the buyers(s)— Supported by a proven methodology and tools perceived as professional, sound and flexible— Enabling rational decision taking in favour of trustworthy perceived business partners
  29. 29. Questions & AnswersHappy Selling Thank YOU